Burning the Quran: A Paganist Rite !!

A few days ago, I was in a local school. While I was talking to a teacher, a student (probably 14 years old) approached politely and asked: “Uncle, do you have a lighter?”, and I knowing of smoking students asked him: “What for?” he replied shyly: ” I want to burn this paper, it has Quranic verses on it.” … I got the whole point then, but I smiled wickedly and shouted: “What! Are you crazy? You want to burn the Holy Quran? (and some students gathered) Look at him! he wants to burn the Quran… Didn’t you see what Happened in Afghanistan a few days ago?” … The poor child was horrified looking at his mates: “No.. I dont want to burn the Quran, I just want to burn this paper and protect the Quanic verses on it not to be stepped on!!” …There was a murmur among the students mostly supported him, and still I wickedly wanted to play the dirty game: “Do you know what does it mean to burn the Holy Quran? You should be killed right on the spot !!”… but I felt pity for the horrified little child and smiled lovingly at his face: “You are a good boy, I was just kidding… one must burn such papers.”… and handed him the lighter… after that I watched the bunch of the little Muslim boys circled on the burning “quranic” paper !!

  It is crazy to think of the whole story that way but for those who dont know, some (if not most of) Muslims feel that it is their duty to protect their Holy Book from any insult or humiliation.  Any paper (specially at school) that holds quranic verses on it (and you know that at school there are stacks of that) should be burnt to protect the “Word of God” from being stepped on when thrown on the street or be stained with dirt  if thrown in rubbish…  and so, devoted students usually take the “quaranic papers” to be burned or torn into tiny pieces safely !!!  I knew this as I was child, as I knew lot of other paganist rituals that were delivered to us ages ago before “our” prophet Muhammad !!

This story has led my exhausted mind to another one: When I was a child too, I was barely 14 by then and I was herding the goats by the road. A couple of Christians (probably traveling) stopped their car by me, chatted a little with me in my stuttering English and handed me the Bible in Arabic. I loved that present then, and cherished it as a precious toy, and even before going home I devoured the sweets Word of God and sympathized with Jesus “the poor” !!!

When I got home late that evening happy with my new Book, my dad saw it, he took it, read the title and was furious: ” are you crazy to read this book?” and after we housed the goats and fed them, he burnt it in the darkness beside the tent. I could see the flames lightening his happy face and wondered why to be happy for burning a book… just a book…… Now, ages later, I can understand my dad; he wanted to protect his dear son from that “poison”… But that didnt make me more Muslim, nor faithful… AND the burning flames were surging in my little heart ever since !!

Flames…Fire… Burning … is an adhesive part of our heart, the bedouins , we burn to cook, warm our shivering hearts and survive !!

At an international voluntary work camp, I was chatting to an American volunteer while a Palestinian mate was trying vainly to set the fire on… dozens of others volunteers were circling the big bonfire. As a bedouin who was born into the fire, I felt that that guy will never be able to sit a fire. I got up, asked him to rest and took off all the woods off the fire, then started to rearrange them again patiently; the weeds first the sticks and finally the trunks, and a final blow will finish the job to keep the flames for the whole night. as I was to finish, the American girl shouted: Hay Sami ! You are an artist.” and raised her thumb. “Don’t you know that bedouins worship the fire” I said smilingly.

Why in hell burning a book takes all that of blood? The answer is simple: it is the devilish intention to insult faithful believers.. the intention to humiliate a major religion… AND burning a book, just a book, wont stop believing hearts, nor would blind the glaring eyes looking for the truth beyond the paganist rituals of burning just a book; a Quran or  a Bible !!

A Tale of Two Cities: A Different Approach !!!

“Woe for a nation that eats from what it doesn’t plant and wears from what it doesn’t sew”    Chinese wisdom.

And this is how in a few decades China turned out from a feudal country into the first industrial country and will soon beat the States… This is how and why China produces all what the whole world needs… at the time the Arab world (still ruled by the Sykes-Picot plot through which the Arab area was divided into pieces) imports every single thing it needs, and even forced to buy what it doesn’t need in lots of cases (like the new military arsenals to be used against a neighbor or a brother country… but never against the occupiers that fill our region)

A few  weeks ago, a friend of mine (was a classmate) came to consult me in building his house (stupidly) thinking that I am a genius planner and builder… he got the excuse, because (after working for ten years –since I was a child- in all what you can imagine of works, specially construction) I could plan and work out nearly every single thing with my own hand- starting from drawing and redrawing the maps for nights, digging the bases, building the walls, the iron bars, the roof, planning and installing electricity and water systems…etc,.. and all that because I worked enough to learn what I need, and you cant imagine how much I saved, but I did that not because I wanted to save but because I didn’t have enough to pay the workers !!! It took me 13 months to finish my house of sqm107 !!

I took my friend to a local store where you can buy all what you can think of construction infrastructure; cement, pipes, wires (any size), tubs, faucets, showers, tiles, lightening…etc, etc, etc… When we reached the gate, there was a big sign (This store is clean from the products and services of the settlements) and when we got inside we found nothing but settlement products !!! You see how blatantly and unashamedly we are liars?  Why? The hell, tell me why !!

Look at the eyes to see the lies !

Burqan, is a big and well known industrial city, sorry settlement, in the heart of the West Bank, and it produces around 150 products of furniture, chemicals, plastic products (all what you can imagine of profitable plastic products), food, drinks, detergents, … almost all what you need at home…. But why the hell we lie? Why our “reverent” “government” spends millions of dollars for brochure, campaigns, TV programs, staffs, interviewing “specialists”, collecting data… all for a big lie?

This spring I started building a small mini-market in our tiny village. It took me six weeks to finish every single thing with my own hands- and it was exactly like what I wanted it to be .. after two months of the opening, I can tell you that most of what I sell is from “our neighbors” the rampaging settlers, the modern copy of the American fugitive cowboy .. Do I have the choice? Of course not. Even when I warn costumers (all are my cousins…. And if you don’t know we, Bedouins, have 500,000 cousins) some tell me: so what? Isn’t it edible?  Others even recommend certain products knowing that they are from their oppressor !!!


In “israel”, there is a system of vocational school called “Reshet Amal” of which you can find one in every town, and several in the big  cities…. And as “israel” is a “so democratic” state and the only “democratic oasis in the Middle East”, they (the Zionists) have two different systems of those Amal schools for the jewish settlers other than the system for the indigenous Palestinian villages and towns:  In the jewish system, they provide courses that produce fighters, snipers, security agents, economists, interrogators, armed guard, computer and net experts, hackers, musicians, painters,  site managers (to control and watch at the Palestinian workers) and mostly of what is called (white jobs)… however, the indigenous Palestinians are forced to choose the dirty careers of builders, garbage cleaners, servants, cooks, toilers … if not, they got to face the street and end into a dead end !!!

This way, this systematic teaching and training, makes the difference, creates and molds the generation you want !!! This is all done with the approval under the auspice of the GRAND WB… yes, you heard it well, The WORLD BANK !!!  Also there is a very similar program that is conducted by the UNRWA vocational centers to produce the same quality of Palestinian servants … (in the early 1980s, when the “israeli” building market needed more and more dirty workers, the UNRWA launched a wide program in every Palestinian refugee camp to prepare the refugees to work and serve their oppressor as builders, tilers, bleachers, servants (in cooperation with the zionists of course) ) … but the problem is that when you ask the UNRWA officers, they will boast of helping the “poor refugees” to win their bread … the hell with the UNRWA’s well-planned programs !!!


Two years ago, a friend of mine, a lawyer, a classmate too ( Didn’t I tell you that we, Bedouins, also have 500,000 friends?) told me a strange story: this lawyer (got his MA in International Law from Paris, and now preparing for his PhD dissertation- see? despite the UNRWA programs, we are not all builders) was working for a Law Institution. The manager held a meeting for the workers to decide “democratically” to rent a car, to decide its type, model and probably its color and accessories. After a heated discussion my friend suggested that it is a stupid idea to rent a car for two years, it is a waste for the donor’s money to pay some 30,000 USD (that apart from the daily fuel) to rent a car that doesn’t cost a third of this sum to buy it. He suggested buying a new one and using it for two years, then to sell it again, and this will cost them not more that 10% of the suggested sum… The Law Institute owner, sorry, the manager said a big NO. But why sir manager, businessman or whatever? The manager said that we are not allowed to buy, it is not only that, but also we have to choose from a “wide range” of certain car-rent companies. ”Who said that?”, my friend asked. “It is the donor, the WORLD BANK” !!!

You see? This is how the money is dictated to create a New Middle East in which “israel” is the dominant player militarily, economically, politically  and whatever you like –lly.

This could explain the reason behind the crises between Egypt and USAID. between Gaza and the USAID that happened this month, in wich the USAID stopped all its projects in Gaza… they dont want any one to interfere in their programs, not even the relevant countries and communities…. they, the USAID and such “humanitarian” agencies are not more than the economic arm for the intelligence agencies, they aim to set programs that facilitate their control…. every Western country has its own “humanitarian” agency


The Story started some 100 years ago. At 1917 (the date of Balfour Declaration) when the Palestinian economy was (comparatively) one of the most developed and modernized economies in the region:

Israel Zangwill, who had visited Palestine in 1897 and came face-to-face with the demographic reality. He stated in 1905 in a speech to a Zionist group in Manchester that: “[Palestine is] ALREADY TWICE AS THICKLY POPULATED AS THE UNITED STATES” (Expulsion Of The Palestinians, p. 10)

It took the British occupiers exactly 30 years to accomplish their promise to the jews; to -systematically- devastate the Palestinian economic and social structure, to kick the Palestinians out of their homes…and… build a modern, powerful and stable jewish colonizer society. This has happened deliberately, and step-by-step while deceiving the Arabs with the “good intention” of the government of His Britannic Majesty King George the Fifth in London. The trick passed and they transplanted a “nation” into the Arab body, however, we are still, after 100 years, suffering the side effects of planting that cancer of the Zionist entity.

Shall I stop  here?


After the establishment of the Zionist entity on the rubble of Palestine, the French government was a major player in aiding the Zionists, both in the 1956 sub-war and later (after knowing that “israel” is defenseless without the Nuclear Weapon) in building the Zionist Nuclear core in more than a site in “israel” … France got it share in adopting the bastard !!

The American role in nurturing the “poor jewish state” emerged like a rocket after the war of 1973… the American role in aiding the Zionist entity dosnt need any further explanation after mentioning the  yearly unconditioned almost 4 billion USD, this is other than the unlimited military aids like those shipments sent to the Zionists while they were burning Gaza !!

Do you know Kurtz? Not my friend in no way, though I have dozens-virtually at least !! Kurtz, is the main character in “Heart Of Darkness” , [a short novella, strongly recommended] the masterpiece of Joseph Conrad. Conrad describes Kurtz as half polish half German, educated in France and served the British Crown. Conrad says: he is the breed of whole Europe. This Kurtz (as Conrad described him over 100 years ago) was in a “holy mission” to educate Africa, but he ended up a real curse for Africa, and turned into a cannibal opening his mouth wide to swallow the “white gold” of that time, the African ivory… Now we have our Kurtz now represented in the Zionist entity that turned into the butcher of the age, protecting the West greed of the “black gold” of the Arabia !!

Why Iran?

It took the Britons thirty years to kick the Palestinians out, and the French a few years to create Nuclear Zionist state that is eligible and entitled to any new technology specially the deadly ones…. The so “democratic” West, was about to make the Apartheid South Africa a nuclear state for them to be able to control the whole of Africa from Cape-Town …BUT… the democratic  and forgiving South Africa is banned from getting nuclear Power, even for peaceful purposes. Why?

This is how the whole west (talking of  governments and capital) is backing the Zionist entity; the only colonial occupying “state” on earth, not only with the Nuclear weapons, but also with the most modern and updated killer technology. Why?


When Iran was ruled by a feudal dictator, the so “democratic” States started backing him with the nuclear knowledge, and even built a primitive core for not to compete them… BUT… after the public Islamic revolution it became a rogue country, that not only prevented from getting any scientific knowledge, but also besieged to be deprived from developing even its own knowledge. Why?

You see? A tale of two cities, two states, or even two tiny villages… never mind, but it is the politics of the whole world including its “benevolent” UNRWA and Grand WB !!  To keep enslaving the weak, to keep monopolizing the market !!

Nuclear Iran would mean a New Middle East other than that one of Ms Condie or that one drawn by the end of WW1, a new middle east that will be free off the American supported Arab dictators… to create it own future, to have its full independence off the transnation (American dominated) companies !!


But why to live the lie… our deadly lie of our so “lovely” and  American dominated PA? Stop lying my dears, we will never be able to boycott the Zionist products… stop the lie of the “Palestinian economy”, there is nothing like that at all. The Palestinian economy has been devastated decades ago. We are just consumers for the Zionist products that are cultivated from our land by our hands and you got to thank the UNRWA for training us to work and serve the “genius jewish mind” !!  If you want to help me fishing let me develop my own boat… don’t destroy my boat and train me to fish for you day-by-day

The “Palestinian economy” ? what a big joke… our PA managers and VIP holders are not more than  sub-sub-subagents for the Zionist businessmen. And our economy has completely been annexed to the Zionist one (thanks for the West, UNRWA and WB policy) decades ago !

Stop the lie and say it frankly that the West got sick of funding the occupation. That you are just managers for the tax revenue (mostly of the Zionist products). … the boycott campaign is just a lie, why you don’t admit? It only aims to control the whole market and to milk the already impoverished people, to get enough money to pay the occupation police .. you think you will get a state by obeying the American orders and milking your own people?  Stop the lie, stop devastating our economy first by annexing it more deep into the Zionist shark. Try the most primitive way of developing a primitive local and popular economy, micro-economy. There is space, there are minds (probably not as good as the “genius jewish mind”, but still we have minds to build our own boat and start fishing !!

The West got sick of funding a corrupt PA, they (the West) are seriously working on finishing our issue and give the rest to the oppressor, they wont give you a boat but will break you small boat…Saudi Arabia?  it is the slave of the big boss, it boasted of announcing donating 2 billion to Gaza but nothing arrived, nothing at all… build on your own nation, on your own children

We will never be able to build a state under occupation, not even with the existence of the transplant Zionist entity

In short, all the efforts of the West (including the “humanitarian” aids) are directed to create one fact of two cities; a Huge industrial zionist settlement neighboring an impoverished Palestinian refugee camp, a powerful transplanted zionist “state” snarling at impoverished, devastated and divided Arab cantons !!!

At the Spring of the Arab Street (two years ago I started talking of “my beloved man of the street” in my posts ) I have a VISION OF HOPE. Not that vision of hope built on the catholic marriage between capital and occupation to deceive the greedy agents… but a VISION OF HOPE that is built on the masses of the street to create a better future for the whole region without the side effects of the Zionist transplant… without the existence of the cancer itself !!

If I Were a Syrian… I am a Syrian !!

A few years ago, even before there was any trace of the Arab Spring,  I started to see and say that (the PA is a tiny Egyptian regime), that the PA is not only the breed of the close cooperation between the zionists and the Egypt of Mubarak, but also the American-Zionist-made and backed PA is a photocopy of Egypt of Mubarak in its corruption and the intermingling of power, police and business…. since the fall-down of Mubarak’s regime, the PA (tiny picture of Egypt)  started shaking in anticipation of an imminent collapse. Lots of things happened within the PA offices, but still the police grip is still faithful to its Creator in full cooperation with the occupier !!

Why Syria is the title here?

The funny thing is that the ruling party of both Syria and Iraq of Saddam are the Baath, identical in everything but were enemies in everything !!

When talking of Syria, I have to start with Palestine first… not miming the stupid Jordanian slogan of “Jordan First” which was created by the ruling family of Jordan intentionally to isolate it from its surrounding brother arab countries and to create a false “pure” Jordanian identity out of its natural habitat of the Arab world !! To magnify the “unique characteristic of the Jordanian people” in promotion of the “wise and historic” leadership of the ruling family, which is summed up in his “genius” political thinking of the ruling and zionist-American supported autocrat !! _ “Jordan First”… means Jordan first and last, and the hell with others… which simply cant work !!

BUT… I would start with Palestine “first” just because I feel that all the Arab nation faces the same dictator in different faces… the same regime that is built on Power, Capital and Bloody Police:

A few days ago, I was spending the evening with some friends chatting, one of them (a tiler) told me that he cant find a job since a long time and that he’s outlawed by the PA. Last year he went to work with some VIP holder’s company in tyling… he worked the first day, but the second day, the boss told him that they dont need him: “you are Hamas activist” the boss said. “but I never did something wrong…I was in the PA jail for political reasons…. and I am released now, they have nothing against me” my friend argued back, but the boss said: “We dont need you… go home.” … my friend left knowing that he will never be recruited (even in construction) within the PA circle.

It’s been over 3 years now and the PA’s ministry of education is firing every teacher suspected to be a Hamas “lover”… some (whom I know personally) were fired out of the teaching career only because they were faithful prayers… in this case, a tiny report of a PA (security or civil agent) is more than sufficient to end a career, to let a family starve.

Another person that I know personally, he wanted to guarantee a small canteen in a central clinic… through this “governmental-owned” canteen for the Ministry of Health, he can sell sandwiches, drinks and such trifles… he barely can save more than $10 a day. When he applied to guarantee this canteen, he was asked to do a security check, and you dont know what doeas it mean to do a security check in a CIA-fabricated, police-oriented regime… it means a week of torture to verify and certify that you are “clean” and dont “love the terrorists” specially if you pray regularly in the neighboring mosque.

First, you have take four “recent” photos of yourself and go the the local office of interior, fill an application with paid stamps of course, then to go to the traffic-police to verify that you are clean and get a certificate that you are a good civilian after paying the stamps of course (even if you don’t have a driving license nor ever driven a car), then to go the criminal-police and get their “benevolent” approval that you are not a suspect, then again to the political-police and pay again for “honor” certificate… the final office is the security-police… and this process takes days..paying all the time.

After that you take all your papers and travel to a central city, go to the Ministry of “Justice” give them all the papers and wait for a few days the final “security” check… if you are lucky you will pass and take the canteen to win $10 a day… however, if their is a PA senior officer  who hates you, or have trouble with one of your family, or your family is known to be faithful observant muslims, you are dead (talking of your job of course), you are out, you will be under the security eye until it is proven you are “clean” and not a possible (in the far future) supporter of Hamas, or an opponent party !! But Luckily, my friend passed all these “security” regulation and now he has the local canteen for a year !!

However, when you are a PA supporter, the story is totally different: a PA supporter teacher who has a diploma degree wanted to be a head teacher, but there is a problem that there is a better teacher (observant muslim) who’s got a Master degree in teaching techniques and other extra course is a rival…. the security is always there to intervene and the qualified teacher with Master degree was transferred to another area to create a vacuum for the “supposedly teacher” to be the head teacher in that high school…. now we have a wide spread saying: “Beware, education is heading reverse” and this of course will help the occupiers to create a whole country of wrongly and poorly educated people !!

What about Syria?

If I were a Syrian I would fight for my freedom…. the regime is the same all over the Arab world… the vast majority of (my beloved people of the street) the masses are marginalized to let the way to the 5% of the ruling individuals and their family members to keep monopolizing the power, capital and security !!

Syria… Revolution of freedom

The PA is a tiny copy of Egypt. The Syrian regime is not better than that of Gaddafi … and the Saudi one is the “greatest”

This is what happening in our beloved Arab world, but the revolution wheel is going on… the fear is over, and the Tyrant ruler must fall.

Here, I am not speaking of an individual, the person of the ruler himself (God forbid), I am talking of the whole regime that is monopolizing power, capital and “security”…. And in all of the Arab countries there is a long seated regime that could build and regenerate itself for decades, built and rebuilt itself to create a coherent system that is marginalizing the vast majority of the “citizens”, if there is anything called like this in the Arab world.

It is unbelievable criminality that is going on in Syria, no nationalistic slogans would save the butcher… and its time to pay the devil back !!

I am a Syrian in identity and blood… I am a Palestinian that Palestine is an intigral part of Natural Syria…before the West devided us into cantons called “arab states”…. I am a future Syrian citizin !!

PS: that was before the feudal Saidis and the CIA supported the “rebels” … Now the Americans are using the blood of the Syrian people to fight Iran !!

“Greens” on the Fire !

The Carmel Forest near Haifa city blazed in fire for a week  and the unstopped wildfire has resulted in 42 deaths and the burning of over 650 hectares of pine trees. Despite the regional and international firefighting teams and modern equipments but the fire wont stop !!

Everything is politics in this damn “holy” land and the roots of this monstrous fire go deep back in history even earlier than 1930s, before the zionists occupied Haifa and the Carmel Reserve and evacuate  the natives.

Out of the 61,000 Palestinian Arabs who used to call Haifa home, only 3,566 Palestinians were allowed to stay. The remaining population were in constant fear on their lives and properties, and many of them witnessed the looting of their homes and possessions by the Zionists.
In 1901, the Jewish National Fund JNF was established to facilitate the establishment of the zionist state on the rubble of Palestine, and this is precisely what happened during the following 46 years. In the Early 1930s the JNF with the help of the British occupation, started its “ambitious” project of foresting the (Amiri) Governmental land that was taken from the Ottoman empire and they introduced a new kind of trees that is alien to Palestine which is the European oriented pine tree.   In the early 1930s some 1,6 million pine trees were planted in the Palestinian Crmel hills. Pursuant to occupying Palestine and and over the past 60 years, some 240  million pine trees were planted on the Palestinian stolen land.
Since its inception, the JNF has planted over 240 million trees in Israel.
This “ambitious” project of foresting was to cover the demolished villages and to change the topographic and historic features of Palestine to suit the zionist reinvention of history and lie of  “the land without people to the people without land”. Some 61 villages were completely demolished in the Carmel only and to cover the zionist crimes, a huge foresting project was needed to cover the rubble of the devastated native villages. No matter if the trees suit the Palestinian climate or not, the most important is to uproot the original vineyards and olive trees, to omit the original Palestine completely. However, a semi-desert land can’t stand European-style trees and 60% of the trees didnt survive which turned them into a typical fire trap.

“Little-Switzerland” is burning !!

In the Carmel Heights, the zionists built the beautiful colony of Little-Switzerland on the rubbles of the Palestinian village of Balad-Elsheikh and millions of “Swiss” pine trees were imported to ommit the massacre of Balad-Elsheikh to be resulted in Little-Switzerland, however, Little-Switzerland is burning now to reveal the rubbles of Palestine…. After the fire, the pine-tree dies and cant grow again, but the Olive trees are deep rooted that no matter how much you burn them, still there are interns to split the soil and come again like the phoenix.
Every summer (unlike the countries of the region) there is a series of wildfires in the occupied Palestine starting from Bir-Sheva in the South up to the Upper Galilee Heights in the north, and all of these are in the invented zionist forsts. Little-Swizerland has been burnt in the current wildfire that no Switerland cant stand the Palestinian middle eastern climate, and likewise, the Middle East will not stand zionist Russian or Etheopean colonizers !!!

In addition, the zionist saboteurs are devastating the Occupied territories in consecutive intentional arson of the Palestinian fields, uprooting the natives’ trees and the rest of the crimes against nature and ecology. The arrogant and criminal behavior of the zionist settlers, even against the native trees, left no hope in peace, as they always wage atrocities of uprooting the field of the natives (as it is repeatedly reported even in the zionist midea). In 2009 only, the zionists damaged, burned and uprooted 14,000 trees.!!! Who is going to believe the zionist “greens” is just a fool or mislead !!!

A Palestinian old woman mourning her olive tree

A Palestinian Myth ( which is a kind of prophesy) says that Palestine will be invaded by the huge army of Yajouj and Majoj  -a kind of the Armageddonists myths (it is also called the same in Hebrew of מלחמת גוג ומגוג)- This army would drink all of the Sea of Galilee (which is Tiberias Lake)…. and it seems that this prophesy has come true:

The “green” zionists, at the time they pretend to be “environment lovers” and as they repeat their lies of “making the desert bloom”, they are actually devastating Palestine and drying the area; The invaders have drained and dried up the Hula lake completely through which tens of rare animals, insects and plants have become instinct. The zionists lied that they would “turn the swamp into a paradise” but they were actually concerned about clearing the border area and probably to invest in the “firtile” land of the lake. Foury years later, the zionist government admited finally that their “ambitious” project was a total failure and desasterious to the ecological balance.

طبريا- فلسطين ancient Tiberias of Palestine is no longer the same

Also the zionists are depleting The Lake of Tiberias (the Sea of Galilee)  gradually as it is more than 5 meters below its regional level and tens of meters back off its shores. To save the loss, the zionists had cut off the River Jordan from feeding the Dead Sea, and accordingly the Dead Sea is dying and dried to shrink rapidly into smaller and smaller area and some 25 meters off its original shores !!!

 بحيرة رام_ الجولان المحتل Ram Lake- before the zionist depletion

To quench their thirst for water, the zionists (Yajouj) draw 80% of the Palestinian underground water in the occupied West Bank (against the international law, if there is any international law) … as the zionist settler consumes at least 7 times of water than the native Palestinian !!

In its recent report, the World Bank said Israel and Jewish settlers consume up to 90 percent of the water resource in the West Bank while the Palestinians consume the remaining part.

The per capita share of water in the Jewish settlements ranges between 640 and 1,480 cubic meters annually while the Palestinian per capita does not exceed 156 cubic meters, the report said.

In addition to draining the water of the Golan Heights and depriving the natives from using even the rain water, the “green” zionists have (drank) depleted Lake Ram completely this year.

The zionist devastation is clear !!

Does Yajouj sound like Yehud = jew? The prophesy of drying the region has become true !!

Do you still believe the zionist “greens” ???

Hamas and Fateh: Hatred Manufacturing !!

He held my head in his hands and said smiling: “Are you ready to sell your head?”, and knowing the trick and who he was, I said “No, never!!” But he added: “We need people like you who speak and write excellent English. We have bought columns and even pages in newspapers in the Arab countries; Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco… and even in “israel”.”

That was one of my best friends whom I invited for Iftar at the beginning of this Ramadan. He works as a manager of a PA owned website that promotes the PA propaganda. They are launching a wide campaign to beautify the PA image to the Arab, israeli and even West audience !! “So, what are you doing now?” I asked just to know and probably to use in my writing. “We have just launched an English and Hebrew Website and need writers and editors.” he explained. “So, what am I supposed to write?” I asked again knowing that I would never get into that game. “everything against Hamas, even use spices, and exaggerate,whatever you like!” and knowing that I would never be able to write “whatever I like” at their site, I said: “No, my head is so precious, besides, I cant live without a head!”

In a hopeless and helpless attempt to attract the (ever heading right) zionist audience, some of the top PA personages are waging a campaign in the main zionist newspapers. Who would like to please his eyes with the faces of such personages in the zionist media, can see some of them at this link. This happens at the time the PA are waging a police campaign against its opponents in the West Bank (who oppose going unconditionally to direct talks with the zionists), and a fierce campaign against their “enemies” in Gaza…. polite to attract the zionists, but fierce with their own people !!

In the zionist jail, when I was barely 20 years old, there was a top leader of our party with us, some 50+ by then (was deported to France, later) . He was so much adored by all the prisoners as an intellectual who had a strong charisma. In a way I adored him as we all used to listen attentively to what he was saying. Usually, we used to sit tens around him and listen as if listening to a reverent saint breaching about Jesus !! One day, We were sitting by him as he talked of the Muslim Brothers, ie Hamas (and it took the Palestinian parties a long time to recognize Hamas as a legitimate party or movement other than what they were described to be the Paletinian branch of the global Muslim Brothers)… he talked a lot, but what I didnt like is when he said: “These people are bastards (Safileen, in Arabic) …. they are savages.” I was shocked to hear the word bastards because I never used it to describe anyone, then I told him shyly: “It is not good to curse others and use bad words… you can criticize them and their actions logically, but not to curse.” “because they are bastards, and I described them of what they deserve.” He repeated again. I didnt reply but that trigged an alarm sign in my little head.

Later, I decided to study the literary (narrative) of the other factions through borrowing their pamphlets in the jail, or at least what they allowed me to borrow and read. I was reading silly writings, foolish arguments and a history of much of fights between the Palestinian factions since the beginning of our catastrophe, our plight. Every party is trying to justify his narrative, to denounce the others, as if it is the only right party and all the others are sinners and evil doers !!

Two years ago, I started to see and say repeatedly that the “national reconciliation” is an unattainable dream and the gap is deepened. Both of the parties, since the fight in Gaza (and even before that, ages ago, when the Islamists were a minority) are waging an endless and fierce campaign against each others. Fateh is composed of “corrupt immoral mafia” people (for Hamas) and Hamas, in turn, is a bunch of terrorists who live in the dark ages (dzalamyyoun, in plain arabic). This continuous fight is spoken and fed with and in every single medium; TV, Radio, songs, conferences, sessions, pamphlets, handouts, Youtube, Facebook and all what can you imagine of forums. The gap is not only so deep, but fierce and brutal. Every party is trying to attract the simple people (as if people are foolish) by his own narrative of hatred…. and here I am bargained to sell my head and fight within this circle of hatred… facts are irrelevant, you can use spices, lies and exaggerate or even invent what has never happen in order to beautify your ugly and bloody face.


National Unity will never happen within the current discourse, within and by the current tools, within and by the current “mediators” of Arabs and non-Arabs. The Egyptians government [of Mubarak] is playing a dirty game along with their zionist allies to deepen the split unless it serves their “peace process”. National unity can only be achieved by the defeat of one of the two projects: The American-Feudal-Arab project of Fateh (the PA) which serves (or at least coexist with) the zionist project of the “chosen people” to occupy the whole of Palestine and segregate the Palestinians in concentration camps… or the Islamic “revolutionary” or “Terrorist” resistance of Hamas of the Utopian society of Allah!!

There is no intermediate or middle solution that can gather the two “fierce enemies”. Both parties are sunk deep each in his own discourse of hatred, that generates more hatred. Shall I sell my head? No, never… my head is more precious and cleaner than their discourse of HATRED !!

Sami, the bedouin.

Gilad Shalit and Hamid the Bedouin.

This is not the first time I write of Shalit, but it is the first time I would ever write of Hamid (the bedouin) my own uncle.

No one would understand the Shalits’ sorrow and pain (specially the mother) but only those who suffered the same condition or even worse, such as plenty of the Palestinian side. Again: two years ago, my brother went to visit a friend of him in a neighboring refugee camp and when he came back he was pale and sad. I asked him what happened and he told me that he didnt find his friend, his friend was assassinated a few days before he went to see him. When my brother knocked the door, he found nobody there but an exhausted mother and impoverished house in the heart of the refugee camp. “I couldn’t stay, every passing minute was heartbreaking for me” my brother said. There was only a lonely mother who was hallucinating of her assassinated son who was killed by a zionist undercover unit, and then shift to talk of her other four sons who are all captured in the zionist jail !!!

What of Hamid, my uncle? It is a long story, over 44 years now, when he was only 16 years and I wasnt born yet:

We are refugees from Ashdod who were kicked out for the jewish settlers to take our home and land. We are a bedouin family, but from my mother’s side is a kind of a feudal family that owned lots of land property in different places in Palestine. Directly before the Nakba my grandfather had hundreds of acres that lie exactly by the old port of Ashdod, to the west of the old railway station that its rubbles still stand there. Some of this land was vineyards but was damaged later to expand the Ashdod port and to build a new luxurious neighborhood for the new Russian settlers !!!

As we were kicked out by 1948 Nakba, we lost everything including the sheep and camels cattle… and nothing left but to live a humble life in a refugee camp waiting for the “humanitarian” aid of the UNRWA !!

44 years ago, Hamid left and never came back again. It seems that he crossed the borders to go back to see our home and land to be killed by the zionist settlers. He was only 16 years old by then now he suppose to be 60 !! My grand-mom went crazy and left no single international nor Arab body to ask and plead for her son, the International Red Cross, the UN offices, the Arab army, the PLO, and all what you can imagine.. but there was no trace of Hamid, her little son… she went hallucinating for months, walking the whole day from here to there, but in vain !! I saw her several times talking of Hamid, hallucinating, weeping, until she died recently dreaming of him coming to hug her… my mom also talked of him from time to time as she is a few years older than him… Now I can draw a picture of him, a boy of 16, thin, brownish, heading west in the dusk of late november, to be shot dead because he went to see his own stolen home !!

The Shalit family are much lucky than my grandmom, they dont have to walk the whole day asking for their son; all the international personages are volunteering to help them (as I heard lately that Mr. Clinton is going to help them) to bring the “poor” soldier back home, the Shalits are sure that their son is treated like a prince and he is still alive, unlike my grandmom who never knew of her kid and what happened to him. Every single international leader has to pay homage to the Shalit family, visit them at home or their tent, promise to help, and express their sorrow of the “great suffering” of the Shalits (at the time they neglect, and dont mention a single word of the 11,000 Palestinian prisoners) !!!

Lost in the Dungeons

Over 11,000 Palestinian prisoners, including children, women, and elder sick ones some of who are still captured even before Mr. Gilad was born.. these all are nothing compared to the “sweet little kid” of the Shalit settlers who was kidnapped from his military base while was ready to kill !!!

Now, if the “Israeli” government wants (and I doubt it would) to release their soldier, it MUST pay the price Hamas ask for… that simply if “israel” is under the pressure of one family, Hamas is under the direct pressure of 11,000 Palestinian families who are waiting for their kids to be released …. the Jewish blood is not redder than the Palestinian one… and the Palestinian suffering is much more greater than the crocodile tears of the zionist settlers !!!

Sami, the bedouin.

Dr. Salmi: The Hazy Lines of the Desert !!

Reading between the lines is a special art that needs the sixth sense to guess of what is untold, what is hidden deep behind the words, but the more important is to reconstruct (after deconstructing the elements into its basic particles) the full panoramic scene out of the snatches.

This is exactly what bewilders me when looking at the peaceful scene of the yellowish face of the beautiful desert in a sunny morning. Looking at the charming beauty of the desert, you would notice that its face is contoured with consecutive lines of the extensive horizon of dunes; brownish, yellowish, silver and even dark lines of intermingling dunes. These lines are tricky that the dunes are moving, creeping gradually to give the place to new born ones, and this is exactly why the Bedouins don’t trust the facial features, but follow the stars or the scars, that scars can tell the deep history of the face, the natural face or the face of nature !!

Photo by: Selmy Sawarkeh
Fascinated by the virgin natural beauty, I would stare into these lines to forget the outer features and dive into the smaller and thinner lines of a finger size as the soft wind blows the sand moving them restlessly and endlessly to form new creeping lines in an everlasting march toward the sea. Looking more closely into these tiny lines you would see the flying particles of the golden sand, coming closer to see clearly, you would fall in the trap and the particles would get into your eyes, and instead of seeing clearly you would fall into the hazy vision course of sand particles and tears. To look back into the narrow horizon of your eyes, you would see the mirage running clean, silver water inviting you to have an eternal dive into the lines, the colorful charming lines of the whole yellowish scene of the tricky desert.

We have lots of lines here in Palestine, the Green Line, the Red Line, the snaky line of the Apartheid Wall, the blue line, the borderline (though the Zionists never had fixed borderlines, as their final lines to be drown by their army, as Ben-Gurion said once). So lines can be shaped and reshaped, drawn and redrawn as the Zionist occupation has almost omitted the natural lines of the desert to draw the racist line of its unattainable “pure” Jewish state for the “chosen people”.

The tricky lines of Dr. Ralph Salmi (which is the only name I would mention here) are far more complicated to track and re-weave them into a clear Persian carpet, that the start of this “brave” man was in Persia, the Islamic Republic of Iran now. I never met nor would ever like to meet this “great” American professor, but the bizarre stories I heard of him made me to try to collect these lines and draw a full picture, that my mind cant really trust separate lines…. someone can help me and google this name as I never did?

The first time I ever heard of this man was from my classmate as he said in a hushing voice as if he was revealing a secret and didn’t want anybody to hear: “Ralph Salmi is our professor back home, he escaped out of Iran when the Islamic revolution broke out.” That boy was talking of Mr. Salmi as if a little child admiring his brave father as he added: “Dr. Salmi is a great thinker, he’s the most prominent professor at our university, in California !!”

This boy amazed me with his vast geographical knowledge; if you asked him of any country in the world (specially in the Middle East), he would instantly tell you the details of the details, history, population, ethnicities’ percentage, agriculture. main industries..etc. It seemed to me that he had swallowed thousands of books before he came to amaze my primitive Bedouin mind. Later, after we graduated, he left back home to have his Master degree in Politics and came back to the Middle East to get married to a Christian Lebanese girl to work as a journalist with..with… the hell how could I know. But still I am surprised with the hectic pace he travels with like a swift bird that never land on any tree from Lebanon-Syria-Kuwait-Iraq as his “job” needed.

The second time I heard of Salmi was one year later; a little shy girl asked me as I mentioned his name: “Ah, you know Dr. Salmi?” “I heard of that great professor through his delegates to our university.” I said explaining. “Oh, yah. Dr. Salmi is responsible for the whole program in the Middle East. He’s a fascinating mentality, He says that all the American wars against the Arab communist parties were a waste of time, we should have fought Islam from the very beginning.” as he is recruiting muslim “scholars” to study Islam from within to be easy to fight it from within and without !!

This girl surprised me as she almost followed the very steps of Dr. Salmi; she fell in love with an Engineering student from Gaza, they got married, lived a few months in the States (to brainwash the Gazan guy) to come back to dwell in Gaza for two years. As Dr. Salmi ran away from Iran in the very last moment (and was considered brave for this) this girl fled at the very last moment from Gaza when Hamas took over the Strip. I knew of this by the very mere chance; in the Zionist jail, I met a guy from a refugee camp in Gaza and asked him of that engineering student who is married to an American “shy” girl. He was astonished and skeptical and asked in amazement: “how do you know these people?”. I told him of my university story then he told me the details of their story. “We knew of them from the very beginning, they were chasing our cadres and collecting logistic information… they fled at the last moment !!”… and I remembered Dr. Salmi who fled from Iran at the very last moment !!

A drunkard old (but sweet) woman gave me the third line (sorry, the third story) of that great professor delegating “students” to the whole Middle East. “Professor Salmi came here to your university, last year, didn’t you see him?” she asked me, but was disappointed to my reply: “No, I didn’t know!”, “This great man is our family friend, he’s my husband old friend and always come to visit us at our villa.”

This woman, as far as I know, is in Afghanistan now !! What is she doing there? I am trying to collect the lines, not the desert lines but the tricky lines of the American delegates… probably she’s in a Christian “humanitarian” mission !! Christian? How come? But she is drunk all the time.

This old (but sweet) woman, once revealed a secret to me. She was buzzed and probably out of jealousy from her beautiful young mate who was attracting the whole guys to chat with her in the parties: “That girl is a zionist, all her fees are covered by the AIPAC!!” I didn’t reply but still respect and like that old but sweet woman that a year later she recommended a guy (who was coming at our side) to contact me as she told him: “I trust that bedouin for my daughter” !

Another story of a sweet girl that I loved in my last year at the University, but hated her later (and dont ask me why)…. Why should I remember? What Sudan and Dar-Fur has to do with this stunning girl? Why should I tell of her story, anyway.

The misty mishmash of the stories is intermingling in my exhausted mind, the same as I am dazing in the hazy lines of the desert …. Shall I deconstruct this whole mishmash and rebuild a new story of “peace” and “forgiveness”? The peaceful desert is no longer peaceful as its original lines were omitted by the steps of these “peaceful” delegates of the great Mr. (professor, Dr. or just) Ralph Salmi who I would never like to meet nor to see his delegates (sorry, I mean his agents) in our desert.

Sami, the bedouin


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