The zionist “peace” Propaganda, Debunked !!

This story is of a Canadian woman who prefers to stay anonymous:


My story: 

First, let me explain the whole matter from a personal viewpoint simply because my awareness of Palestine and the Palestinian-israeli conflict came through an extended personal experience. 

I have had a Palestinian friend here in Toronto/Canada for years now as we faced the same problem together from the very beginning. 

My friend is from Gaza (originally refugee from Yaffo-Telaviv where his family was ethically cleansed from) and he came here as a student and later settled in here. He is extremely smart and sharp. He was very active for Palestine and an excellent orator as he used to organize public events and meetings spreading the word of Palestine. He caught the attention of everybody here including students, the staff and the local community, and of course the pro-israeli activists. 

First, the pro-zionists started attacking him personally trying to delegitimize his discourse and activism for Palestine but it seemed that he was smarter than them and the more they attack the more he gained supporters. A few months later he even started to get jewish friends specially those pro-peace activists and they started to work together promoting peace for both the Palestinian and Israeli people and he was a great gain for them. 

It was great for him to cooperate with the jewish peace activists first but he didn’t realize the trick until he got into their trap. They started by asking him not to organize any event or meeting but with their approval and later on, they started to discuss that what should be said must be for peace and not to hurt anybody or target any side, just pure peace activities. This way –as he realized too late- they neutralized and even used him to work for them. Through his excelled oratory skills and his wide range of friends and followers, he could boost their “peace” group and even raised the amount of money donations they raised. 

The problem started when they started to dictate him what to say as he was prevented from saying anything that would hurt the Israeli feelings and even to promote the Israeli image as a good peace partner for the Palestinians, and the rest of the hollow “humanistic” stuff that neutralizes and belittles the whole struggle into mere viewpoint dispute over trifle ideas. 

Realizing his fault he withdrew from their “peace” group and could easily cluster a wide range of supporters for his newly created Palestinian peaceful group called “Canadians For Palestine” and started to be himself again but not a fool activist collecting money for the Zionist activists. 

This was the turning point in their treatment (including the “peaceful” jewish activists) as they realized that he is no longer that naïve coming freshly from Gaza to serve them under the false umbrella of cooperative approach and they started attacking him fiercefully in every forum including his “peaceful jewish friends” and also he was subject to several physical assaults.

zionist_LobbyFishing for his fault they could stigmatize him of being “anti-Semite” and later on was dismissed from the school because of the Zionist lobbying against him and even they chased him in his work later on and fired him as now he leads a miserable life almost alone. 

This is the story of my friend in short without giving much details but what I want to tell you is not to allow the Zionist to fool you and use you as they did to my friend and many other Palestinian activists. 

My Palestinian friend has told me once about the story of the “Islamic charities” as we here have one almost in each district, and a Canadian nationwide one: 

The Muslim ability to collect money is tremendous where they are obliged to pay 2.5% of their money yearly and give out to poor people or public projects. This is not optional but obligatory for every able muslim as it is one of the main principles of Islam stated as a must in their Quran. 

This could explain why ALL of our “Christian” countries have governmental “Islamic Relief” charities (see the upper “donate” icon) in order to milk the Muslims and fight them with their own money. Just google “Islamic relief” and see how many you have in your country to see how our governments use them to collect money from Muslims to fight Islam with their own money. 

Got my point? 

This is exactly how the Zionists use the Palestinian activists to beautify Israel by the deceptive discourse of the misleading peace and even use the money “donations” collected in their name. 

Once my friend opened my eyes to the fact that how to realize if I am trapped or not; he said that most of the “peace” group are actually anti-peace and pro-israeli by deceiving the gullible people that the Israelis are really for peace. 

The most important thing is to see who is the creator or the “owner” of the group or the director of the organization. Most of the “peace” groups are either created or directed by Israeli jews or zionists. Lots  of Facebook groups and forums are initiated and led by zionists. To deceive you, the zionists invite some naive Palestinian “peace” activists to do the dirty job for them. 

To stay away off sight, and even to play the brokers, the Zionist creator of the group leave the Palestinian fight with each others of pro or anti peace with the Zionists … and the Zionist director of the group laughs happily seeing Palestinians fighting each others while he collects the money of their own efforts.  

 Cohen? I dont know why I feel weird when I hear this name !!Cohen

By deception thou shall do your war …. Isn’t this the Zionist Talmudic principle? 

In short: The disguised “peaceful” zionist jews use peace groups for the following reasons:

  1. Defuse the Palestinian activists and use them against their own people by dictating them and diverting  their activities and banning them from be true to their cause.
  2. Collecting information about the Palestinian peace activists and international pro-Palestinians.
  3. Beautify the ugly face of the Zionist occupation by pretending that there is a peaceful cooperation between the Palestinians and their zionist occupiers.
  4. Collecting money and building projects in the name of “peace” as they collected billions during the Oslo agreement of their misleading “peace”. 


Here!! As the story of my friend above, the zionists come to you with the most shining terminology of (humanity, peace, democracy, human rights, cooperation, forgiveness, coexistence, development, projects…. And the hell of their “peace” groups, institutions, forum and NGOs) to let you swing in in their dirty circle of false and misleading “peace” to serve their evil intention to rule and use the world !! 

Strange…. No one talks of “peace” more than the zionists !!

Search Facebook for “israel peace” or “israel love” you will find hundreds of deceptive zionist pages and groups …. 

Can you imagine? at the time the zionists are assassinating the Iranian scientists and targeting everything Iranian to block their future as they have done to Iraq, they fake several Facebook pages of “israel loves Iran” … how strange….. This is the zionit way of deceiving the whole world that they are “peace lovers” while killing and sabotaging in the whole Middle East here and there all the time. 

israel loves Palestine“?  The hell ! How? By shelling the Palestinian babies into pieces? By burning their children?  By demolishing their homes? By robbing their land? THIS IS THE ZIONIST CRIMINAL “love” !!! and this is the Cohanist Rabbinical deception !! 


The new trend now is that some zionists are creating and directing groups and fund campaigns to reach out to Gaza and the Gazan people ….. because of the lack of information about Gaza on the ground, and because of the shortage of their agents in Gaza after been trimmed by the resistance, they try to use naive Palestinians to collect whatever they can information about every single place in Gaza to put in their bombing list … 

and probably later after entrapping them they force them to work for the zionist intelligence by hook or crook !! 

USE YOUR MIND dears …. EVERY jewish led group is deceptive !!

6 thoughts on “The zionist “peace” Propaganda, Debunked !!

    1. They are on the linkedin sites every day, but we can suss them in two posts, they they rant and rage and call you anti-semitic. We see them off, sure enough, but every week there are a few more. They have grand titles, Dr. Prof. Phd, MA abd many more. Its their way, you see, fake Jews, they are used to pretending and lying. And yes, they talk peace,, but when you attack the land thieves in palestine they turn on you like rabid dogs. Yes, they always lets be calm, booth sides need peace, not just one. You hear this, you are in the company of a Zionist child molester. Attack them, and hard.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for commenting …..
        I am there on linkedin … they reported me several times … they tried to silence me but they were furious because the more they attacked, the more I revealed their deception and Talmudic lies … finally they got quiet after threatening me of being assassinated
        They all the time try to intimidate the Palestinians faithful to their founding Talmudic terrorist principles.


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