Massacring Gaza Continues !!!

The current zionist atrocity against Gaza, as the same the eminent one against Lebanon has been long expected. It was preplanned by the zionists and the Triumphant Netaniaho with his extremist zionist coalition think it is the time now; It is to break the sense of revolt of the Palestinian/Lebanese freedom fighters and subsequently to pave the way for the Arab acceptance of the zionist colony as a matter of fact.

The Gaza problem (as the very same the problem of Palestine in all) is the clearest manifestation of the zionist colonial project, which aims first and last to ethnically cleanse the natives of Palestine and plant zionist “jewish” settlers in their place.  The problem in Gaza wont be solved soon, and the situation in the occupied West Bank will become even worse than that of Gaza as the Holocaust is coming very soon in the West Bank, as I explained in another article. Gaza wont disappear nor the Palestinian natives, like the zionist “peace dove” of Rabin once wished: “I wish I wake up in the morning and find Gaza has drown in the sea.” Gaza didnt drown in the sea nor would and the Palestinians will stay in their land fighting for their robbed land and stolen homes.

The current massacring of the Palestinian people in Gaza will last for some days or weeks and will be resulted in much bloodshed and less hope, but how it will end?

Possible Scenarios:

Like the Russians in WW2 against the Nazi who reached the outskirts of Moscow, the Gaza fighters and people have nothing to lose as their backs is to the last wall inside their homes. On the other hand, the zionists are determined to finish the military resistance in Gaza and pave the way for an empty-handed and bare-footed rule in Gaza managed by the PA or local agents who would do whatever their zionist masters order them; to manage the helpless ghetto, a modern photocopy of the Judenrats serving the Nazi !!

Gaza 5
A 14 months baby shelled and killed along with her pregnant mother in Zaitoun/Gaza

The first and most likely to happen scenario is the repetition of 2009 zionist invasion; an invasion with limited incursions at the presbyteries of Gaza fearing to get into the jungle of guns inside the enclaved and enslaved zone, or the biggest open-air prison in the world; the ghetto of Gaza. In this case (learning from their 2014 invasion) the zionists want to finish the rule of Islamic resistance and disarm the ghetto, but they know they cant, or afraid to pay the heavy price in blood. The zionists will (most likely) withdraw without a truce, and without agreement but will keep the economic-political pressure on the ghetto of Gaza to the verge of starvation, hoping that the frustrated people of Gaza would do the dirty job for them and revolt against the rule there … a scenario that the West has tried in several Arab-Islamic countries with sanctions, impoverishment and agitating the masses (with the help of local agents to finish the job.) This option is being done now against both Venezuela and Iran, with noticing the geo-political-religious differences.

The Second Scenario is repeating the 2014 invasion which lasted for 7 weeks culminated in the uncalculated and failed zionist ground invasion. This will lead the zionists to sink deep in the Palestinian blood and have their legs sink more into the Gaza moving sand. Lots of the Gaza people wish for the ground battle, they cant handle the air invasion but with rockets and they long for a face2face encounter. In this scenario, the people of Gaza will pay severe blood but in the other hand the zionists will pay much military blood. Sinking more deep in the moving sand of Gaza, the zionists (like they did in 2014) will realize their deadly fault and will rush for the international, and especially the Egyptian, help to get them out with the least possible loss. Seeing the zionists running out, the fighters of Gaza will probably be greedy for a reasonable compromise and will keep shooting rockets deeper inside the zionist colony. acceleration to the last moment will keep on both ways until they reach to a final agreement that will most likely be kept secret for every side to claim victory and “accomplishing the mission.”

Gaza2nd most The Third and most dangerous Scenario is the full ground invasion to “completely finish the resistance in Gaza”. This will be the biggest zionist gamble in decades. With thousands of armed and ideologically committed fighters, in addition to the masses of jammed people of Gaza, the zionists will pay the heaviest price in blood (especially military blood) even heavier that that they paid in the invasion of Lebanon 1982. The ground invasion and occupation of Gaza probably will cost them tens of dead soldiers every single day.

Father lost his whole family in 2014 zionist invasion

Gaza is a socio-economic-political problem that the zionists themselves created, the very same the Nazi created the ghetto problem. The first responsibility for the refugee problem, bloodshed, starvation and revolt is on the zionists themselves. The zionists themselves, faithful to their Talmudic teaching they chose the bloody way to silence a whole people fighting for freedom, for going back home. The zionists failed to see, or unwilling to see, or mortified to look rationally to see that Gaza problem is their own creation and it will burst out in their faces sooner or later. As a British old woman said once: “the zionists will not stay colonizing Palestine forever, the natives will keep chasing them until the invaders run back home again.” History does repeat itself, and the zionists are following the very steps of Apartheid South Africa; a bloody, racist and Talmudically blinded regime !!!

Sami, the bedouin

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