The Jewish History in Palestine !!

A simple question to be asked: Where is the native land of the jews before the jewish “god” of a burning bush suddenly popped its head in Sinai to “promise” the jews Palestine that was never ever their native home?


When Moses the Egyptian received from the mouth of Yahweh the name of the promised land for his people, he jumped in terror. “What? Palestine! It is the land of giants!”

The Canaanites were the [indigenous Arab] inhabitants of Canaan, the older native name of Palestine, and the jews were just invaders!

The zionist- jewish problem is that they have a short memory that is limited to their Talmudic history of  2000 years. They cant think of the human history as being of million years and of Palestine as having a history of at least 12000 years. They think that Palestine was created after their Jehovah peeped his head in the desert of Sinai.

How long is the Jewish history in Palestine? 2000 years? 3000 years? 3300 at most?
Canaan/Palestine history is over 12,000 years as the first natives started dwelling this land for thousands and thousands of years before the jews created their real-estate agent of “god” to promise them a land that was never ever their native land.

I tell you history according to the jewish sources of Torah, the Old Testament, the Talmud and the oral jewish history “Ha-Mishna”:

The jews have never ever been the natives of Palestine but invaders; According to these books, in the old ages the jews were invaders to Palestine just like the modern days. they were originally from Africa who where persecuted and enslaved in Egypt. Then they started their allege exodus as roaming tribes outside of Palestine and they even didnt know how Palestine looked like as their tribal boss Moses sent 12 spies to explore the already inhabited Palestine with its natives the Canaanites.

As inhabitants of the barren desert, the jews were surprised to see how fertile Palestine was, and they came back to Moses to tell him it was a “land of  milk honey” BUT 10 out of the 12 spies advised him not to invade because Palestine was already inhabited with “strong civilized” people who had iron arms while the jews were just nomadic uncivilized tribes of slaves …. just 2 of the 12 spies wanted to fight the natives and occupy Palestine … to encourage the jews to fight, Moses told them that his “god” “promised” him that land … some jews tried to invade Palestine from the South -Hebron side- and fight the Hittites natives but they were easily defeated and were turned back…. 

Forty days later, … the spies returned, bearing samples of the land’s huge and luscious fruit and the following assessment:

“We arrived at the Land to which you sent us,” the spies said, “and indeed it flows with milk and honey and this is its fruit. But the people that dwells in the land is powerful, the cities are tremendously fortified and we also saw giants there. The Amalekites dwell in the South, the Hittites, the Jebusites and the Emorites in the hills, and the Canaanites at the sea and on the banks of the Jordan…

“We cannot go up against those people, for they are mightier than us,” the spies proclaimed.

It took the jews another generation- after Moses died- to invade Palestine from the East- Jordan side- under the leadership of Joshua starting by burning the native city of Jericho and then devastating the rest and killing the natives as they toppled the “paganist” Jebusite temple in Jebuse, the old native name of Jerusalem, and built their temple on the rubble of the native Palestinian temple.


At the time of the [Jeiwsh] Davidic occupation, Jerusalem was already two thousand years old. Its original inhabitants were not Jews but Canaanites, Amorites, Jebusites, Hittites and other races each of whom had a culture and language as well as art, industry and agriculture.

7 nations of Canaan


Before the old jewish invasion and occupation of Canaan-Palestine, the “holy land” was inhabited by its natives of the seven nation-tribes as shown in the map. The original natives lived in Palestine for 6000 years cultivating the land and building cities BEFORE any jew had thought to invent the jewish “god” and made him a real-estate agent “promising” them Canaan.

Jebuse (the older native name of Jerusalem) city and its area was inhabited by the native Jebusites who had their temple in which they used to worship their God. The jewish occupiers invaded the city, burned it, and toppled the Jebusites temple and built theirs on the rubble of the native Jebusite temple. The “temple mount” is actually ORIGINALLY a native Canaanite one, and the jews have nothing to claim there.

jewish invasion
The route of the old Jewish invasion

It is clear through their own history that they were bloody violent tribes … It should be noticed that the only “holy book” that calls for genocide is the Torah as the jews were the ever first in history to commit genocide against the natives of Canaan- to be more precise, against the Amorites, the natives of the old city of Shechem/Nablus.  Their “god” ordered them to kill even infants and animals-to annihilate the native life… reread their Torah, Talmud and the jewish”holy” books to see how the natives were massacred out of large parts of old Palestine and how Joshua then allocated the land among his tribes !!

‘Now go and strike Amalek and utterly destroy all that he has, and do not spare him; but put to death both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.” (1 Samuel 15:2-3).

destroyed with the sword every living thing in it—men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys” (6:21).

History is repeated again:

“There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us [the jews], and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”
Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira

Again nowadays, they come from Europe under the same pretext (the promised land) to repeat the same story of claiming Palestine, the same barbarism of killing children by smashing their skulls with sticks, as one of their criminals confessed lately  …. this land is not for the jews nor their false “god” to “promise”…. its for the native Palestinians Muslims, Christians and and the remnant of the native jews, but not the invader European zionists !!

The old (and even new) Jewish invasion and occupation of Palestine can be compared to the Muslim invasion of Spain; Do the Muslims have “the right of return” to the land that they originally invaded and massacred its natives out? Two wrongs dont make any right !!

The jews in the old ages occupied Palestine for just 70 years and even they never rule the whole of historic Palestine but just the eastern and southern parts of it as invaders.
On the other hand, the Muslim invaders occupied Spain for some 800 years and built a great civilization there that is still right now standing to tell their story. The Muslims had no right to occupy Spain and they were massacred out by the Spanish natives even after 800 years of successive occupation.

The European Khazar jews? They are originally by birth, history and DNA genetics are European natives. Why should they have the right to claim a land that is originally not theirs? Would you believe me if I say that God promised me California? What is wrong is wrong and no god on earth nor in the celestial skies can justify it specially when it is a racist occupation that working at annihilating the other under religious claims !!




To surprise you trying to prove their lie, the zionists might ask you: Where did the name “Judea” come from? 

The answer is simple:

It came the same way “Andalusia” came to Spain…. The Muslims occupied Spain and called it the way they liked.

“Judea” is the jewish given name not for Palestine, but for a tiny part of the West Bank (for Jerusalem area which was originally inhabited by the native Jebusite tribe for 6000 years before the old jewish invasion). The old jews ruled for a very short time before they were massacred and kicked out by the Romans, and modern archaeology proved NOTHING of the jewish culture there.

Whereas Andalusia was the given name for large parts of Spain by the Muslim occupiers and they built a great civilization that is still standing and will keep forever to show the Muslim remains there.

No matter how long you stay occupying the land of others, finally you will be massacred out by the natives even after 800 years as the Muslim occupiers stayed in Spain.

History does repeat itself but the problem of the jews is that they dont learn from their own history when they first invaded Palestine claiming the power of God !!

41 thoughts on “The Jewish History in Palestine !!

  1. This is a very interesting article, showing the ongoing dialogue between the mythical past and the modern present in the case for Israel.
    I would like to make some observations:
    Technically, the tribes who invaded Canaan were not Jews but Israelites. Moses himself is described as being of the tribe of Levi, not Judah. Jews as a people came into being when the ten northern tribes, known as Israel, were carried off by the Assyrians in the 8th c BC. The southern kingdom of the two tribes of Judah and Dan was all that was left of the twelve tribes of Israel, the father of the twelve sons who each became the ancestor of a tribe.
    The Israelites of the southern kingdom of Judea were called Judeans, hence the modern name “Jews” in English. The Arabic name sounds closer to the original. In all probability, the Israelites were simply Canaanites who set up their own religion and tribal system.
    Later, during the Babylonian exile, Jewish scribes began to set down accounts of the origins of the Jews, using old oral tales and inserting the traditions of their surrounding culture, such as borrowing the tale of Utnapishtim, the Jewish Noah, from the epic of Gilgamesh.
    There is very little archaeological evidence for the existence of the Israelites before the 9th c BC, as the first Israelite to be mentioned in an outside source is king Ahab of the northern kingdom of Israel. The king Jehu, his successor, is the first Israelite to be pictured, depicted kneeling before Shalmaneser III of Assyria in an act of tribute (the Black Obelisk).
    There is no historical evidence for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and Solomon. No archaeological digs have uncovered proof of the battle of Jericho and other Canaanite cities. The stories of the invasion of Canaan by Joshua are bloody Bronze Age accounts meant to glorify the Israelites as mighty conquerors protected by an almighty god.
    Sadly, these gory, racist legends are part of the reason for the existence of modern Israel. As the French and British say: “Dieu et mon droit.”

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    1. Thanks Ms Halina for adding to my primitive knowledge … I am just trying to sum up the Jewish and zionist heresies about Palestine
      The Muslims have created new Andalusia while the old and even the modern jews devastated Palestine
      Most of the jews allegations about “building a great kingdom” in Palestine are just heresies where the archaeological discoveries refute them.
      Spain is still Andalusian in appearance and even to some extent in culture … BUT … The muslims were first and last invaders and have zero right to claim it… the same should be applied to the jewish liars who commit genocide and consecutive massacres in the name of their own creation “god” … they created their own “god” and made him promise them our like, as Britain promised them our land in 1917.
      Modern “israel” is just a big lies that should be omitted and eradicated and it will sooner or later.

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      1. I only take issue with “ish”
        It appears to me that you have combined the real Jews and the Jewish. They are two different groups off people. The Torah gives a clear description of the skin color if the Jews of the Bible.


        1. I don’t care who are the real or fake Jews are, nor what their skin looks like …. All in all they were never ever natives of Palestine
          Historic facts:
          lets establish the fact that Palestine (even according to the Jewish Torah and Literature) was never the native land of the jews. Whether the old jews invaded Palestine as migrants from Iraq along with their forefather Abraham, or from Egypt along with their Moses, or even from deep Africa where their alleged exodus originally started, the old jews were never natives of Palestine.


          1. Don’t forget that the zionist invaders who ethnic-cleansed Palestinians were from europe, what I call yiddishland.


          2. Sure … I am aware of that the leading Jews in the Zionist colony are Europeans and were never part of the Middle East social fabric
            But they rely on ancient Talmudic heresies of a bush that can talk and give slaves the land of others …. the core of the ancient Jewish claims


    2. The idea that Israelite were Canaanites \were introduced by self proclaimed Zionists like Israel Frankenstein without any evidence. I dont belive him or any other Zionist.

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    3. Halina, you certainly do know your stuff as they say. Many of the things you said I have heard as well. I, of course agree with Sami here too. I do not follow the OT Hebrew god and also believe that these stories come from ancient Babylonian or Egyptian tales. The story of Moses is the one from the Pharoah King Akhenaton of Egypt from the 18th dynasty. The first civilizations were the Sumerians and they later went down to Egypt and travelled as nomads and they were not Semitic. I am not sure what they were but not Semitic. I believe the Israelites have placed themselves in history as these people when they clearly are not. I dont believe there is a god who would only save just one jewish family and destroy everyone else. I do not believe that god would call one group of people the chosen ones and this gave them “carte blanche” to do whatever they wanted.
      I prefer to follow the teachings of Jesus in the NT. So much has gotten lost in translations or changed or adapted in the OT for example when Scofield re-wrote the Bible. He was a Jew called Schofield who converted to Christianity and he added parts in the OT to please the Jews like the part about the unconditional love that god has for the Jewish people only no matter what they do and that god was a real estate agent promising them all of Palestine. This is just absurd. We cannot look at the Bible as an reference book or historically. It does not mention all the people’s of the world who were living at the time. Its only about the Israelites and thats not fair. The Jews who came had no titles or deeds to any land in Palestine and are sitting on top of someone else’s homes.
      Palestine belongs to the Palestinians like Africa belongs to the Africans and so on!

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  2. Good of you to reply, this is a fascinating subject.
    I have studied the history of Egypt, Mesopotamia, North Africa, ancient Greece and Rome, Spain, France, Italy and many more, as I was a university professor. I have been to Spain and I know that without the Arabs Spain would not have the glorious architecture, music, art and even the cooking, as all that civilization was introduced into the Gothic land by the invasion of Musa and Tariq in 711.
    The great river is named in Arabic, Wadi-al-Qabir, Guadalquivir. 10% of the vocabulary is from Arabic. It would take too long to even begin to describe the influence of the Arabs.
    From 711 to 1492, almost 800 years, actually even longer, as many Arabs stayed in Spain either as Muslims or converts. Today there are many North African Arabs living in southern Spain, so maybe there will be an Arab “reconquista.”
    By the way, Spain has offered citizenship to any Sephardi Jew who can show that his or her ancestors were living in Spain before they were exiled. But why don’t they make the same offer to Arabs? Thanks again for writing your article, I always enjoy reading and thinking about the crazy situation.

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    1. Thanks dear again … I really dont know why the jews dont feel grateful to muslims and Arabs who saved them several times from the European pogrom
      still you write long paragraphs which is not good for virtual reading … better for you to be read and better for the reader to write in short paragraphs ❤

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    1. Interesting !! What does the Quran say? that the Palestinians should be ethnically cleansed and the jews take Palestine?
      reread the Holy Quran dear … I reread it two times word by word during the last time I was in the zionist jail !!

      If the jews would be grateful to any nation in the world they should be grateful to the Arabs Muslims:
      1. The jewish golden age was under the Muslim rule and the persecution of jews was ALWAYS under the “christian” rule starting from the Romans up to the Nazi.
      2. The Muslims had protected the jews from the European pogrom when both fled from Spain in the Middle ages.
      3. Our fight as Palestinians have never ever been against the jews but against the European colonizers who ethnically cleansed us and massacred us out of our homes, in the name of Talmudic heresies.
      4. Jews have been and will be welcomed in Palestine under the Palestinian rule.

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      1. Basically you claim that the present day arabs living in Israel and the territories are the descendants of the Canaanite’s. This is an untenable claim and has been roundly debunked by all reputable historians – if you are going to base your claims on this theory you will be ridiculed and will undermine more legitimate claims.


        1. Got your point:
          First, you got to put in mind that the jews are not the natives of Palestine and they build their claims in Palestine on Talmudic heresies (their Moses dreamed, probably out of fever of the desert sun heat, that his Jewish Yehwah gave him Palestine) that “ridicule and undermine their claims” (if to use your terms.
          Second, The old Romans kicked the jewish invaders out while they kept the native Canaanites who, unlike the jews, believed in Jesus and stayed.
          Third, unlike the jews, the Palestinians dont draw the racist blood line of the “chosen people” and we consider ourselves to be the remnants of ALL the nations that lived in Palestine for 12000 years, and hence you will find a mosaic of all the races and colors in Palestine including the Canaanites, The Romans, The Egyptian, the Arabs (and even the jews as there is a vibrant Samaritan Palestinian community) … etc.
          Forth, Some Palestinians kept their Christian faith since Jesus (as the zionists ethnically cleansed over 100,000 native Christians) some others converted to Islam and became Muslims.
          So, unlike the jews, we are the indigenous people who kept living in our land since early history and absorbed the other nations including the jews and Muslims.

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  3. Sami,
    Have you come across works done by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat (an Egyptian) where debunks the story of exodus. His argument was the exodus did not happen in Egypt, but in Yemen.


    1. Thank you for passing and commenting ..
      Yes I am aware of the argument of Dr. Ezzat, but I am debunking the zionist-jewish version through their own Talmudic discourse … they perfectly know that they are NOT and were never the original natives of Palestine.
      Even if Dr. Izzat argument was true … then the jews are NOT originally from Palestine and that Palestine/Canaan was never ever their homeland.
      Some also say that the origin of the jews was actually Ethiopian where their exodus started and hence the real jews are Ethiopian flasha .. anyway, the original jews are not the Khazarian colonizers of Palestine.
      Thank you again

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  4. Slightly different. Just as information.
    Semitic an old term from Arabia, simply describes the monogamous relationship, in contrast with other forms of relationship, such as the patriarchal.
    This is an old term going back a few thousand years.
    All Muslim women and most of the men are in monogamous relationships, so are many people in other communities, it’s a base for relationship in the christian religions also, it still quiet common.
    The term ” anti Semitic”. if properly applied, would actually mean someone or group that is opposed to monogamy.
    What follows below is a digest of the racial and racist versions that appeared in the late 1800’s when racism took root and first flowered, in real terms there are no ‘Semitic languages’, nor Semitic races of the types described, its an ” idea” that’s been imposed..
    This racism was not only continued into the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party, but has since been spread by the British governments along with the European governments, in fact probably a majority of governments now world wide…. they must have a reason for doing so.
    The modern racist version of ” anti Semitic” appeared in 1860, coined by a member of a Jewish religion, Moritz Steinschneider , he lived in Austria.
    wikipedia >>>> Wilhelm Marr was a German agitator and publicist, who popularised the term “antisemitism”, publishing ” The Way to Victory of German-ism over Judaism, 1879”
    Semitic most commonly refers to the Semitic languages, a name used since the 1770’s.
    The origin of “antisemitic” terminologies is found in the responses of Moritz Steinschneider to the views of Ernest Renan.
    As Alex Bein writes: “The compound anti-Semitism appears to have been used first by Steinschneider, who challenged Renan on account of his ‘anti-Semitic prejudices’ [i.e., his derogation of the “Semites” as a race].
    Avner Falk similarly writes: ‘The German word antisemitisch was first used in 1860 by the Austrian Jewish scholar Moritz Steinschneider (1816-1907) in the phrase antisemitische Vorurteile (antisemitic prejudices).
    Steinschneider used this phrase to characterise the French philosopher Ernest Renan’s false ideas about how “Semitic races” were inferior to “Aryan races”‘ .. End wiki.
    ALL the political parties are INVOLVED, as well as the Zionists specifically and the Jewish communities in general terms.
    The term ‘ race” or ras from East Africa in its original spelling, simply defines the ” sense of community within a clan.”, nothing more….
    To class a number of Jewish religions as a ‘race” as has been accepted in a British court, is the same racist position propagandised by the nazi party.
    The original and correct definition of ‘ race” was being taught in every British university through the 1800’s, only in it’s last two decades did the perverted, distorted, racist version begin to appear.


  5. Hi Sami,just wondering if you have moderated many comments.The comments section of blogs can be very interesting and informative as well as the blog-this was very interesting.The reality is in the detail always.
    I know this blog will have attracted Israeli interest.I’m just wondering was there useful engagement.
    The idea that people can colonise land that belongs to others on the basis of a 2 thousand year absence is hugely dubious,but seems to be unquestioned in the present day.
    On this basis,the populations of many countries would be displaced.
    It’s a real and significant peculiarity that goes unchallenged.


    1. “The idea that people can colonise land that belongs to others on the basis of a 2 thousand year absence is hugely dubious”

      Correct it is hugely dubious because it is wholly and demonstrably false. Feel free to peruse the mass of peer reviewed academic papers on demography and geography on the region.

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  6. Most of us are agreed that there is no archaeological evidence in Palestine and/or Jerusalem of any control or occupation by any hebrew/jew/israelite (to cover all the names of the people or tribes that supposedly invaded Palestine and Jerusalem). Therefore all the stories and “information” appearing anywhere about such an occupation and about all the battles and cities and temples they supposedly engaged in or built comes from religion.

    The trouble is a lot of people accept the stories of religion as fact and not myth or the stuff of faith. This cripples and prevents them from accepting the facts. What is even more disastrous is not only the jewish but also the muslim religion is burdened with these stories and forces muslims too to accept them as fact. We, who regard religion as superfluous and a source of social evil, are free of these myths and we readily accept the facts of archaeology without feeling guilty of going against “god” or “morality” or religious faith. The simple truth is, the stories of hebrew/jew/israelite control or occupation of Palestine are myths regardless of whether the jewish or the muslim religion believes in them or publicizes them.


    1. “Most of us are agreed that there is no archaeological evidence in Palestine and/or Jerusalem of any control or occupation by any hebrew/jew/israelite (to cover all the names of the people or tribes that supposedly invaded Palestine and Jerusalem).”

      If by most of us you mean Academics then the total inverse is true – you are free to disagree with main stream academia – but to misrepresent it is amateur and juvenile.

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      1. Regardless of archeological evidence or history,people can not go into other people’s land where they have live for hundreds of years,evict them through force and colonise their land.The laws of the modern world do not and cannot accommodate or ratify such arcane views/wishful thinking and subsequent actions.
        On this basis the Celts would be able to go into Austria and claim their ancient homeland,and the Romani people could reclaim their ancestral homes in Northern India etc.etc.
        [It is a preposterous assumption[in the real world] -which is tabooed out of the conversation]

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      2. Thank you brother for commenting
        It the matter is about archaeological evidences then there is no one more than the Muslims have right in Spain which they occupied more than 800 years … which is STUPID to think so .. and I have explained this within the article
        Thank you again


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