Abu Khdair: A Palestinian Child Burned Alive By Zionist settlers !!!

According to Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira and Rabbi Yosef Elitzur, non-Jews are “uncompassionate by nature” “There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us [the jews], and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”

If the zionists are ashamed of the Talmudic rabbinical ritual child murder why do they do it for Palestinian children? What did the Child Mohammad Abu-Khdair do to them to be burned alive?

Mohammed Abu Khdair

Dictated by the Toratic teaching, a zionist Rabbi and his two sons aided by other criminal zionist settlers kidnapped the child Mohammad Abu-Khdair and burnt him alive in a Talmudic rituals that lasted for hours in the dawn of 2 July 2014 .. His childish soul is still hovering asking WHY HE WAS BURNED ALIVE by that Damn zionist Rabbi in a Talmudic ritual that lasted for hours ?????

I have read “The Fixer” the masterpiece novel by Bernard Malamoud talking of a poor jew suspected of a jewish ritual child murder in Russia and how he had lead a miserable life because of that. I read that novel word-by-word and sympathized with him greatly … but now, I think that Malamoud wasnt talking of the Russian past of the jews, but he was predicting the future of the zionist occupiers of Palestine, and how -driven by the barbaric Talmoud- they would happily dance at a burning body of a Palestinian child !!

A memory is left to tell the story !!

9 thoughts on “Abu Khdair: A Palestinian Child Burned Alive By Zionist settlers !!!

  1. I do not wish any evil or revenge on the Europeans, but they are the ones who tortured the Jews for centuries and now they are not being attacked or having their land stolen from them, it is the Palestinians paying the price.


    1. The zionists are creating their own cultural, political and psychological Ghetto … it is a hopeless case to have a future in Palestine …. they will be massacred out sooner or later and will never have peace with the muslims and Arabs simply because they want dominance but not to live in harmony with any society they live within !

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    1. Becca .. you are too much exaggerating …. if America couldnt handle the situation in Iraq … and “israel” couldn’t handle the situation in Lebanon nor in Gaza , how they could occupy more land?
      Yes, they can kill and shell millions, but the reagion, and also the Arabs are no longer the same ….. more weapons and more rebels everywhere now !!
      “israel” and the zionist jews are shaking inside dear, and exactly within their arrogance their end is doomed !!


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