About Sami !!

Who am I?

One day I was standing by the window gazing vacantly and smoking at the lunch break at work, when a colleague came and stood by me without me noticing her. I was looking out blankly and she was, probably, looking at my look, or the way I looked. Then out of sudden she asked me in a decisive and assuring tone: “Are you existentialist Sami?” I was shocked and startled for that direct unexpected question and remembered the “parties” of interrogation they held on me in the zionist jail.

What? Existentialist? What’s that? And I was really astonished not only from the question but from the questioning person whom I never thought she knows (and I was right) anything of Sartre or Fanon.

What? Existentialist? Why the hell I am always taken to be –ist?

“You are communist, and we know that” roared the zionit interrogator suddenly (actually not one but three interrogators to complete the “party”) which is part of their job to surprise you with new dimensions that you have never heard of!!!

“What? Existentialist?” and I, realizing that she is not an interrogator, burst in a sudden hysteric laugh. “why do you think I am ‘existentialis’, Lady?” I got the courage to ask in a defensive way as if facing a mean interrogator in a decisive time of a “session”. “No, but really just asking. I mean the way you think, the way you talk, they way you contemplate dreamingly.” She explained apologetically “Is all that (existentialism) in me?” I asked in a sarcastic but polite way. “I don’t know but just asking!!”

‘why the hell you ask’ I thought feeling the blood dripping on my side cheek. “I am the one to ask here, son of a bitch!” shouted the interrogator while his two mates were watching angrily as if echoing his tone. One of them seemed to be taking initial training on me, such a little “academician” probably studying my case of a “strong headed” person, or probably having a seminar of “crises management”!!!!…. I looked at him, at them actually, and took my final decision (I am not going to talk, even after death)

Existentialist!!! Communist!!! Atheist!!! Tribalist!! Why the hell you ask, you little ignorant lady. Does it matter for you if I am existentialist or f-k-ist?


So, I am existential-IST, sweet lady!!!!

“What does it mean to be existentialist dear?” I asked her in a defensive retaliation for her unexpected, perplexing and torturing question.

“I don’t know exactly, but it means to believe that you exist.”

‘The hell, I do exist. I am still not driven crazy.” I thought to myself. ‘I do feel the blood bruising over my side face.’ Silence! Silence… silence is my only weapon in this battle. Patience!! Who in Satan sake can be patient while a very little “academician” is holding his experiment on him, on his very body, very mind, on his ability to hold a “sustainable” coordination between his mind and body!!! Can an existentialist do?

“Get up, you dirty athe-IST!” and he was looking at me in a clear irritation. ‘you mustn’t be irritated, dear interrogator. Irritation is the first step for falling’ I thought to myself and kept motionless and silent, and didn’t get up. He got up swiftly looking at his mates urging them to help  and they all jumped standing. ‘Is it time for a new “party”’ I thought to myself, still trying to hold silent and “coherent”, I loath this word “coherent”.

“I don’t know, but I am sure you can give me a full and “coherent” explanation.” Said the lady cunningly smiling while still looking that perplexing look of… of… don’t know but so sweet and submissive.

Oh sweet lady!! Why in heaven you come to “irritate” me? Why should I give a “coherent” explanation to everybody, including the zionist interrogators?!!!

“take his clothes off!” the chief interrogator ordered his mates. They jumped on me but I kept completely silent, motionless. The very “academician” bunched my head angrily then retreated as if stung by a snake: “Oh, shit!! His dirty blood, this asshole!!” and he was “smeared” by my dripping blood on my side face.

Oh!! So clean and soft “academician”!! It’s awful to have a “blood-smeared hands”!!! But it’s my dear blood!!!

The hell, I have to start writing!!!

And still the crazy question is angwishly waiting for a quenching answer…. Why the hell I am always taken to be –ist all the time…. Why I can’t be just a simple Bedouin who is dreaming to live a normal life in this very “holy, or promised” land of the “chosen people”???

I am Just a little Bedouin boy who is still so fresh like the vast burning desert, of a hollow feverish hot heart roaming the land in an everlasting search for the heavenly shade of God, and shade (for us bedouins) is like the warm sun for Scandinavians. Here we are burned by the hellish heat of sun pouring over our heads and so you (always) would find us lunatic hallucinating like fevered children. The sun did it work today and thanks god (YOUR GOD) that I am still alive!!

44 thoughts on “About Sami !!

  1. Sami…it’s not the first time I’ve read this, but today your words have struct me Searching God as a Bedouin searches shade….the sun worked for me also today…..putting in me a “question”?????


  2. My Dearest Child,

    You are a child of my heart just as all who suffer are my children. Your enemy is my enemy, and the enemy of all that is good and decent in life. I too struggle to comprehend the vile madness, to find a way to combat it as I can never accept it!

    I know that our human brain is three parts. The first and most primative brain is the Reptilian brain and it is, so sadly, ruling supreme. Covering the Reptilian brain is the Mammalian Brain, this one carries out the cruel, heartless dirty work, while the final(till now) brain, the Neo Cortex lies mute and dormant in most of us.OK, I know this but the knowledge is of no comfort to me, nor can it change anything!

    My tears,anguish, and bitter rage are also of no help. The vast majority of of us in this country (even those who consider themselves ‘well informed’) in fact, live in a state of blistful ignorance, convinced that the lies about this country taught us in earliest childhood are Truth, and that the World “news” we are fed is Real. In actual truth we here live in a tightly controled police state where our only actual freedom is to sink in debt to the very ememys under whom you (and so many others) suffer inhumane torture.

    I try to enlighten ‘the enlightened” here and am met with blank stares, or stunned denial. My own dear Son was shot to death by 165 police bullets on the streets of Los Angeles, his beautiful body reduced to bloody shreds and left on the street for 12 hours,
    His great crime? He was depressed, and unarmed. Still when I try to use his brutal death (and the 50,000, YES 50,000 others killed by police each decade here) as a ‘wake-up call’ the only response I get is, “This cannot be true!” Even among the best and smartest here, I’m sad to say,
    Ignorance reigns.

    Dear Child of my Heart, I have no advice. We suffer and rage together.

    With much Love, Mother Miray

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    1. Thanks a lot Miray for the comment…
      I feel speechless in front of your words… Jesus was crucified young but still his words are booming through the whole world !!

      I am not weeping my fate dear, but I am fighting my way to freedom, full freedom off the zionist occupation, and I am sure that the colonizers have no future on our homeland !!


      1. Your English is perfect enough to translate your soul’s experience to me, also in no way English, may be only the part of the brain that specializes in language and expression. So we all agree that we exist 😦 and we think in our own languages as well as English, if not better. We are existentialists then arn’t we ? WHAT THE Fxxk IS THAT ? The questioner ask you with that word ? Why ? May be the fact that you exist is undeniable but her wishful thinking would rather in denial of that simple fact, hence the ism came in to complicate the thinking that happen in her own consciousness


  3. My Dear Child, I hold you in my heart, in my thoughts, and in my prayers always. And I stand on the front lines with you in your quest for Freedom. When I said that your ememy is my enemy, it was not only a seniment from my heart, it is a literal statement of fact! Your oppressers are also my oppressers, just wearing a different face.

    Please hold me in your prayers.

    With much love and respect, Mother Miray


  4. Dearest Miray, I endorse and echo your sentiments, my heart lives in the hearts of the oppressed, be it in the past, present or future, we are all one and I hope as one we are all united against ignorance and injustice and bonded in love peace and solidarity xx my love is with all xx


  5. It took me a while to really come to your Blog. Reading your text is always amazing. I wish I could send you some shade or – in modern terms a “mazgan” 🙂 … Hugs!


  6. Tengo tanta pasión por la información, de cómo la están pasando nuestros hermanos de la franja, así como el resto de oprimidos por los Asesinos, de Israel-USA, que en parte es divertido e instructivo, me explico, todo lo que llega a mis manos, lo traduzco al Español, pero son tan malas esas traducciones, que abecés tengo que deducir lo que realmente quiere decir el autor de las líneas.


    1. Thank you sufyan for being interested in my writings….. Sure, feel free to share any of my articles

      I write to be read and I dont write for myself, nor to get money out of my writing, but to speak of what my people and I personally suffer from the zionist occupation …. for further information please contact me @ samsharf@yahoo.com


  7. Though an Indian, I stand for a Free Palestine.Your words express the sentiments of thousands of my Brothers and Sisters. Thank you for sharing your feelings.

    Warm Regards,



    1. Thanks Nasreen for passing and the comment…. I write my life, and as I say “I write what I feel and feel what I write”. Once you are occupied you cant but fight WITH ALL THE POSSIBLE MEANS till you get free or die fighting !!

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  8. Sami, I do not know you personally, but you returned the hope to me, really I am so proud of you, go ahead, the road is very long, but with your confident steps, your strong believes in your rights, you will reach the end of the tunnel. Hashem Irshaid


    1. Thanks dear Irshaid…. You dont know me, but I do know your deep rooted family in Palestine…. Irshaid family was one of the major feudal families in the center of Palestine.
      I never lost my belief that “israel” is just a passing feather in the Arab and Muslim sea … still, after 100 years,the zionists still struggle for their very existence…. Palestine is regenerative and we will beat them soon !!


  9. Sami your writing is very inspiring, though, its harsh undertones leave me thinking that yo would find it easy to see everyone but muslim left on earth if there was an opportunity?


  10. I like your way of inspiring and urging the others to inquire more about your words, giving them the opportunity to answer however they understand without restricts


      1. That’s my point Sami.
        This is history in the making, although it will never be reported honestly in the news media.
        I thought you might contribute some truth from the Palestinian, Islamic side of the disaster that is claimed to be a justified defence by the Israeli government. Clearly all lies.
        Glad you are still blogging!
        Regards, Ken.


  11. These writings are important in the documentation of the oppression. They are also important for the person who experiences the oppression. I don’t have words of comfort because there are no words that are capable of providing comfort. I have anger and disgust for this behaviour. I know that the Israeli system is quite organized and has gone to great trouble to figure out how best to dehumanize a Palestinian. The fact that they arrest and interrogate children as well shows how demented they are in their effort to destroy Palestine and the people.


  12. You know what? Woow …what an inspiration. I really love your way with words revealing the true situation in the Middle East


  13. Sami, do you really want a “Two State” solution???

    Then show the world how to do it, by providing them a plan to do it and begin plastering this plan all over the web like we have been doing. Any plan is better than no plan at all. Given the chance, the people of the globe would want to see equality. The lands of Palestine must be equally divided for a two State solution to exist, so present a plan to “DIVIDE IT” (equally) and get other Palestinians to support the plan…….let’s see what the Jews do next 🙂 It will be their move if you take a Stand! If you don’t take a stand nothing will happen, except the Jews will continue to make the Palestinians and their lands disappear.
    See this:

    Click to access Mandate2.pdf


    1. And what have you been doing all the time? legitimizing the theft of Palestine?
      Where are you originally from BTW? Germany? Poland? Russia or Ethiopia?
      Are you one of the 93% of the “israelis” who backed the shelling of the Gaza children?
      I dont believe in the coexistence with the racist zionist colonizers … even if we want (like in the Oslo farce), it wont work.


    1. Thank you sister for passing and commenting …. You can find a couple of personal stories in my blog … but all within the political contexts …. under occupation you cant live a normal life even if you faked it !!!


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