Palestine Existed, “israel” never?

Living in the past:
A few days ago I had the chance to participate in a one-night camp of Astrology organized by The Palestinian Astronomical Society in the semi-desert hills of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, lived and crucified. Camping under the serene sky of full glistening stars was amazing and beyond description.

Two hours past midnight, our guide took us in an hour walk tour down and up the barren hills. When we finally reached a table-hill we sat in a big circle and the guide sat inside the circle, a typical Jesus preaching session. He ordered us to put off the lights, not even a cigarette dim-light and to keep utterly silent for a few seconds gazing at the flickering stars; at this moment of utter silence and complete darkness, you lose the sense of yourself but an ethereal soul flying in the huge universe.


The guide stood up in the middle of the circle asking us to stay motionless sitting, then pointed at the North Star:

“Can you see that star?” he asked.

“Yes, it is the biggest.” Some answered when I preferred to keep silent gazing.

“Can you see it NOW and HERE”? he asked again.

“Yes, it is the most clear and near.”

“No, you don’t see it now.” He concluded. “You see it when it was 450 years ago. Now it is somewhere else, and probably in a different shape.”
“YOU LIVE IN THE PAST. We all live in the past.” He went on explaining.

It is amazing; the stars shine their lights to travel through space for minutes, hours, days, years or even centuries for us to see them, the extensive space is beyond capturing. So, if we want to explore the North Star, we need to sent a spaceship that travels at a light speed for 450 years to get there, then another 450 years to get back in order to know what is going on there …. It means 9 centuries of waiting! And who’s got the time for that?

The campsite

The camp site is in a barren and deserted hills where you don’t see any modern light of a native village, a jewish settlement or even a desolate Bedouin gathering, you can only see the lights of the camp and the campers’ torches, an army of lights or an utter darkness when decided….. then the shimmering and glistening lights of the vast universe.

You either think human or racist, you cant be both; at the time the whole world started to think of our global village and human community, you find racist Talmudic people that think they are the only chosen race possessing a tiny place on earth “given to them by their “god as a taboo … not only that, but they are ready to kill and commit all all crimes to have their space clean from other races.

I dazed into the extensive sky staring at the endless depth of the universe, millions upon millions of stars and planets, the Milky Way that you need centuries to cross…..Fascinating !

Afro Asian
The Afro-Asian Rift shaping Palestine

OUR EARTH is some 4.5 billion years, and probably 2-3 billion years after that, the Afro-Asian rift took place to shape the geographical Earth, the modern geological Palestine with its natural boundaries that we see today, Palestine from the river to the sea as an integral part of the Lavent in climate, historic depth and geographic continuity.

Back to reality, feeling alone in the semi-desert hills of Bethlehem though surrounded by tens of campers, I remembered the creeping zionist settlers who are robbing the very land I am standing on !! These lunatic people are living within their Talmudic past rampaging on my ancestral home !!

Lunatic zionists in their Talmudic past:
How can a human, a descent or criminal one, justify heinous crimes of ethnic cleansing and massacres based on ancient heresies?
We all know, and the jews themselves know, that the jewish history in Palestine is subsequent to the human history here and not original or native. The Natives of this land have dwelled here for thousands upon thousands of years, and built all the ancient cities of Jericho and Jerusalem before the ancient (Let along the modern European Ashkinazi jews) jews to come slaves from Egypt and claim a land that was never theirs, and occupy cities that they never built?

The Modern European Zionist colonizers in Palestine, as well as their ancient peers of Egyptian slaves, don’t live the human reality, they live a TALMUDIC LIE that their “god” that suddenly popped his eyes as a burning bush in Sinai, gave them Canaan/Palestine, which took its geo-human shape before any jew was born for Abraham in Iraq. The Zionist jews are exhausted in their Talmudic past and don’t live the modern reality.

History of Canaan/Palestine:

It is beyond imagination to justify crimes against humanity of ethnic cleansing, Talmudic racism, razing villages, massacring people, erasing human history and devastating the ecological balance in the name of ancient Talmudic heresies of the burning bush of Sinai that gave the slaves of Egypt our land, it is not only erroneous, but criminal and racist. It is criminal and racist to raise a tiny sect of butchers and elevate them above humans and humanity as “sons of God” and give them a crate blanch to commit all those crimes just because they feel that they are a super race, like the Nazi Aryan one.

One of the major lies of the Zionist-jewish colonizers of Palestine is that Palestine never existed, and among lots of other lies, is that they came in the 20th century to settle a “land without people for a people without land”, and that they came to the land which has been all history flowing with honey and milk to find it a “desert” and only their genius jewish mind (the same as the Nazi one) “made the desert bloom”… what blatant lies that one even don’t need to argue back.

TalmUdic thinking

Palestine, as a name for the southern part of the Lavent (historic Canaan) existed at least 2500 years now, “Israel” never existed but in the Zionist mind and as a colony on the rubble of Palestine in the major ethnic cleansing of the 20th century that was culminated but didn’t stop, in 1948… was there ever a state called “israel” in history? NEVER, but a bunch of slaves who colonized tiny part of ancient Canaan.

“israel” as a country name never existed but in the Zionist minds and upon the destruction of the ancient historic Palestine, that took its geographical shape some 2-3 billion years and its human shape some 12000 years when the first natives settled this land and built the ever first human settlement of Jericho and then, some 10,000 years later, the ancient jewish slaves of Egypt came to burn it and loot its treasures.

“Then they [the ancient jewisj invaders] burned the whole city and everything in it, but they put the silver and gold and the articles of bronze and iron into the treasury of the Lord’s house.

The Zionist lies:
So? Palestine never existed and the modern zionist colonizers came upon an empty land? It is clear how ignorant in both history and geography they are!!

The human heritage and culture is not measured by the modern definition of the geo-political sovereign state, which in itself is modern to the human history. Lets take the most modern geo-political example of the “great” South Sudan, what was it a few years ago? Null? Nothing? A Land without people for a people without land? Didn’t South Sudan exist for thousands upon thousands of years inhabited and cultivated by its natives? Why the Zionists lie on Palestine?

What was Germany and France some 3-4 centuries ago? Did they exist then? Were they “barren desert” for the Zionist “genius mind” to come and make it bloom?

The existence of any state doesn’t depend on its political entity, it depends on its human history that extends deep in history, the very same the history of Canaan/Palestine that predated any jewish colonizing in the ancient as well as the modern times of the zionist colony which is called “Israel” …. Within this context one can understands that the zionist-jewish entity of “Israel” never existed but some 70 years ago on the land of the deep rooted Palestine.

The old jews invaded the already inhabited and cultured Palestine and colonized it for some years and were soon kicked out, they never preserved a continuous cultural existence on this land, they have been all the time itinerants that never settled in history ever since they run out of Egypt persecuted slaves. On the other hand, the natives of Canaan/Palestine have preserved a continuous and uninterrupted existence on their land for over 12000 years now.

Ancient Bethlehem

Unlike the Nazi or the Zionist, the natives of Palestine don’t claim superiority or purity of blood over the other humans; we claim that we are the remnants of all the nations and races that settled this land over the long history.

History is stubborn and cant be hidden and diverted by racist ideologies. The land, any land, is common among all its native and God really doesn’t have the guts or time to promise it to a racist sect … Jehovah, (the burning bush of Sinai) is nothing but a zionist-jewish inventions to justify racist crimes and land robbery.

Sami, the bedouin

7 thoughts on “Palestine Existed, “israel” never?

  1. The Filistines and other people in antiquity never called the region Canaan, just the invading Hebrews called that region so. There never was such a thing as a state Israel. There is no proof of that.


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