The zionist Delusional Mentality: Exposed

Historic facts:

First, lets establish the fact that Palestine (even according to the Jewish Torah and Literature) was never the native land of the jews. Whether the old jews invaded Palestine as nomadic migrants from Iraq along with their forefather Abraham, or slaves from Egypt along with their Moses, or even from deep Africa where their alleged exodus originally started, the old jews were never natives of Palestine.

Now, if you want to believe in ancient Talmudic fairytales of the fevered Moses that Jehovah (the jew) suddenly popped his eyes in the Desert of Sinai to give (the already inhabited) Palestine for the “poor slaves” of Egypt, it is your problem but that has nothing to do with reality or history: the old jews (as well as the modern European invaders) are nothing more than colonizers to a land that was never ever their homeland.

natives 1

It is needless to say that historically the Canaanites, Jebosites (of Jerusalem), the Hittits (of Hebron); the Amorites of Schem, and the rest of the seven nation-tribes are the original inhabitants of Palestine who dwelled this land for thousands upon thousands of years before the old jewish invasion. It is needless to say that the natives of Palestine are those who built the ancient cities (towns) of Palestine like Jerusalem, Hebron, Jericho, Schem/Nablus  and the rest of the Palestinian-Canaanites twons and villages.

It is needless to state the fact that the jebosite natives of Canaan/Palestine had built Jerusalem with its paganist temple some 1500 years before any jew stepped this land.


It is clear in the Torah (Jehovah addressing Moses) talks about “their” (the other nations) land, but not “yours” or the land of the jews.  And that the jews had to fight the natives of that land, and even to annihilate those natives (according to the orders of the jewish Jehovah), which they couldn’t, as it was clear from the New Testament that the natives of Palestine (the Canaanites) believed in Jesus and stayed in their land, while the jews didn’t, but plotted against him and accused him of blasphemy. and were subsequently kicked out of the land.

The Zionist-jewish justification:

But how the ancient (as well as the modern) invaders of Palestine justify their land robbery and bloody crimes against the natives including genocide? There are two keywords that can clarify the Zionist delusional way of thinking, these two words are the “promised land” and “Amalek”


“Promised land” or “God gave us the land” are the first words the modern Zionist colonizers use to justify their ethnic cleansing of the natives and their ongoing crimes. Whether you believe their Toratic heresies or not, whether the Zionist colonizer in Palestine was ultra religious or from the far-left fringe, whether he was an ardent Zionist or a “peace dove”, none of them can justify his/her mere existence in Palestine other than through this magic word of “god gave us the land”, as if god is nothing but a real-estate agent working for others.

One evening, we sat under the stars looking at the flickering lights of Palestinian villages. Bobby Brown [A zionist settler], with a wave of his arm, said: “All the Palestinians have to leave this land. God gave this land to us, the Jews.”

This video below, explains how they  justify robbing the native Chrtistian land property

Jehovah, Yehwah, YHWH, Elohim, Hashem or “god” are all various names for the same jewish “god”/ or a bush, that popped his head in the desert of Sinai to chat to the fevered or deluded Moses  to give him a land that was never ever jewish land before that bush suddenly talked.

The annihilation of the Amaleks , (the original natives of Palestine) is the second keyword the Zionist-jewish mentality uses to justify the criminal acts. The Amalek and the necessity to fight and annihilate them is widely discussed among the jewish religious circles, which refers to all the non-jews especially the natives of Palestine in particular. To gain a sacred motivator for the Zionist colonial project, the jewish references have to demonize the Palestinian native (or any possible opponent of the Zionist colonial project), the jewish religious circles attribute the (amalekite) nature to Toratically justify the annihilation.


So, the zionist rabbis believe that the Amalek are their enemy whoever they are .. and they needed not only to be killed, but to be annihilated and obliterated from Earth, even if they were a nation of tens of millions like the Iranian and the Turkish nation .. the thing that even Hitler didnt dream of:

“We see this [the existence of the Amalek] happening today. Iran is willing to destroy their economy, they are willing to destroy their own country, just to convince the other Arab nations to attack Israel. Erdogan is the same way. His economy is crashing but he doesn’t care. Hamas is clearly this way. They want the IDF to attack, as long as it means bad for Israel. Anyone who acts this way today is from the seed of Amalek.”

“The commandment isn’t to conquer Amalek. It is to wipe him out from the world because as long as there is a memory of Amalek in the world, the Moshiach (Messiah) cannot come.”

Now, whether you believe it or not, Palestine has become the “jewish homeland” and all those who oppose this heresy or when the natives fight back for their stolen homes then they are demonized as “anti-semitic” Amalekites that should be annihilated by direct orders from the jewish Jehovah.

Sami, the bedouin

64 thoughts on “The zionist Delusional Mentality: Exposed

      1. Whatever the ancient natives of Palest9ine worshipped that doesn’t justify the slaves of Egypt [the Jews] to invade their land and massacre them .. sacrificing the sons actually started with Abraham not with the natives of Palestine and also human sacrifice was known among the old Hebrews not the natives of Palestine
        Who told you that the Quran didnt mention the giants more than one time (BTW your NIPHILIM is the hebrew word for giants)
        It seems that YOU dont know abut the Quran and Islam, so just stop talking about what you dont know about


        1. Abraham did not sacrifice his son, as it was a test of obedience.
          When the lamb was sacrificed instead of his son, this prefigured the Crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST who was called the Lamb of God!

          Please post the Koranic verses for the NEPHILIM/GIANTS?


          1. The Qur’an says: they (the Jews) told Moses that giants dwell that land (Palestine) and we are not going to inter it until they get out.
            “قالوا يا موسى إن فيها قوما جبارين وإنا لن ندخلها حتى يخرجوا منها فإن يخرجوا منها فإنا داخلون” البقرة 22.


      1. and they use ZUCKERFASCIST – Book to censor ..block truth about SATANIC Israel too..lots of us in FB go to jail in and out that way.


        1. The being that Muslims call Allah is actually SATAN masquerading as god!
          It is SATAN who stirs up Islamic Nazi Jew Hatred!


          1. You are blind with hatred
            Let me remind you that the Arab Muslim world not only hosted the Jews peacefully all history long but also gave them their only Jewish golden age unde the Muslim rule …. While …. Persecuting and MASSACRING the Jews have always been done by the “Christian” Europeans starting from the Romans up to medieval Europe and Hitler
            You seem to be illeterate in history and blinded with hatred against Islam and Muslims and thus us your weak point where I can beat you
            Go study done history and theology then come to discuss factual events but not to spew hatred here


        2. You are right dear …… On FB I have been banned for 6 times for 30 days and 2 times fir a week ONLY in 2019 ……. This means that in this year only I was banned for 6.5 months …. BUT …. I use all the social media to spread the word of Palestine ….. The Zionists can’t block the truth whatever they try


      1. First, the Qur’an 8s not a recommended historic doccument especially for the ancient Talmudic diary tales…
        Second, The Qur’an says lots of things about the devilish israelites plus ii mostly repeats ancient toratic fairy tales and it stresses that they broke the covenants and thus deserve the eternal curse ….. This could explain why they have been enslaved, persectmuted and massacred all history long
        Now … Are you going to believe in repeated fairy tales ?


        1. So the Koran as revealed by your Allah isn’t trustworthy on historical events?!

          Oh dear seems like you are not much of a Muslim then!


          1. I am out of the heritical religious discourse ….. If you believe in ancient fairy tales and a burning bush that can talk and liloiks like God, then you are the problem here not me
            Your Jehovah is nothing but a joke that left its “chosen” sons to be enslaved, persecuted and massacred all history long
            Poor you to believe in heritical fairy tales
            Thank you for proving my point about the delusional Zionists and you are equally delusional …. Thank you for giving me a living example to prove my thieses


  1. Love this article!! Those who seek to inherit the lands of Palestine from the River Euphrates to the Rive Nile they are known as the Khazar I suggest reading a book called The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler

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      1. Hamas leader is not an authentic reference for history . Palestine,like the rest of the old nations that the Arabians conquered, was arabized.
        Unlike the ancient Jews and their bloody Torah, the Arabs and their Qur’an didn’t call for annihilating the conquered nations, but only to convert them to Islam ….. While we know that the Torah urged the old Jews to annihilate the natives of Palestine and massacre them including their babies and even their animals

        S recent study revealed that Egypt is 9nly 17% Arab while the rest are actually the original natives who converted to Islam
        Palestine is the very same ….. Historically enfolded it’s natives who dwelled this land even before the old Jewish invasion


          1. What do the Arabs have to do with Palestine? Yes, they conquered Palestine but all the natives stayed in their homes . . A recent DNA study proved that Egypt is actually just 17% Arabs and the rest are Egyptian natives Palestine is equally the native
            And come on! You are equally delusional like the wahhabi terrorists if Saudi Arabia; you believe a burning bush suddenly popped its head to talk and give you Palestine and they believe a flying donkey flew them here


      1. we are living in the modern time, not in the ancient time. and if want to take someone land or house, you have to have a mortgage certificate from real stat agent not bible….


  2. مَنْ يُرِدِ اللَّهُ بِهِ خَيْرًا يُصِبْ مِنْهُ

    “If Allah intends good for someone, then he afflicts him with trials.”

    Why would one accuse another of anti Semitism in speaking on this matter when Arabs are a Semitic people as well?

    How many people today care about the descendants of Abraham? ﷺ
    How many seek to emulate his connection within divinity?

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    1. Thank you for commenting
      The zionist problem is that they are reviving old heresies that they in themselves are wrong in the first place.
      They dont learn from their own history… they very price they paid some 2000 years ago, they will pay soon for occupying, persecuting and massacring the natives of Palestine who lived thousands upon thousands of years before the jews originally invaded as slaves coming out of Egypt
      History does repeat itself and it is just a matter of time to set the record right !!


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          1. It was the Canaanite tribes and the Egyptians who did all those things!
            Ancient Israel was warned against such things!

            Learn to read you Jew hating DEMON POSSESSED PAGAN!


          2. Jesus was sent to get the Israelites out of their devilish crimes and barbaric mentality
            Notice that he addressed the old Jews to repent and come back to god not the native Canaanites of Palestine ….. And notice again that at the time the Jews accused Jesus of blasphemy and plotted to kill him, the native Canaanites believed in him (the Canaanite woman)
            It seems you need a primary cource in history for beginners


  3. The Arabs The Jews Palestines … you have vast deserts with potentials for economic developments. Why stupidly fight for a small piece of land less than a fraction of the vast deserts. Israel Palistine particularly surrounding Jerusalem is ordained to be a vast graveyards… one day…. a Jew friend was telling me once. Get out soon from this trouble land. God will allow Israel to enlarge its colony in ordet to destroy them enbloc whilst drive out Palestine in order to save them. Pls review my judgement that Israel is in the midst of destruction once Palestinian are out. Just wonder why fight for tht tiny land where you have vast desert untapped.


    1. Every inch of historic Palestine is Palestinian and the jews have zero right in it ….. they were NEVER EVER the natives of this land and dont have the right to come again in the name of ancient Talmudic heresies to massacre the natives out
      The jews have the right to be everywhere they belong as equal citizens, it is not a problem of Palestine and the Palestinians that they have been persecuted everywhere….. actually they were enslaved in Egypt before any of them stepped this land of milk and honey. Probably they have the right to go back home to their ORIGINAL homeland in Egypt but not Palestine.


        1. Christians believe that the promises were made to the Seed of Abraham, that is to Jesus Christ and those that believe in Him. Galatians chapter 3.


          1. But while the Arabs are the seeds of Abraham, the European Khazerian “jews” are not…. Again, the European zionist invaders of Palestine are nothing but illegal colonizers by every mean


    2. If some robber came and kicked you out of your kitchen… Would you give it to him as a tiny fraction of your home?
      The vast Arab land is for them, for the natives of Palestine…. This is our home since eternity, even before the ancient Jews fled Egypt


  4. It is well researched, and you done excellent job my friend Sami. Zionists Jews are known to exploit Judaism and people including Jews to advance their selfish goals of conquests and domination. Religion, God, Moses or Torah are the least on their minds. Most do not even believe in God, and their real God is power and money.


  5. Just an American of “Dutch ancestry” so no zio, Jewish, or Muslim irons in the fire, so to speak.
    However, i find it absolutely ludicrous to have international land allocation being dependent upon 4,000 or so year old mythology from a violent, not-very-awakened being that the Jews labeled “God”. (i swear – nobody really understands “God”)
    When most people don’t care about the Jewish interpretation of the Torah – and that seems the only section they evince concern over – why should the whole world have to follow their particular brand of insanity? And just because their insane version of “deity” back in ancient times said to annihilate all the inhabitants – how can that possibly repeating such a crime in modern times?

    Also regarding land and nations: By international treaty, every legitimate state and nation MUST demarcate it’s borders. But israel is the ONLY nation refusing to do so, since they intend to keep stealing land until they reach from the Nile to the Euphrates…

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    1. Thank you Brad for commenting and adding to the topic from a different angle
      The jewish -zionist prob;em is that they cant depart the ancient delusion of Moses and their burning bush …. they cant assimilate in other nations and still consider themselves to be the “chosen super race” .. the other side of the Nazi coin


  6. AMALEK NONSENSE. Netanyahu ordered his IDF not to harm civilians. Your blog is reeking with absolute fake news with regard to the AMALEK controversy as nothing of such annihilation craze is ever real.


    1. @Butzdenn …. either you are lying or don’t know what you are talking about …. It most likely you are severely under educated and never read Torah and Talmud
      The “Amalek” and the Jewish obligation to annihilate them is mentioned everywhere in the Torah and is widely discussed in the Jewish both ancient and modern religious circles ….. Let me educate you …
      1.Where in the Torah the Amalek is mentioned

      2. What and how the modern Zionists interpretate the Amalek and who are the and how to deal with them

      Please, next time read well and EDUCATE yourself before you open your foolish mouth to talk of theology and Zionist literature


    “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8 :44


      1. According to which deformation of the Bible you refer to? You know that the Bible is completely deformed as it was “reformed” or actually deformed 25 times and NONE of the words of Jesus is actually left …. Enjoy your delusion


  8. Humanity will be much better served when the majority accept the fact the Bible is based on a fictional 6,000 year-old Earth where Neanderthals never existed. In the real world, most people have some Neanderthal DNA because our human ancestors mated with Neanderthals and Africans whose ancestors have never left Africa have no Neanderthal DNA. But religion still thrives because of its very real attributes for its many powerful, wealthy vested interests i.e. mega cash-cow and powerful tool of political control. All because, no evidence is required by believers to support religious claims. Tragic for truth, facts, justice, peace, humanity.


  9. So the Koran as revealed by your Allah isn’t trustworthy on historical events?!

    Oh dear seems like you are not much of a Muslim then!


  10. The Jews were given the land of Canaan by YAHWEH the living God.
    They don’t claim to be the original inhabitants who were the Canaanite invaders!
    So your whole narrative is false just like paliestians are!
    The being that Muslims call Allah is actually SATAN masquerading as god!
    That’s why you peddle lies and propaganda!


    1. Thank you for proving your delusion
      So, you repeat the very same zionist fairy tales of a Bush that can talk and give the slaves of Egypt the land of Canaan?
      This is why you are absorbed in Talmudic heresies and peddle ancient lies and propaganda, a bit the very version of ISIS terrorists claiming their YEHWEH ordered them to kill others….
      Actually your Torah goes beyond that ordering you to massacre the suckling babies and even the beasts of the natives of Palestine:

      The Torah dictates:
      “Now go and smite Amalek [Palestinians], and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox, and sheep, camel and ass,”

      And nowadays, Rabbi Yisrael Rosen mimes the verbatim Torah blindly:
      “All the Palestinians should be killed, men, women, infants and beasts.”

      You are not only delusional with a bloody book, but also repaying the ancient zionist lies to justify criminality

      Thank you for proving my point and your delusion


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