Brainwashed Palestinians !!

Once, a friend of mine, a Palestinian writer (or actually trying to be a writer) told me that he wants to write a story or a novel about the Massada myth .. he was obsessed with that idea and repeated it several times, and finally I told him that he’d better write about a heroic event from our own Palestinian or Arab history, but not to promote a zionist myths!

At the beginning of the Oslo deceptive mirage of “peace”, the zionists hosted several Palestinian “writers” for a month course in the Kibutz of Ein-Herod. In this course, the zionists taught some Palestinians writers the “culture of peace”, ie, the culture of accepting the zionist discourse and believing the zionist lies of “the Promised Land” and “the Chosen people” … this course had done its effect on this pseudo-writer to the degree he had been obsessed with the zionist discourse and believing its myths !


The zionist myth of Massada is not that important and you need to read it with a critical mind (but not blind reading), but the most important for me, is that when you think or write, you MUST think from within your own culture, to express the pains of your own people, but not to search for old-aged and forgotten myths to revive the zionist lies and defend the occupiers racist mentality !!


Pedagogy of the Oppressed” by the Brazilian thinker Paulo Freire, is an excellent read specially for the occupied people who are subject to be brainwashed like my friend the “Palestinian writer” who was brainwashed to write of the zionist myths !!!


“The oppressed suffer from the duality which has established itself in their innermost being. They discover that without freedom they cannot exist authentically. Yet, although they desire authentic existence, they fear it. They are at one and the same time themselves and the oppressor whose consciousness they have internalized.”
Paulo Freire
This book explains in a critical eye and mind, how the oppressed fabricates a pseudo-reality within which he lives to be absorbed by his oppressors mentality. He detests and fears to be himself and his own culture and accordingly internalize his oppressors’ psychology trying to be his own oppressed “master” !!
The old zionist history in Palestine (when they invaded Canaan for the first time) was less than 250 years in which they left nothing, nothing at all to remind of them but lies, despite the zionist relentless excavation efforts in which they dug the whole land upside down and devastated the remains of other cultures  to prove their ties to this land, but all in vain.
On the other hand, Spain is painted all around Islamic culture, one dont need even to dig an inch to see the Muslim civilization there before the occupier Muslims were massacred out.  Does this mean that the Muslims have the “right to return” to Spain? What a fool idea … the zionist invaders have zero right in Palestine just the same the Muslims have zero right in Spain !
Lately, we have noticed that there are some of the Websites and facebook groups that  dictates the Palestinian writers, specially those in Gaza to write of “peace”, “love”, “friendship”, “normalization”, “forgiveness” and such of the hollow stuff to create a false pseudo-reality in order to deviate the readers’ eyes away from the brutal situation under the ongoing siege and occupation.
It is not only that, but most of the mentors who dictate these pedant and beginner writers (specially youths) are zionist experienced writers (escorted by a few brainwashed Palestinian writers) who not only chose the topic of writing, but have the right of the final editing and of course the exclusive right of publishing !!

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