ISIS, the zionists and the Chaos in Gaza !!

Tonight I called my nephew in Gaza (central area) asking him of the situation there. He was a bit worried and told me:
– “The hell! They are firing rockets again.”
– “That’s good.” I replied.
– “Good? What’s good in that?”
– “Gaza got to break the stillness and fight back. The whole world should know that you have been besieged and starved for 8 years now, and nothing is getting better, all is getting worse”
– “Yes, but these are not Hamas or fighters, these are the provocative Da3esh and doing that just to provoke both Hamas and the Zionists to hit us.”
– “The hell! ISIS again”?
With such a short phone call, I got the whole situation there;

Tonight, another two rockets were fired from near my sister’s home into the Zionist settlements, or to be precise, they just fired them randomly to provoke the Zionists into a new attack on the besieged and starved people of Gaza; this for them; would create a chaos through which they can operate more freely than now.

ISIS, or Daesh as the locals call them, is not new in Gaza as it was the same for Al-Qaida years ago. The enmity, or to say the rivalry, between Hamas and Al-Qaida is well know for a long time now. At the time Hamas is a well organized organization with full separation and coordination between both the military and the political wings, Da3esh is just a hated bunch of “bloody terrorists” with no clear ideology nor moral commitment. We all have witnessed the morality, military efficiency and commitment of the Hamas fighters in the last Zionist atrocity on Gaza. At the time they could easily get into the civilian houses of the Zionist settlers and kill or kidnap “civilian Israelis”, they never did that, their target were chosen deliberately to be the military bases but not the colonies.

ISIS & israel

Da3esh, is a different story; though they are a very limited number of tens of “fighters” they are causing more troubles to the Gazan people more than to the Zionists. Firing the two rockets tonight didn’t aim at all to hurt the Zionists, but (as they themselves say) it aims at putting pressure on Hamas to release their affiliates arrested by Hamas, ie, creating troubles to Hamas not to the Zionist occupiers.

I was surprised the other day when a FB friend from Gaza posted that these rockets aim at causing more troubles to the people and will hurt them more and more, and thought that that guy is against the resistance, but now I understand; he was against these new comers of ISIS to shuffle the political situation into a chaos where they can operate freely like it is the case in Iraq and Syria.

It is no secret to reveal that ISIS was created by the Saudi regime and it is still funded by that feudal regime, it is no secret to know that some “unknown” planes dropped weapons for ISIS (in areas where no one can fly but the Americans and the Britons and their allies). It is no secret to know that the terrorist Al-Nusra Front was created and still fund by Qatar trying to compete their biggest neighbor of Saudi Arabia. Both Al-Nusra and ISIS were created to devastate Syria and Iraq neither more nor less.


It is not secrete that the Zionists are funding, supporting and treating Al-Nusra Front in their hospitals.

The question is; who is funding and supporting Da3esh in Gaza to create the planned devastation? The Zionists, supported by the PA and the international community have been trying to topple the rule of Hamas and replace it with the Ramallah cooperating force, they couldn’t shake Hamas with any mean. Is it a new era of funding and supporting the Terrorist ISIS in Gaza to topple Hamas from within?

Sami, the bedouin

7 thoughts on “ISIS, the zionists and the Chaos in Gaza !!

    1. Yes it is, dear Halina … some people criticized the article but I truly believe that I didnt write but the facts on the ground.. .. You can argue back but you cant deny that Gaza, and specially the freedom fighters, are targeted from the four all the regional powers of “israel”, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the PA, and the “democratic” WEST …. they did it in Iraq, Syria and Libya .. Gaza is not an exception but a confirmation!
      When the mess will end? Only when there is no zionist occupation, not only for Palestine, but for the whole region ….
      Iraq could have been a very modernized and industrialized country now if the Zio-American coalition wasn’t after it to devastate it and keep the zionist dominance over the whole region !!


      1. The “democratic” West is still caught in the colonial mode. They feel that they have the duty to monitor the world, especially areas of prime importance to them, such as oil-producing regions. This and the unholy alliance with the Zionists has created a morass of evil in the area. They have opened the gates of hell and all the demons are running about.

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  1. Well these strategies of Israel are not new. First of all they were adopted by Iblis or Lucifer, then his followers have used it all the time. Britain used it when it was a Super power and then used by America. But now more and more people are waking up, I just hope situation to get better with time.

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    1. Thank you dear Amaan for passing and commenting….. Sure, it is a colonial tool to create the disorder to come and have a plea to fix their own devastation.
      I dont believe the situation will ever get better with the zionist occupiers .. they cant accept any other than their “chosen race” and that’s why nobody ever accept them in their societies. And even when the Muslims protected them, out of Spain in the Middle ages, they came to stab us again based on their old lie of the “promised land” which they stole it from the natives some 2000 years ago and coming to steal it again now and massacre the natives again as dictated by their Torah:
      1 Samuel 15:3
      “Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.'”

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