Terrorism: A “Human Rights” Research !!

In 1997-8, the suicide bombing operations that were done by the Palestinian uprising youths were at their top scale. The zionist society then was in horror anticipating when and where the next operation is going to happen. I remember at that time, late in the evening, a jewish friend came paranoid to my apartment in Ramallah, the West Bank. She got horridly into my room horrified and laid in my bed asking me to stay with me for a couple of days. Her face showed contours of horror as she spoke to me. I calmed her down and we sat to chat.

The zionist intelligence (Shabak) stood helpless in horror not knowing what to do and how to stop that crazy wave of consecutive “terrorist” operations. They imposed closures, curfews, did arrests, assassinations but all was in vain in front of a whole people struggling for its freedom on its occupied homeland.

In early 1998, I was asked by a Palestinian “friend” if I can do an “academic” research for a Palestinian “Human Rights” organization. They were looking for an “academician” who can formulate a “coherent” study of the “suicide bombers”. My “friend” told me that the “offer” (as if talking of a business deal) is so generous and all the expenses are covered plus a huge amount of money… and all is “academic research”

Within this context, I was asked to do this research. The research was to be done on all the freedom-fighters who did suicide bombing operations; to meet their families, to gather and analyze statistics of them and their families, their social and geographical background, their habits, their ages, their degree of education …etc.

They, the zionist intelligence (Shaback) was trying to preempt and anticipate the coming suicide bomber through studying the “typical suicide bomber”. They thought that through such a “coherent”, “academic” and thorough research they will be able to stop that attacks.

There is nothing better than using a “Human Rights” organization to do such a research pretending it to be a “purely” human rights “academic” research !! But I felt suspicious and refused to do that “academic” research !!! Do you see how some “academicians work under occupation?

For our luck, we Palestinians, have 52 “human rights” organizations in the West Bank only, and an endless number of other “academic” international organizations of NGOs. Every country, every intelligence agency has its own “human rights” organization(s). I bit even the Somalis have their own NGO working in gathering information on our occupied Palestine and it’s all a “pure”, “academic” researches for the help of the poor Palestinians…. no wonder our “human rights” are deteriorating !!

Again, in early 2002, two years before Arafat was assassinated, and two years after the beginning of the second intifada, after the “Almighty” Sharon suddenly decided that Arafat is an “irrelevant” peace partner, I faced this trick of “academic” research again. My roommate got the chance (funny, it’s a chance to serve the international intelligence agencies) to do another “academic” research about Arafat

This research, also generous and fat, was done by an “academic” political studies center, directed by Palestinians of course, but moved by…by !! how could I know as a primitive Bedouin?

This research was done to assign “the potential successor of Arafat”, with questionnaires, statistics, interviews, analytical information of politics, economics …etc, compelled very well as if in a well “coherent”,  “academic” research done by an “academician” of course !! The result was amazing and fantastic; the “irrelevant” Arafat was assassinated two years later !!!

See how the “benevolent” NGOs and “Human Rights” organizations work under occupation?

Sami, the Bedouin.

12 thoughts on “Terrorism: A “Human Rights” Research !!

  1. I would love for you to clue me in to who they are, these dishonest NGO’s and what they really end up doing. I have a real and honest desire to work for human rights, not to be a puppet of some foul agency up to no good.


    1. Thanks Gail…
      please read my article titled “The UNRWA: 60 years of Hypocratic Discourse and Lying” to see what I am talking about …. after 1997, there is no single NGO that is allowed to work unless it signs the American paper to fight terrorism… there is no single Palestinian parliament member (as if we have a government) who didnt sign that paper… even Abbas himself did……if you dont, as an NGO, you will be chased and impoverished !!
      you can see this link for detailed information of how the intermingling between the American, zionist, Jordanian, Saudi, Egyptian (of Mubarak) and the Palestinian intellegence agencies and the “humanitarian” NOGs works this link is in Arabic if you can translate it
      it doesnt need to be a genius to discover the dirty relation between the CIA and the “humanitarian” NGOs…
      tell me why in every single Western country there is an Islamic relief “Humanitarian” NGO? to use islam and penetrate the muslim communities !!
      I dont need to talk more… actually I dont have much time to explain the clear !!


  2. I have also many questions about human right organizations. A great part of them is corrupt and purely used to get information. We have here also a ‘human rights’ organization in Flanders (Belgium). They are paid by the government and the members of the direction board are politically appointed. We were working about prisoners which were isolated and tortured in the prisons of Bruges. We wrote many times to the ‘human rights’ association ‘Liga voor de Mensenrechten’. They never replied. And it is a miracle that we have freed this tortured and very sick prisoners. More information via Google: ‘Marcel Vervloesem’, ‘Arbi Zarmaev’


  3. We worked for the liberation of the very sick prisonner Brendan Lillis who was locked up in the Maghaberry prison of Northern Ireland.
    And we were very disappointed in Amnesty International that organized publicity spots with politicians about human rights but did nothing to help this man and his family.
    Amnesty is a purely political human rights organization with good contacts with the British and American government. It is a kind of ‘human rights’ propaganda machine for these countries.


  4. A final comment: the people of the French resistance where also called ‘terrorists’ by Nazi-Germany. The nazi’s killed 100.000 members of the French resistance movement…


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