Stoning “Adulterous” Women and Its Talmudic Origin !!

The Origin of Stoning

3And the scribes and Pharisees brought to Him a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before them 4and said,“Teacher,this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such a woman. So what do You say?”…
John 8:4

Then they reminded Jesus that adultery was punishable by stoning under the Law of Moses and challenged him to judge the woman so that they might then accuse him of disobeying their law. Jesus thought for a moment and then replied, “He that is without sin among youlet him cast the first stone at her.”

Probably this is the ever first reported stoning of a woman in history and it used to be done according to the “Law of Moses” … When Jesus PBUH came with his principles of forgiveness and love, they didn’t only disbelieve in Him, but they accused Him of blasphemy. 

Furthermore, you might be surprised, and even shocked, to know that stoning (skila in Hebrew) is the Jewish capital punishment perscribed in the Torah for over 17 “sins” and not only for adultery of a married woman.

Stoning is not the only barbaric punishment prescribed in the Torah, but there is also another more barbaric punishment of Burning (Serefah in Hebrew) which is also prescribed for 10 “deadly sins”.

The ever first stoning event happened in the history of The Arabian peninsula, was also committed over a jewish couple by jewish people:

In the pre-Islamic Arabia, stoning wasn’t used and even wasn’t known, and even prophet Mohammad himself didn’t know about it but through the jewish tribes in the old Medina.

After prophet Mohamnmad was harassed by his own tribe in Mecca, and after he kept calling for Islam for ten years, he found followers and supporters in Medina. As Prophet Mohammad left to Medina, he became the spiritual and social leaders for the people of Medina. He used to be consulted for the disputes and solve them according to what he sees suitable and/or according to the teaching of Islam.

In the old Arabian peninsula there were some Jewish communities living among the Arab tribes, as the same in Yemen and they were called “the people of the book”.

One day, while prophet Mohammad was in his “public house”, the Jews of Medina brought a couple for him and asked him to judge them. then he said: “I cant judge while you have a book. What does your book say about it?” There was a dispute among the jews and they presented different “punishments” including flogging the couples, blackening their faces and make them ride on a donkey with their faces turned backwards then tour them round the town to be known for their sins.

Then (and it is clear that prophet Mohammad didn’t know what to do with the adulterous according to the Islamic law or the Arab traditions) prophet Mohammad ordered a copy of Torah to be brought. When the Torah was brought and through reading it, one of the jews put his hand on the verse that prescribes the stoning punishment. prophet Mohammad ordered him to take off his hand, then asked them to do what their Torah orders them.

Stoning in Islam: 

There is no single Ayah “verse” in the Quran that orders stoning. the punishment for adultery of the MARRIED man or woman is 100 lashes, for the free and 50 lashes for the slave. So, how stoning got to Islam?

After the jews stoned their woman in Medina, it is alleged that an Ayah “verse” was delivered to prophet Mohammad ordering him stoning (this ayah never appeared in the Quran) but it was abolished or, it is likely to be one of the first drafting of the Quran by Mohammad affected by the Torah or the “Law of Moses”, but later he abolished it.

To understand the process of drafting the Quran you should know what is called (Nasekh and Mansoukh) the abolished and abolishing verses, in which the Quran was delivered gradually in stages for the Arabians to get it and/or get used to the new law.

Lets take an example: Drinking alcohol wasnt completely prohibited by the Quran at the first stages of the Dawah “preaching” , but the Muslims were not allowed to be drunk while they are praying, and they are allowed to drink between prayers ( dont come close to prayers while you are drunk لا تقربوا الصلاة وانتم سكارى  ) .. However, later on, there came and Ayah that prohibits drinking completely. The later Ayah, abolished the earlier ayah as null, though the first was kept literally written in the Quran.

The prescribed punishment for adultery is 100 lashes and this ayah came AFTER the alleged (but never existed ayah of stoning) and accordingly (even if the stoning ayah was true) the later ayah of lashing should be known to abolish that barbaric punishment.

The current version of Torah dictates:
Torah 5

Stoning, as the same female Circumcision is NOT Islamic, nor there is an ayah in the Quran states and orders that Talmudic punishment.. these came down to the Arab culture from other ancient cultures like the Egyptian and the Hebrew ones. This could explain why female Circumcision is used in Egypt and Sudan and some parts of Saudi Arabia but NEVER in Syria. As a Palestinian, who is not affected by the ancient Egyptian and the old Israelite (law of Moses) culture, I can assure you that no single Palestinian female is Circumcised

Most of the Muslim sheikhs “scholars” prohibited stoning as non-Islamic including the supreme head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars IUMS   who repeatedly said that stoning is NOT Islamic but an ancient Hebrew tradition that was abolished by Islam.

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