Zionism and Islamophobia !!

Xenophobia is deep rooted in the Talmudic teachings (probably ever since they were enslaved and persecuted in Egypt) and hence in the zionist society now, and their baseless hate is directed particularly against the Palestinian natives and the neighboring Arab-Muslim societies in general
israeli hate
Nowadays, Islamophobia is a major zionist project as they concentrate their (official propaganda) hasbarah by demonizing Islam and Muslims in social media to gain support by defaming other religions and create enmity between Christianity and Islam, or to be more precise, to cluster hate against Islam among the people in the Western “Christian majority” countries.

American Jews dress up as Muslims & Celebrate Terrorism

For those zionist warmongers spreading Islamophobia … though I am agnostic (but respected in a traditional Muslim community) I wold state the following facts:
1. Islam believes in ALL the prophets specially Moses and Jesus, and considers jews and Christians to be “the people of the books” that their books are from God and should be respected accordingly.
2. Unlike the universal message of both Islam and Christianity, Judaism is a racist religion simply because it draws the racist “blood” line for one race of the “chosen people” and they dont recognize Jesus nor Mohammed…. jews are too narrow minded and intolerant for other religions.
3. It is too bad the jews are not grateful for the Muslims who provided them with a safe haven all the time while they were being massacred and persecuted by the Europeans supposedly “Christians” starting from the old Romans up to Hitler … In addition, the Muslims gave the jews  their only Jewish Golden Age in Andalusia and protected them out of Spain.
4. The Arab jews lived peacefully among the Arab-Muslim world until the racist zionism came with its “One Million Plan” to systematically and deliberately ethnically cleanse the jews out of their ancestral homes to force them to join the zionist project.
1 million
5. The Yazidis, Christians and other minorities lived peacefully among the Muslims until the CIA created ISIS to justify their intervention in the Arab-Muslim world.
6. The Torah is the only religion that calls for killing suckling babies and even animals:
“Now go and strike Amalek and utterly destroy all that he has, and do not spare him; but put to death both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.'”
And the ever first genocide in history was done by the old jews against the natives of Palestine (thousands of years before Hitler) dictated by the Torah.
7. The zionist occupiers of Palestine ethnically cleansed over 100,000 Palestinian Christians and razed over 80 Christian villages along with their ancient churches that stood since Jesus for them to come and create their “jewish state”.
8. The problem for the Arabs and Muslims is NOT with the jews, but with the zionist occupiers who colonized Palestine after ethnically cleansing the natives, this could explain why there are still vibrant jewish communities in Arab and Muslim countries like Turkey, Iran and Tunisia. Nowadays, there are around 17,000 jews live in Turkey and more than 8,000 jews live in Iran. they are respected and protected by the government and the people, however, the zionist “israeli” government is warmongering against them all the time to bring them to share their zionist project, while they refuse cash offers from the zionists to leave their homes and prefer to keep in their ancestral homeland.
9. The zionist project is in essence an ethnic cleansing project; it did ethnically cleanse the natives of Palestine (over 800,000 Palestinian natives) and the zionists are working hectically spreading antisemitism against the jews of the world to force them to migrate to “israel” and join the zionist project.  Zionism, along with the brutal occupation of Palestine, is actually the main motivator for antisemitism, or to say it clearly, zionism is antisemitism as lots of the jews believe.
The Israeli historian Vilnay stressed in his encyclopedia “Whenever Jerusalem came under the rule of Christians, Jews were not allowed to stay or live in it. Those Jews who happened to come to the city during their [the Christians’] rule were either killed or expelled. On the other hand, whenever the Muslims occupied the city they used to call the Jews in, allow them to live inside the city . . . and they lived in peace.”
“In 638 CE, Jerusalem was surrendered to Muslim army by the Archbishop of Jerusalem without fight. Islam’s second Caliph Umar bin Khattab, who commanded the army, requested the Archbishop to be lead to Solomon Temple (Temple Mount). After reaching the site, Umar was disgusted on seeing that Christians had heaped garbage in the sacred enclosure to show their contempt for the Yahudic faith. Umar, out of respect for the Israelite faith, ordered the area to be cleaned. After the site was cleaned, Umar gave the possession of the site to city’s Chief Rabbi. He also lifted the ban on Jews owning properties in the city,” says Karen Armstrong in book, Islam: A Short History.
Sami, the bedouin

5 thoughts on “Zionism and Islamophobia !!

  1. Yes indeed, there have been more and more allegations pouring into the media of some hazardous, dastardly, genocidal anti-Semitic movement. One incident which I recall, involving phone threats to Jewish centres in the US, turned out to be the operation of an Israeli Jewish young man with some mental problems. On the other hand, no one pays much attention to the rampant, constantly stoked hatred against Muslims and Arabs, even including such persons as Hindus and Sikhs through sheer ignorance. In London, two young persons, Muslims judging from the names, were doused in acid, lucky to be alive but forever scared. So please stop the hypocritical whining and, if you are truly concerned about humanity, help stop Islamophobia.

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