Eating the Palestinian Martyrs

It is heartbreaking to see the kids of a political prisoners almost starving or living a dismay life. It is killing to see the mother of a martyr peddling or begging in the street. This musnt be allowed, this is the struggle to die for !!

During the first Intifada I remember we had a very harsh time funding our struggle and we had to look for creative ways for funding. “The revolution that cant fund itself by itself doesn’t deserve to live,” said one of the leaders (he meant starting productive projects for and by its members), and we had to wage a campaign of collecting fund. It was face to face fundraising, no banks, no checks, no virtual funding campaigns, no internet boosting … but just face2face, and always cash money.

zionist devastation
zionist devastation

I remember I traveled to different places seeking flourishing business sites and factories, and luxurious families. In a few days I could collect a good sum and went to hand it to the “financial officer” of the Intifada, he was a close friend too. When I handed him the sum he counted it smiling then counted part of it and gave it back to me:

-“What’s that?” I inquired thinking he would tell me to go to some Martyr’s mother or a prisoner’s family and give them. (at that time we did it anonymously and mostly at night masked to avoid being known and reported)
-“It is for you, it is your right.” He explained.
-“I am not in need, Thanks God.” I replied.
-“But it’s your right, you collected them. Everyone deserves one-sixth of what he collects.”
-“What!” I almost shouted thunderstruck. “What! Are you crazy?.” And I felt angry and sad as if eating the flesh of our martyrs.

That incident left a deep impression on me that even now I feel sad and angry remembering it. We collected money for the families of the martyrs and the prisoners but not for ourselves, nor for the one-sixth that “we deserved.”

Successful business:

The name of Palestine has been a successful business for lots of local individuals, scammer and also NGOs, but it is specially successful for the international individuals and NGOs (including pro”Israeli” jewish organizations) who are specialized in fundraising in the name of Palatine; Fundraising campaigns are waged, paid boosting programs are launched, Paypal, Western Union, donation icons, fundraising specialists, calculations are made, accountants and accounting companies are recruited, site-hosting, clicks and “likes” counting, .. and ALL is paid from the blood of Palestine.

Everything from the above mentioned is a paid service, when you host a site you pay, when you boost your NGO or FB group you pay, when you recruit an accountant you pay, when you hire a fundraiser you pay, when you start a petition you pay .. and where is all that from? It is from the blood of Palestine and in the name of palatine while the people of Palestine are starving and besieged. (one FB group run by a jew has reached 20k likes in a few months.. where is that from? It is from paid boosting using the blood of Palestine and the Palestinian martyrs)

Expenses illustrated clearly by a fundraising specialist which might be edited by them anytime to suit their greed 

In addition to the above expenses which might reach 30% of the total fundraising (which is used for further boosting), there is the group (or NGO) workers share which can be 25-50 of the total sum. There is also the huge sums paid to the fundraising specialists who get really fat quickly using their skills of “begging” in the name of Palestine to get inflated bank accounts, in addition to the paid travels, vacations and personal “stationary” .. they are all eating the flesh of our martyrs.

Using the collected capital, some Palestinian activists are bought, others are pushed aside and some others are silenced if not even literally assassinated to let them continue plundering money in the name of Palestine.

Let’s give you an example of how the piss process of “Oslo” has been used to generate billions of US dollars from the “benevolent” donors where these sums were used to further enslave the Palestinians and deepen the Zionist occupation of the West Bank and tightening the siege on Gaza.

Another example of a “writing program” for the kids of Gaza where huge sums of donations are run to generate more money paid for their jewish and Zionist specialists for further deception and brainwashing the Palestinian kids of the “culture of peace’. This program is run by a famous European institution which its main aim is to legitimize the Zionist occupation among the Arab countries under the umbrella of “peace and cooperation”

In Palestine, when you ask a kid what you want to be when you get older he will mostly reply you that he would like to be a “doctor or an engineer” both of jobs that are highly respected and generate money and high social position. If somebody asks my kids what you want to be when you get older, I will teach them to reply: I would love to be a fundraising specialist. That this job generate more money than being a doctor or an engineer, you will fast and easily get FAT and among the elevated social class where you can draw politics using the money collected in the name of Palestine and its numbers, sorry I mean its martyrs !!

Sami, the bedouin​

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    It is heartbreaking to see the kids of a political prisoners almost starving or living a dismay life. It is killing to see the mother of a martyr peddling or begging in the street. This musnt be allowed, this is the struggle to die for !!


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