Muhammad and Jesus: Blasphemous Thoughts !!!

Muhammad and Jesus, who’s the “liar” then?

“What a fool Musaylimah, the liar!” my cousin said laughing mockingly.

“What?” I asked knowing the whole story.

“He invented a silly quran and wanted to divert the Muslims from Islam.”

“And do you think that a man, an army commander that could lead over 40,000 fighters, and who could convince some of Muhammad’s (صلى الله عليه وسلم PBUH) friends to follow him, is a fool? And do you think that the silly verses you are repeating are really his?” I said in a decisive way.

“But he’s a liar!” he rejected what I said.

“You think he was a liar. He was a courageous leader, anyway” I said trying to close the silly discussion.

Musaylimah “the liar” as presented in one of the Arab drama series.

Musaylimah, “the liar” as Muslims refer to him, was an ambitious tribal leader who alleged (in a disputable historic event) that Muhammad “PBUH” had shared him the Message (when he was a Muslim), and accordingly, Musaylimah alleged that the prophecy is his after the death of Muhammad the prophet. This allegation had led to a series of battles between the “friends” of Muhammad (the Sahabah) and Muasylimah and his tribal axis.

After the death of Muhammad (PBUH) lots of reversions happened all over the old Saudi Arabia and lots of “armies” were sent across the desert land to bring the tribes back to Islam, but the most powerful and dangerous recessive leader was Musaylimah “the liar.”

It is easier to gain supporters when you demonize and belittle your opponents; this is what has happened with Musaylimah “the liar” by the Muslim history writers….. and this is what is being done now by some of the Western journalists in demonizing and mocking the Muslim masses in the very same way the Muslims did to their biggest tribal opponent, whom they could defeat and bring back the power of true Islam from that “liar”.

Hitler was and still is demonized; was he worse than Stalin? If he had won the WW2 and wrote history, would he have been drawn the way he has been?

Liar? Who is the “liar” in history other than the triumphant himself who rewrite history to suit his own narcissist approach!!


The other day I got into a class and asked: “Muhammad, come out here!” nobody replied and the whole class was a bit surprised. One smart student asked me: “Which Muhammad you are talking about?”

“how many are there?” one, two three, four? How many? … for my surprise there were 6 Muhammads in a class that counts 28 students only.

I asked ALL the muhammads to stand up, they were six. Then I asked: “How many Ahmads (which is the other name of the prophet Muhammad) are there?” … again there were three. I asked them all to stand up. It was a surprise that there were all in all 9 of “Muhammads” ie, 1/3 of the whole class are named after Muhammad, the prophet (PBUH).

“Thank you! Sit down.”  And then I asked”

“What are the “five pillars” of Islam?”, and raising their hands I believed that they all knew.

“Yes, you Muhammad.” I asked one of them.

“They are; “al-shahadatin” (to believe in God and Muhammad as a prophet), praying, fasting Ramada, Zakah (giving charity) and pilgrimage to Mecca (for those who can)” the student said them by heart.

“Excellent, so.. what are the six pillars of believing, then.” Another Muhammad to reply?

“Yes, they are: to believe in God, in His angels, in His prophets and messengers, in His holy books, in the Judgment Day and in Destiny or fate (whether it was good or bad).”

“Wow! Amazing!” I said really surprised by the swift way he replied.

However, that led me to think of Muhammad, the original prophet and Charlie Hebdo … and I have had to look up for extra information, and I was surprised:

First:  It is not a good or a ” full Muslim” who doesn’t believe in ALL of God’s prophets specially Muhammad, Jesus and Moses. It is not a Muslim who doesn’t believe in the Bible as the Word of God.

Second; unlike the Bible, ALL the Quran books all over the world are one and sole version, one photocopy letter by letter and even the same accents.

Third: at the time Muhammad was mentioned in the Quran only 5 times (one of them is as Ahmad), Jesus was mentioned 25 times whereas Virgin Mary was mentioned 34 times and all in a glorifying respectful way.


What does the Quran really say about Jesus

Forth: The three cornerstones in the Muslim belief (if to speak at the psychological level) are God, Muhammad and the Holy Quran. This doesn’t mean belittling any of the other pillars of Islam, nor to ignore the holiness of all the other prophets, but I am speaking here of the three most sacred things that form the core of Islam.


I have discussed blasphemy with friends and relatives repeatedly and it is also not a static matter in the Arab and Muslim society; In the Bedouin society in general, blasphemy (cursing God, the prophets and religions) is not found at all, it is not because we are more believers than others (I am agnostic anyway), but simply because we don’t hear our parents and relatives say it. Blasphemy is also considered as a red line that brings direct and immediate punishment for the kid (not only from parents but from relatives also) if it happens and it almost never happens.

Watching the Arab society in general I would say blasphemy (specially cursing God) was very common in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq more than the other Arab countries. In Saudi Arabia (as it is mostly a Bedouin society) it is rare if not null, not because they are bedouins or more believing than other Arabs, but simply because blasphemy is severely punishable there by both the government and society.

However, Nowadays and specially due to education and the vast and quick spread of religious Islam, blasphemy has diminished greatly that you seldom hear it in any place in Palestine though it was very common up to the early 1990s.

I have long wondered and even asked people why they feel furious about cartoon pictures against Muhammad or Islam while some of us even curse God? I would ask people cunningly or even devilishly: “have you heard any God cursing?” and they would reply: “Yes, it happens quite often in our society.” .. And then I would ask again: “Which is more blasphemous to curse God or to mock a prophet in cartoon drawings?.” And again they would reply the way I want: “Sure, to curse God is the most sin you would commit.” Why then, we, the “blasphemous” people, cant stand others to draw Muhammad or the other prophets in cartoon drawings?




For me, the answer is simple:

First; the West cartoonists are doing it intentionally and knowingly to insult and humiliate the Muslims masses.

Second; the hypocrite West is forgiving with attacking Muslims and Islam but it is stands (both public and institutions) against any comment, cartoon or an articles that criticize the jews, Judaism or even the racist colonial “israel”.

At the time the public, official and governmental West stands to defend and protect Salman Rushdie who knowingly and deliberately wrote his blasphemous Satanic verses, it attacked, slandered  and fired a courageous journalist who dared to criticize the zionist occupation of Palestine like the veteran journalist Helen Thomas. Helen Thomas, in her 90 years old, and after serving as an excellent journalist for 70 years, was punished severely by the zionist lobby for a comment, just one comment in her whole life against the “israeli” brutal occupation.


At the time the “free and enlightened” Charlie Hebdo fires the free French Cartoonist Maurice Sinet for a cartoon criticizing a French political figure indicating Judaism, it rewards and protect the blasphemous cartoonists and even encourage them to attack Islam and generate more hatred. You cant intentionally dehumanize, defame and humiliate a major religion and claim to be enlightened, you are using the very tools of the illiterate blasphemous mobs.


In the Muslim world, criticizing religion is a red line, whereas in the western “civilized” world, criticizing “israel” or even criticizing the zionist occupation is a deadly sin !! 

Sami, the bedouin

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