ISIS and Jordan: Reflective thoughts !!

“What are you doing in heaven’s sake?” My mom shouted at me and rushed to slap me on my head before I jumped running away. “Are you crazy? You are burning souls.”

“Souls? They are just damned ants.” I retaliated.

“No, every animal is a soul and if you burn a soul God will burn you in hell.” She concluded and was very upset of my childish act.

Since then, since I was 12, this was planted in my mind that burning is absolutely forbidden and the “burner” will be burned in hell !

That was ages ago when we were still living in a tent and that ants’ hive was really irritating as it filled the tent floor.

Another “ants” story” happened later and instead of burning them my uncle just brought two or three handful of wheat and dropped them beside the ant’s “gate.’  It was as if a miracle happened; the ants just vanished and stopped bothering us, as if of gratitude.


When I was fourteen or fifteen, I also faced the same lesson. A goat got its leg hooked in a rock crack and got stuck there. I tried to release its bleeding leg but it was in vain; the goat was shuddering and jumping and didn’t give me the space to release it as it pulled its leg every time I tried to loose it. Trying to help the ‘stubborn” goat off I got angry and started to beat her to settle down and “let me do the job” when my cousin saw me (he was much older than me in his 30s) and he came and again slapped me saying: “She’s a poor brainless animal and you are beating her?” and then he released the goat slowly to let her follow the cattle limping.

This was the true Islam I was raised to see and internalize. Later on I got to think I am  and internalize being agnostic, but still that simple teaching of simple people is planted in me.

Sometimes it is impossible to explain the smooth hidden law of nature; but you live it, you internalize it.

Spot the difference: Terrorists vs individual, and a terrorist stare vs indivdual
Spot the difference: Terrorists vs an individual, and a terrorist stare vs an individual.

For the western audience it is beyond imagination to understand or justify the heinous act of ISIS burning a soul, not any soul, but a human soul, a Muslim soul. It is beyond justification by any law or religion or human sense. It had made a real shock for Muslims everywhere and lots (who mostly supported ISIS in the name of Islam) started to question it.

Right now I haven’t seen the horror video of burning the Jordanian pilot, and I am not willing to see, but I saw some picture and read some article mostly condemning that brutal crime. I was shocked for the idea even without seeing the video, I sympathized with his family (but not with the pilot himself) as a heartless soldier shelling civilian Muslims. The burning act made me to start looking at ISIS in a very different way than before, but that crime will never make me support the criminals who sent that Pilot to shell and burn the Syrian and Iraqi Muslims and burning them with his American thermal bombs, Napalm or Phosphorous bombs.

“the killer will be killed even after ages القاتل سيقتل ولو بعد حين.” This is the doctrine I was taught by the simple bedouins, you kill? Wait for your gloomy fate !

however, why ISIS criminals did that inhuman crime? Why didn’t they act like the true Muslims of Hamas or Hizballah who treat their captured as Islam told them, to respect his weakness and act nobly against the weak? The zionist soldier Gilad Shalit was captured for 5 years and was dealt with the true Islamic way; to satisfy all his needs as a member of your family and not to humiliate or insult him And they [Musl;ims] give food, in spite of their love for it (or for the love of Him), to the Miskeen (the poor), the orphan, and the captive, as stated in the Holy Quran.. the hell, let alone burning him alive.


It is impossible to justify, it is inhuman to justify the criminal act of ISIS, but it can be understood within its political context if to analyze it rationally and understand why they did so against ALL the teaching of Islam.

Over 800 civilians were shelled and burned by the American and Jordanian criminal “pilots” in just one month of January 2015 !!


Lets agree that ISIS are ruthless criminal terrorist, but how about a whole government that acts childishly and revenge by killing prisoners in an immediate response? Killing by killing? Why the Jordanian executed two prisoners in a foolish retaliation the very next day their fighter was executed? Is Jordan better than ISIS then? Didn’t the “king” of Jordan act like the medieval kings who assassinated whenever,whoever and wherever they wanted?

You can say whatever you like against ISIS, but that wont bother them nor solve the problem. In a land where burning thousand of civilian in a few days in their homes by the American thermal and phosphorous bombs, depleted uranium, and “smart” bombs that shell whole families and leave shelled and burnt children you got to expect to breed beasts fighting for their mere existence.

The Iraqi fallujah town was one of those towns that were burned in a few weeks by the American “smart” thermal where thousands were burn alive, and ISIS belongs to those burned alive children; when you see the burning of your own child, nobody has the right to ask you why you are doing so !!

In the first Gulf War, we [Americans] used indiscriminate aerial bombardment to kill 200,000 Iraqis, mostly civilians. The casualties included thousands of soldiers who had been ordered by Baghdad to retreat from Kuwait, and posed no threat as they were leaving in compliance with UN resolution 660 of 2 August 1990. The White House had promised that coalition forces would not attack Iraqi troops leaving Kuwait. As Iraqi troops made their way back along the six lane highway between Kuwait and Iraq, they were slaughtered en masse from the air.

The victims included countless Palestinian and Kuwaiti civilian refugees trying to escape the impending siege of Kuwait. All had been burned alive, incinerated inside their vehicles by the bombing campaign. The military convoy was also dotted with civilian cars, buses and trucks, many of which were carrying Palestinian families and their possessions. The destruction suggested the use of napalm, phosphorous and other incendiary bombs.



History repeats itself from the granddad to the grandson “king”

 Throughout the interwar years ʿAbdullāh had depended on British financial support. The British also assisted him in forming an elite force called the Arab Legion, comprising Bedouin troops but under the command of and trained by British officers, which was used to maintain and secure the allegiance of ʿAbdullāh’s Bedouin subjects.

Jordan is just a slave for the zionists since it was created by Britain along with its twin sister the zionist entity and it doesn’t have the right to speak of Islam or Muslims as long as they are faithful to their British Creator and founder.

(By 1945, the Arab Legion boasted 16,000 men, all fiercely loyal to their British leader, whom they called Glubb Pasha (general)

Along and parallel to creating the zionist entity, the “smart” Britons, who still play the same dirty role right now, have thought that “Israel” wouldn’t be safe unless they create a protective shield to protect its eastern borders, Glubb Pasha was the one to do the dirty job for the blue zionist eyes, and created Jordan.

 ‘Once the Jews came to look upon themselves as a race can they be blamed for wanting a country?’ Glubb asked. From his small office on a hilltop in Amman, he strove to lead his legion and, by extension, Abdullah’s country, into a new era. The coming declaration of Israel as an independent state promised to embroil the Arabs in a difficult war.

Jordan was created in 1946 by the Britons in anticipation for ethnically cleansing Palestine, and the British-lead Jordan was to ensure two functional jobs; first, to absorb the yet to be ethnically cleansed Palestinians, and second,  to protect the eastern borders of the newly created zionist entity. And since then Jordan is still faithful to its masters as an integral part of the British Middle-East policy, logistically and in direct military insolvent against their Muslim and Arab brothers; an inseparable part of the NATO war against Islam.

This is precisely why Al-Qaeda, and later on ISIS, considered Jordan as one of their key enemies.

BUT why to burn this Jordanian soldier that unIslamic way?

ISIS has captured many western and “nonmuslim” intelligence agents disguised as “journalists”  or “humanistic aid workers”  who after 11 years of military and security service turn overnight into “benevolent aid workers” :p, why they released most of them unhurt? Why didn’t they “burn” the captured “infidel” westerns and burn the Muslims one, like Muath Al-Kassassba?

The answer is simple and two folded; First, the western captured were not pilots shelling the ISIS families and definitely were not one of their worst enemy “burners of children”. Second, which is almost hidden from all to see; is the American deception during the releasing negotiations which hurt ISIS the most. , and there were furious attacks on ISIS during the process where the Jord- American pilots incinerated over 30 women of ISIS in just one raid in early January.

I believe that ISIS were initially serious about releasing the Jordanian soldier and they wanted to prove to their soldiers that they don’t forget them by releasing their woman of Sajida Rishawi captured by the Jordanians.

“Jordan [was] ready to release the prisoner Sajida al-Rishawi if the Jordanian pilot is freed unharmed,”

However, what went through the negotiation process was betrayal to the most simple rules of negotiations, it was a deceit and buying time by the Americans as the Jordanians (including the king) had nothing to do but to obey the orders of their American master.

What had happened was that the American had used ALL the means they could to find out where the Jordanian pilot was captured not to be sure if alive or not (the Jordanian blood is the last thing the Americans would think of) but to prove the “American heroism” of RAMBO by releasing the Jordanian soldier without complying to the ISIS conditions.

In the negotiation process the Americans used intelligence agents, satellite equipment, Muslim scholars, x-Alqaeda leaders, religious personages from Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, and all not to make a deal, but to locate Al-Kassasba and release him by force. At the time ISIS was serious negotiating the Jordanians, the CIA was doing its best to deceive ISIS and buy time to attack them.

The Americans figured out that the Jordanian soldier was located in Reqqa/Syria and (along with the Jordanian special forces, the Marines made three ground raids to release Al-Kassasba but they couldn’t as they were faced by the ready ISIS fighters.

These images purportedly show the exact location where the Jordanian pilot was burned alive by the Islamic State in the Syrian city of Raqqa.


King Abdullah said that al-Kassasba was burnt a month ago and they were sure that he was dead and that’s why Jordan insisted to get information that he was alive in order to release Sajida Rishawi- this proves that Jordan was sure that Al-kassasba was killed during one of their tries to release him without giving the prices as the Americans, not only promised them, but pressured them not to comply with the ISIS conditions.

ISIS felt betrayed and deceived and used and furiously burned the Jordanian soldier in retaliation for incinerating 30 of their women to punish both Jordan and the Americans for daring deceive them.

I am sure it was easy for Jordan to make a deal with ISIS if they were left alone, but the slave cant act alone without his American masters’ orders and thus lost “their son”.

Who followed the news over the past two months could feel how much Jordan was under inner public pressure to go for a quick and just deal with ISIS, and even most of the Jordanian people were pressuring their government to withdraw from the American war as not theirs, but it seems that Jordan (speaking of the kind and his institutions) are still faithful to their British Creator.

Jordan in every aspect of their political behavior is serving the west in devastating the Arab world, and its dragging its people deep into a war that they shouldn’t be part of, a war that would cost them a lot in the near and far future at the tribal and social levels.


2 thoughts on “ISIS and Jordan: Reflective thoughts !!

  1. My dear and very wise Bedouin friend, you have outlined the situation in a clear, cohesive manner, embellished by your examples from childhood of how to treat others, even animals (whom I love as fellow creatures in this world). I am watching the grotesque comedy of horrors unfold. The murderous puppets are charging into more violence without thinking about the historical events which led to this. Whatever this “country” of Jordan is, it has sold itself to Satan.

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