The American exceptionalism Or Barbarism ???

Dear Arab brothers and sisters ,
Dear Muslim Brothers and sisters,
Dear fellows in humanity,

I bet it would be a bit hard for the Arabs and Muslims to understand the American morals, and accordingly the American politics, and here I am trying to explain how can you understand us and hence forgive our “foolishness” and “barbarism”.

exceptionalism !!

Every tribe, every tiny village or community has to have something to be proud of, if not it has to invent something to feed its narcissism.
Don’t think that exceptionalism can be picked at the side walk, it needs a lot of energy, efforts and exerted work to achieve that. We spent billions to get that; we recruited professional historians, sociologists, psychologists and criminality experts, we held conferences and discussion circles to formulate the American “exceptionalism”. We wanted our people to be proud of an imaginary reality (away from our bloody history) that no other nation can be proud of. Egypt can be proud of its Pyramids, Iraq can be proud of being the first to educate the world writing and reading, France can be proud of its revolution and long standing eloquence and culture…. but we have our fabricated “exceptionalism”, We have nothing cultural to offer the world, so we have to feed our narcissism with something different, something creative that can cover our shameful past. Finally we got our “exceptionalism”  .. Woow, what an achievement !!!

Were did ISIS learn beheading from?

How exceptionalists we are?
We have long standing and DEEP-ROOTED American moral values that accompanied the Americans (and especially the whites) since the inception of our American colony. It is right that we are some 3000-5000 years back to the Middle East civilizations, and that we have developed our culture and morals just recently but please try to understand the ROOTS of our culture and morals. 

A History of BLOOD and wars:

Since the inception of our American colony, we have been caught in war ALL our history, We have never experienced peace within ourselves or with other but just for 21 years in ALL our existence on the “newly discovered” continent.

If you want to see the inseparable political-moral values of any culture just look at its history:



Our dirty little secret is that we are a nation that started off by criminals. Academic researches estimate that over 52,000 British criminal prisoners were shipped off to colonial America, and hence our culture started.

Yes, we have stated off by annihilating the native American and killed  millions upon millions of them, but dont forget that they were (just like you) savages. Yes, we have enslaved millions upon millions of the free Africans and killed most of them by throwing them in the Atlantic or torturing them to death, but finally they are blacks and dont in anyway match the super white race.  Yes, we have BLOODY history in our civil war, and our Cowboys rampaged for centuries after the Mexicans chasing them like animal, but all that is an old story.

We still live this in different ways

Yes, we had started off by annihilating the virgin native forests, we massacred millions upon millions of buffaloes and executed the wildlife and jammed them in a couple of zoos. And Yes, we are still greedy in consuming oil as we consume some 25% of the global oil and cause over 30% of the wold’s pollution, but this is not our fault, it is the fault of the “savage ” Arabs who export it for us.


Dont remind us of our crimes against humanity in Japan, nor tell me how we burned Vietnam and many other South-East Asian countries. And please forget about what we have done with our fellows in Central and South American, this was nothing but killing a couple of millions of them either directly or through our mercenaries, in Cuba, Venezuela, Argentine, Nicaragua and the rest of our savage neighbors… we had no choice but to clean our backward off the filthy communists.


Yes, we have created, armed and backed our jihadist brothers of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan to clean off the Russian communists, and we have invented, armed and funded our photo-copy of ISIS to face the nationalists of Iraq. Yes, our sister Jihadist Hillary Clinton has a long record in enabling and funding the devoted Jihadists as we sent them right away to Syria and Libya and called them Liberal and even moral rebels !!

You got to understand that we have done all of the above mentioned solely for benevolent reasons and as a humanistic American mission. We ask for nothing in reward but to be thanked for all what we have done…. for all our bloody history since our inception !

Our “American moral values” (believe it or not) are based (in addition to the above mentioned long standing and continuous history) on three pillars: freedom, human rights, and democracy…. these are the three magic words that allow us to do whatever we want in order to agitate the masses against their own governments and then we enslave them. 

We assassinated charismatic leaders that were democratically elected by their people, we organize coups and topple democratic governments to bring dictators that suit our “human rights” allegations, We assassinate thinkers who bring national awareness to their people and nations, we fabricate crises and agitate the masses against their leaders using our USAID, CIA gents and the “human rights” and “democracy” NGOs we plant there. We invade and burn countries alleging we want to spread our “democracy” as we did to Iraq, Libya, Syria and many other peaceful countries. We support backward, bloody and feudal regimes like our best ally the Saudi one. We support dictators and colonial regimes like  many in Central American in addition to backing arming and funding the zionist occupation in Palestine. We do all these bloody things at the time we deal with the blacks at our streets like Animals. You see, it doesn’t need much intelligence, all what we need is just to allege defending and spreading freedom, human rights and democracy and then do whatever you want !!


Dont think that we enjoy burning whole of Muslim neighborhoods along with their children and babies just because we dont have morals or that we are savages…. it is exactly the opposite;  we want your poor children to enjoy our DEEP-ROOTED (as seen above) values and if not, it is better for them to be incinerated with our “smart” thermal bombs, or be shelled into pieces by our benevolent drones.


Though we are a recent inception and even we had a bloody start compared to the ancient civilization of the Middle East and Europe, but (in addition to Al-Qaeda and ISIS) we do have common morals with some of the Middle East regimes. You can easily see the strong bond between us and “israel” that because we have common and even identical morals; they are the “chosen people”  and we are the “superman race” to a degree that we (both us and israel) can easily identify and understand our fellow Nazi of the “Super Aryan race”.

Also we have our best democratic allies of Saudi Arabia as we have much in common with them in morals and DEEP-ROOTED history of “enlightening the others”, and also probably we both have the highest rate of capital punishment, and this is why we dont hesitate to back and arm them not only in their wars but also in the international forums.

Hearkening back to the Japanese interment camps of WWII, some Americans are now calling for Muslims to be placed in camps or even openly calling for genocide against the 1.6 billion practitioners of the faith.

Is there a more bloody culture than ours? Even  the Nazis didnt call for genocide of 1.6 billions !! Maya

So, you got to understand that our moral values of “democracy”, “human rights” and freedom” are DEEP-ROOTED in our short but festive history of blood and barbarism !!

Sincerely your American brother
Rambo Superman

7 thoughts on “The American exceptionalism Or Barbarism ???

  1. I know my American history (thanks to Howard Zinn) and yet most of my fellow citizens prefer to live in their bubble believing in American exceptionalism (whatever that means) . They have no idea that the citizens of every great Empire thought the same thing before they were disposed of in the dustbin of history.

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  2. The history is there for all to read, yet America has always been considered “a good nation,” despite the slaughter of the natives, the enslavement of Africans, the Civil War, the interventions and regime changes which have destroyed millions of lives and totally devastated the infrastructure of several countries. It is a game that they keep playing abetted by the willfully ignorant. When will an honest examination of the past and present sins lead not only to catharsis but to a change of direction?

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  3. America is not only composed by the faithful dog of the Zionists, the USA
    The Latin American society does not support the tyrannism that emanates from the North
    We have lived blows over blows …. The USA has been and continues to be a leech state, who lives by stealing the riches of other nations
    The US only knows how to produce wars, guns, misery, starvation, genocide because it is a project of the demonic Jewish Zionists. USA is just a fake … USA = IsraHELL

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