My Heart !!

My heart is aching, and even bleeds,

Of a “chosen” people, and their greeds.

In the name of the bible, they do evil deeds,

of killing and shilling, an’ burning the fields.


Why in the Satan? Do I have to pay?

for the nazi crimes in the zionist way?

What shall God tell me, what shall He say?

When we meet finally, at the end of the day.


Did He promise? Did he choose?

If it was so, He will loose,

Along with his people, on His “promised” land.

That’s it is finally, MY homeland !!

Sami, the bedouin.

6 thoughts on “My Heart !!

    1. I stopped believing in the zionist eternal “peace” DECEPTION PROCESS….. all what they aim at is gaining more time to fully occupy all of historic Palestine and segregate the Palestinian natives in concentration camps as it is already the case in Gaza !!


    1. two wrongs dont make one right… and discrimination doesn’t justify ethnic cleansing in the first place.. However, all the troubles in the Middle East are sourced from the zionist invasion and the mess it created !!


    2. Sure .. the zionists are besieging them from coming home … Hizballah helps them to fight back and get their stolen lands and homes
      The zionists are the first reason for ALL what is going on in the whole area, from ethnically cleansing Palestine, to shelling the Iraqi, Libyan and Sudanese factories, to massacring the Lebanese and Palestinians in Lebanon… and the list is endless


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