If I Were a Syrian… I am a Syrian !!

A few years ago, even before there was any trace of the Arab Spring,  I started to see and say that (the PA is a tiny Egyptian regime), that the PA is not only the breed of the close cooperation between the zionists and the Egypt of Mubarak, but also the American-Zionist-made and backed PA is a photocopy of Egypt of Mubarak in its corruption and the intermingling of power, police and business…. since the fall-down of Mubarak’s regime, the PA (tiny picture of Egypt)  started shaking in anticipation of an imminent collapse. Lots of things happened within the PA offices, but still the police grip is still faithful to its Creator in full cooperation with the occupier !!

Why Syria is the title here?

The funny thing is that the ruling party of both Syria and Iraq of Saddam are the Baath, identical in everything but were enemies in everything !!

When talking of Syria, I have to start with Palestine first… not miming the stupid Jordanian slogan of “Jordan First” which was created by the ruling family of Jordan intentionally to isolate it from its surrounding brother arab countries and to create a false “pure” Jordanian identity out of its natural habitat of the Arab world !! To magnify the “unique characteristic of the Jordanian people” in promotion of the “wise and historic” leadership of the ruling family, which is summed up in his “genius” political thinking of the ruling and zionist-American supported autocrat !! _ “Jordan First”… means Jordan first and last, and the hell with others… which simply cant work !!

BUT… I would start with Palestine “first” just because I feel that all the Arab nation faces the same dictator in different faces… the same regime that is built on Power, Capital and Bloody Police:

A few days ago, I was spending the evening with some friends chatting, one of them (a tiler) told me that he cant find a job since a long time and that he’s outlawed by the PA. Last year he went to work with some VIP holder’s company in tyling… he worked the first day, but the second day, the boss told him that they dont need him: “you are Hamas activist” the boss said. “but I never did something wrong…I was in the PA jail for political reasons…. and I am released now, they have nothing against me” my friend argued back, but the boss said: “We dont need you… go home.” … my friend left knowing that he will never be recruited (even in construction) within the PA circle.

It’s been over 3 years now and the PA’s ministry of education is firing every teacher suspected to be a Hamas “lover”… some (whom I know personally) were fired out of the teaching career only because they were faithful prayers… in this case, a tiny report of a PA (security or civil agent) is more than sufficient to end a career, to let a family starve.

Another person that I know personally, he wanted to guarantee a small canteen in a central clinic… through this “governmental-owned” canteen for the Ministry of Health, he can sell sandwiches, drinks and such trifles… he barely can save more than $10 a day. When he applied to guarantee this canteen, he was asked to do a security check, and you dont know what doeas it mean to do a security check in a CIA-fabricated, police-oriented regime… it means a week of torture to verify and certify that you are “clean” and dont “love the terrorists” specially if you pray regularly in the neighboring mosque.

First, you have take four “recent” photos of yourself and go the the local office of interior, fill an application with paid stamps of course, then to go to the traffic-police to verify that you are clean and get a certificate that you are a good civilian after paying the stamps of course (even if you don’t have a driving license nor ever driven a car), then to go the criminal-police and get their “benevolent” approval that you are not a suspect, then again to the political-police and pay again for “honor” certificate… the final office is the security-police… and this process takes days..paying all the time.

After that you take all your papers and travel to a central city, go to the Ministry of “Justice” give them all the papers and wait for a few days the final “security” check… if you are lucky you will pass and take the canteen to win $10 a day… however, if their is a PA senior officer  who hates you, or have trouble with one of your family, or your family is known to be faithful observant muslims, you are dead (talking of your job of course), you are out, you will be under the security eye until it is proven you are “clean” and not a possible (in the far future) supporter of Hamas, or an opponent party !! But Luckily, my friend passed all these “security” regulation and now he has the local canteen for a year !!

However, when you are a PA supporter, the story is totally different: a PA supporter teacher who has a diploma degree wanted to be a head teacher, but there is a problem that there is a better teacher (observant muslim) who’s got a Master degree in teaching techniques and other extra course is a rival…. the security is always there to intervene and the qualified teacher with Master degree was transferred to another area to create a vacuum for the “supposedly teacher” to be the head teacher in that high school…. now we have a wide spread saying: “Beware, education is heading reverse” and this of course will help the occupiers to create a whole country of wrongly and poorly educated people !!

What about Syria?

If I were a Syrian I would fight for my freedom…. the regime is the same all over the Arab world… the vast majority of (my beloved people of the street) the masses are marginalized to let the way to the 5% of the ruling individuals and their family members to keep monopolizing the power, capital and security !!

Syria… Revolution of freedom

The PA is a tiny copy of Egypt. The Syrian regime is not better than that of Gaddafi … and the Saudi one is the “greatest”

This is what happening in our beloved Arab world, but the revolution wheel is going on… the fear is over, and the Tyrant ruler must fall.

Here, I am not speaking of an individual, the person of the ruler himself (God forbid), I am talking of the whole regime that is monopolizing power, capital and “security”…. And in all of the Arab countries there is a long seated regime that could build and regenerate itself for decades, built and rebuilt itself to create a coherent system that is marginalizing the vast majority of the “citizens”, if there is anything called like this in the Arab world.

It is unbelievable criminality that is going on in Syria, no nationalistic slogans would save the butcher… and its time to pay the devil back !!

I am a Syrian in identity and blood… I am a Palestinian that Palestine is an intigral part of Natural Syria…before the West devided us into cantons called “arab states”…. I am a future Syrian citizin !!

PS: that was before the feudal Saudis sent their terrorist to devastate Syria … Now the Saudis and the Americans are using the terrorists to serve th zionists 

10 thoughts on “If I Were a Syrian… I am a Syrian !!

    1. We are all Arabs…. the West intentionally calls us “The Middle East and North Africa” but they forget (intentionally also) that we are all arabs… the recent Arab Spring prove again that we are identical and Palestine is the center of our thinking.. in retaliation for the West which planted the zionist entity to divide the Arabs !!


    1. They are our brothers, John. I will give you a starking example of who and what I am talking about @ http://www.inminds.com/jews-of-iraq.html .
      The Arab jews have been an integral part of our culture and social system until zionism came and spoiled the atmosphere …. do you know that there are still some arab jews who still live in the arab countries and refuse to recognize the colonial entity of “israel”? Do you know that there are Palestinian jewish community who lives in the heart of Nablus city? Do you know that the Palestinian jewish community have a representative in the Palestinian Legislative Council?


  1. Sami , We have [ to our great shame here in Australia ] a certain Isi Liebler who writes for the Jerusalem Post and one of the many many lies he pushes in his ‘journalism’ is that Mahmoud Abbas has said that no Jews will be allowed to live in the state of Palestine when formed . The man tells so many lies that he would make your head spin . There is no point in challenging him of course . A little while ago he said that Mahmoud Abbas did his Ph.D in holocaust denial !
    I heard about these Palestinian Jews [ as they call themselves ] & that live near or in Nablus . I gather they have been a part of the community since the time of Abraham .
    I would be interested in your comments or reflections .


    1. Thanks David….
      First, there is a vibrant Palestinian jewish community as they have Parliament Member in the PA http://imeu.net/news/article006358.shtml
      Second, Abbas didnt have a PHD to be discussed, in the first place…. it seems, this zionist liar didnt study good to fabricate authentic lies … you can read of Abbas here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Abbas

      I really dont have much time to waste in refuting the zionist lies, but you can read some of what I wrote here: https://samibedouin.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/greens-on-the-fire/

      Thanks David again !!


      1. Thank you for your links Sami . I do agree that it is a waste of our limited time attempting to refute the lies of the zionist propagandists .
        Your writings are becoming better with the passing of time it seems to me . My warm regards to you !


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