The First Manifesto of the Third Intifada

The current General Commandment of the Third Intifada is not clear yet, nor it would appear “on the surface” that its members will be immediately arrested by both the PA security police and the zionists, these two parties together dont want any intifada, but the “rule of law under occupation”.

The current leadership includes ALL the political parties, including Fateh, Hamas, the Leftist parties and even national rebellious personages who have been struggling for freedom for ages, no one fought to get the Zionist peaces process of Oslo accord, nor to set the “rule of law” under the Zionist occupation.


3 thoughts on “The First Manifesto of the Third Intifada

    1. You dont know the politics of Palestine …. the General Commandment of the Intifada is a revolutionary (mostly secret) leadership which doesnt work with the official leadership that all its work is security coordination with the zionists and providing security for the settlers.


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