Hamas and Fateh: Hatred Manufacturing !!

He held my head in his hands and said smiling: “Are you ready to sell your head?”, and knowing the trick and who he was, I said “No, never!!” But he added: “We need people like you who speak and write excellent English. We have bought columns and even pages in newspapers in the Arab countries; Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco… and even in “israel”.”

That was one of my best friends whom I invited for Iftar at the beginning of this Ramadan. He works as a manager of a PA owned website that promotes the PA propaganda. They are launching a wide campaign to beautify the PA image to the Arab, israeli and even West audience !! “So, what are you doing now?” I asked just to know and probably to use in my writing. “We have just launched an English and Hebrew Website and need writers and editors.” he explained.

“So, what am I supposed to write?” I asked again knowing that I would never get into that game. “everything against Hamas, even use spices, and exaggerate,whatever you like!” and knowing that I would never be able to write “whatever I like” at their site, I said: “No, my head is so precious, besides, I cant live without a head!”

In a hopeless and helpless attempt to attract the (ever heading right) zionist audience, some of the top PA personages are waging a campaign in the main zionist newspapers. Who would like to please his eyes with the faces of such personages in the zionist media, can see some of them at this link. This happens at the time the PA are waging a police campaign against its opponents in the West Bank (who oppose going unconditionally to direct talks with the zionists), and a fierce campaign against their “enemies” in Gaza…. polite to attract the zionists, but fierce with their own people !!

In the zionist jail, when I was barely 20 years old, there was a top leader of our party with us, some 50+ by then (was deported to France, later) . He was so much adored by all the prisoners as an intellectual who had a strong charisma. In a way I adored him as we all used to listen attentively to what he was saying. Usually, we used to sit tens around him and listen as if listening to a reverent saint breaching about Jesus !! One day, We were sitting by him as he talked of the Muslim Brothers, ie Hamas (and it took the Palestinian parties a long time to recognize Hamas as a legitimate party or movement other than what they were described to be the Paletinian branch of the global Muslim Brothers)… he talked a lot, but what I didnt like is when he said: “These people are bastards (Safileen, in Arabic) …. they are savages.” I was shocked to hear the word bastards because I never used it to describe anyone, then I told him shyly: “It is not good to curse others and use bad words… you can criticize them and their actions logically, but not to curse.” “because they are bastards, and I described them of what they deserve.” He repeated again. I didnt reply but that trigged an alarm sign in my little head.

Later, I decided to study the literary (narrative) of the other factions through borrowing their pamphlets in the jail, or at least what they allowed me to borrow and read. I was reading silly writings, foolish arguments and a history of much of fights between the Palestinian factions since the beginning of our catastrophe, our plight. Every party is trying to justify his narrative, to denounce the others, as if it is the only right party and all the others are sinners and evil doers !!

Two years ago, I started to see and say repeatedly that the “national reconciliation” is an unattainable dream and the gap is deepened. Both of the parties, since the fight in Gaza (and even before that, ages ago, when the Islamists were a minority) are waging an endless and fierce campaign against each others. Fateh is composed of “corrupt immoral mafia” people (for Hamas) and Hamas, in turn, is a bunch of terrorists who live in the dark ages (dzalamyyoun, in plain arabic). This continuous fight is spoken and fed with and in every single medium; TV, Radio, songs, conferences, sessions, pamphlets, handouts, Youtube, Facebook and all what can you imagine of forums. The gap is not only so deep, but fierce and brutal. Every party is trying to attract the simple people (as if people are foolish) by his own narrative of hatred…. and here I am bargained to sell my head and fight within this circle of hatred… facts are irrelevant, you can use spices, lies and exaggerate or even invent what has never happen in order to beautify your ugly and bloody face.


“National Unity” will never happen within the current discourse, within and by the current tools, within and by the current “mediators” of Arabs and non-Arabs. The Egyptians government [of Mubarak] is playing a dirty game along with their zionist allies to deepen the split unless it serves their “peace process”. National unity can only be achieved by the defeat of one of the two projects: The American-Feudal-Arab project of Fateh (the PA) which serves (or at least coexist with) the zionist project of the “chosen people” to occupy the whole of Palestine and segregate the Palestinians in concentration camps… or the Islamic “revolutionary” or “Terrorist” resistance of Hamas of the Utopian society of Allah!!

There is no intermediate or middle solution that can gather the two “fierce enemies”. Both parties are sunk deep each in his own discourse of hatred, that generates more hatred. Shall I sell my head? No, never… my head is more precious and cleaner than their discourse of HATRED !!

Sami, the bedouin.

7 thoughts on “Hamas and Fateh: Hatred Manufacturing !!

  1. Sami: I am a bit confused about something. When you mention ‘Muslim Brothers’ are you talking of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood? Anyway, I totally agree with you regarding use of the word ‘bastard’ and that too against one’s own Muslim brothers. It is one of the worst expletives in the English language and I would not use it even against a non-Muslim!
    I am shocked that the PA guy wanted you to sell your head (read brains)! Any sensible person would have refused, like you did. But then there are the corrupt who will do anything for money!
    Yes, that is the sad part, Sami, as there seems to be no unity among Muslim factions/parties in Gaza and the West Bank. It is the same story all over the Muslim world. Besides, the USA and Israel make the best use of our weakness by exploiting us. Be it Shia-Sunni or Hamas-Fatah, they know too well that division works best. Remember the age-old adage: United we stand, divided we fall. So division serves their purpose best, and they always seem to succeed at it be it Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan.
    Yes, hatred generates more hatred, and there seems to be no end to it for the time being. What a pity!
    I wish Muslims and all other Palestinian factions would rise above their petty differences and work towards a common goal: brotherhood. And if peace and love can be added to that all the better!

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    1. Thanks Mohsin..
      Hamas is the breed of the Muslim Brothers, and the Muslim Brothers was found early in the 20th century and is found in all the Arab and Muslim countries under different names… In the Palestinian case we have Hamas, which was established some 20 years ago from the Muslim Brothers members….. but it took all the Palestinian factions a long time to recognize Hamas as a “legitimate” Palestinian party… and so they kept to call Hamas (the Muslim Brothers) for a long time !!

      I agree with all what you say dear Mohsin… but I dont see any sign of “national unity” specially that both projects are totally opposites, the chances for the opposites is more confrontation that reconciliation !!
      thanks again.

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      1. Hi, how are you ?

        I am reading your stories and I am very moved in particular about the story of the young boy, Hamid your uncle.

        I would like to contact you, but there is no where to find your email?



  2. Salaam Sami. I would like to know what you think as of today? Recently, the interim Egyptian government helped to negotiate truce or unity of sorts between Hamas and Fatah. I am sure these talks succeeded where others failed because (hopefully) the new Egyptian government will not observe the Palestinian policies followed under the Mubarak regime.

    But this current movement for Palestinian unity within Palestine… I want your opinion. Is it real? Can the people themselves make it happen? Can the rival factions within Palestine share power, influence & control? This must happen if the enemy is to be stopped from devouring what remains of Palestine. Are these groups ready to commit to the needs of Palestinians instead of to themselves?

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