Protest for the Prisoners Dignity

It is shocking to see the released prisoners sitting on the ground under the sun some of whom spent over 15 years in the zionist jails. The political prisoners are our best leaders and had sacrificed long years in fighting for our freedom and national dignity and  it is shame to humiliate them by depriving them from their rights subscribed in the law.

Our dignity is all what we have, and your chairs are the fastest to fall.
Our dignity is all what we have, and your chairs are the fastest to fall.

Last week tens of the Palestinian released prisoners started a tent protest in front of the prime minister building to protest their deteriorated economic situation, at the time the corrupt PA personage are making fat business deals with their zionist peers putting the national cause aside. Lots of these released prisoners had spent over 10 years, 12 years and even 15 years and when they got out, it seems they have been neglected by the PA which didnt pay or stopped paying their rights.

2 years ago, the PLC signed the “Prisoners Law” which states that the PA “government” should provide dignified conditions for the released prisoners from the zionist jails. This “law” states that the government should provide proper employment, education and “dignified living conditions”. It should be taken in consideration that most of the released prisoners are educated with high leadership abilities. The “prisoners law” was approved by president Abbas in May this year but it hasnt been applied yet.

Meeting again under the same harsh conditions

In the protest tent, Amjad who had spent 12 years in the zionist jails meets his jail mate Karakra who spent 14 years and they hug and sit on the tent ground remembering living the same conditions in the zionist jails. In jail they used to live severe conditions and being attacked by the zionist jailers but now they are facing the same conditions but against the PA bureaucracy, as they say.


I remember when I was released out of jail after long years, I had to face very harsh conditions specially with lots of young brothers and a sick father. There was no “rights” for the released prisoners nor even an institution to take care. I had to struggle alone and I worked for years in all what you can imagine in construction works.

Finally I was able to manage and get my BA in 11 years (all in all) instead of just 4 or even 3.5 years. Later on i was tempted by an old friend and mate in the first intifada to join the PA security police for really good conditions of a flat, a car and a fat salary, that other than the “stationary”. The work was of a “translator and media specialist”, a luxurious air conditioned office with a computer and fasts net connection, and ALL the daily newspapers in three languages (as I mastered three languages by then). What you have to do is to skim the newspapers, browse the news on the net and at the end of the day you deliver a short political analysis and store it in a website …. who reads it? not the PA officers for sure… it goes to the international intelligence agencies… I worked only one day, and never went back there again. You can never be free when you serve a police state !!

Sami the bedouin. 

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