Fabricating the Ghost: Breast Sucking in the Second Christian Marriage !!

This title could be provocative and even insulting but this is the very topic of the Egyptian media nowadays in its endeavor to divert the Egyptian mainstream’s attention away from the real issues they face daily !!!! The Egyptians are masters in fabricating timed trifles of news !!

However, during the first Intifada, and as the zionist forces couldn’t penetrate nor stop the struggling power of the uprising people, the zionists crated the “black ghost”. For weeks the “black ghost” was the obsessing topic for the Palestinians specially in the villages as it was fearful, perplexing and annoying to the Intifada activists. This black ghost was created by the zionist intelligence-forces aided by their collaborators; two or three collaborators would wear loose black garment (like that of dracula). The “black ghost” collaborator would appear in his neighborhood in front of a bunch of people for a few seconds to spread fear then disappear (in his home or wherever he can), then in a few seconds the black ghost would appear in another neighborhood as if flying from one place to another by a magic power, but actually it would be another collaborator playing the same ghost in a well acted cooperation between the different collaborator… and throwing the black garment, the one of the ghosts would come out in his real face to spread more rumors of how the ghost jumped on him and was about to kill him, how it has a frightening face and great black wings !!!

This zionist intelligence played the trick will for several weeks in most of the Palestinian villages till the intifada activists started catching and interrogating the “black ghosts” and the trick was over !!!

Again, we are with the Egyptian “black ghost”

In intentionally will prepared and timed news, every now and then the Egyptian media fabricate a funny and bizarre news to divert the mainstream attention from what is going around them specially the starving Ghetto of Gaza !! Probably, for the third time (in different occasions of crises), the Egyptian Supreme Theological Center (Al-Azhar) comes up with a new invention of how can a male work with a female alone in a closed office !!! It is the utmost issue for the Egyptian (governmental directed and paid) Sheikhs how to avoid “khilwah” retreat between a man and a woman… their new invention (according to their Shariah anyway) is that, if a man sucks the breasts of his female coworker for five separate times, it would be not haraam for them then to stay alone together !!! but if not, they will keep being strangers for each others and it is “haraam” to keep working together in closed offices !!! Funny and silly; at the time Iran thinks how to develope its nuclear power, and Turkey how to rule the whole of the Middle East, the whole of Egypt (government, theological personages, and people) think how to legitimize the “Khilwa”, how would a male suck the breasts of his female coworker !!! This is the fabricated news that the Egyptian discourse comes up with every now and then, in a critical time (usually after a zionist atrocity) to keep us, Egyptians and arabs stuck to trifles of news at the time we face the arrogant zionist enemy !!!

The last Egyptian invention was (and this time also was directly after the zionist attack against the Freedom Flotilla), through a scandalous press conference of a “court decision” of allowing the Egyptian Christians to get married (despite it violates the Christian church law) for the the second time !! This well timed and manufactured news has not only provoked the Christians but also created a hatred atmosphere, and of course diverted the Egyptians’ attention from the bloody attack !!

Shall we mention the Jordanian hummer-man “Abu-Shakoush”?

Shall we mention how Syria was accused and sued internationally (all false and fabricated) for assassinating one Lebanese Businessman…. at the time the whole world was ignoring the zionist systematic assassination of the Palestinian leaders ??? This is how the news is fabricated to distract you to look away while being f–ked from the back…. and this is how the Egyptian government is building a nation of trifles !!!

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