Gaza Flotilla: The Murderers’ Vacation !!!

What else you would add to this tragedy? What words would do in front of these zionist criminals?

Vacation, Vacation! And the summer is coming!

What bothers the Zionist mentality now is not the crime itself, is not this horrible massacre itself, but how to explain (Lihasbeer להסביר, in hebrew) and justify the unjustifiable. It’s been over a week now and the Zionist “media” is swimming within their own pool of Hasbara. They were not talking of the besieged people of the Ghetto of Gaza, there were not talking of the international freedom activists, they were not talking of why they created the jail of Gaza or why these humanitarian activists are sacrificing their lives to feed the Gazans. The Zionists were discussing their own discussion, were repeating their well-known lies, were exhausting themselves of how to explain their massacres, were swimming in the Zionist discourse contrary to the human discourse of why this happens, why a whole people is massacred!

They don’t even blink when they talk of their fresh crime while the blood is still bruising from their victims and the freedom flotilla is still stained by the human blood: How can they justify their ongoing criminality, how can they swim within their HASBARAH NOTEBOOK of the 120 pages (to pretend understanding, express sorrow and then through using the crocodile tears to justify their crimes), and convince themselves that they are the “victims of Hitler”? How to explain that the human activists are “terrorists” who come to kill Jews? How can they force in their terminology of anti-semitism, self-hating jew, Holocaust, Massada, mass-destruction weapons, and the hateful stuff they have been deafening our ears with !!

No words to add, every detail of this cold-blood massacre, preplanned crime is available for free, and the Zionist discourse is also available for free to beguile the already beguiled, to blind the human heart against their ongoing crimes!

Vacation !!! Most of the victims are Turkish and the murderers are zionists! How can a zionist kill a Turk and in a few days go to have vacation in Turkey? I am sure that the zionist killers, after they clean their hands from the Turkish blood, would go to have vacation in Turkey !! Why? They wont feel guilty that the Turks are finally “terrorist” Muslims, Goyim and it is permissible to kill a goyi in the zionist doctrine as Rabbi Yakov Perrin is happy to announce that “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”!!! The Zionist mentality is blinding the hearts before the eyes for not to see the humanitarian motives of their victims, they cant see that there are humans other than their “chosen people” of a racist mentality that “The blood of the Jewish people is loved by the Lord; it is therefore redder and their life is preferable.” as Rabin stated to his “beloved” folk. “A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.” –Talmud, Abodah Zara, 4b

Sami, the bedouin.

3 thoughts on “Gaza Flotilla: The Murderers’ Vacation !!!

  1. This is very powerful writing Sami, the Bedouin : very moving & an accurate description of a sad reality for occupied Palestine.


  2. I am sorry I did not revisit you , but I had 1. no phone to call you from 2. I had no way of knowing if you’d be home or not 3. I had heard you were ” working in construction ”
    4. I had all my luggage with me – I do hope that is clear . Life without a mobile [ then] & without Arabic was not easy for me. Fond regards …..david.


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