Zionist Assassin-Snipers at the Gate !!

Two years ago, my brother went to visit a friend of him in a neighboring refugee camp and when he came back he was pale and sad. I aske him what happened and he told me that he didnt find his friend, his friend was assassinated a few days before he went to see him. When my brother knocked the door, he found nobody there but an exhausted mother and impoverished house in the heart of the refugee camp. “I couldn’t stay, every passing minute was heartbreaking for me” my brother said. There was only a lonely mother who was hallucinating of her assassinated son who was killed by a zionist undercover unit, and then shift to talk of her other four sons who are all captured in the zionist jail !!! A Mother’s Day pass and I remember this aggrieved mother, who had nobody of her five sons to help… thousands of the Palestinian mothers who count the minutes to see their enjailed beloved !!!


In the zionist army there is a special unit-in violation of the international law- to penetrate the Palestinian demonstrators and to hold the needed assassination- this unit is called “Duvdevan” which was formed specially for assassination amongst the Palestinian crowds. This unit is formed of young well-trained and armed fighters to face the armless demonstrators. Usually one or more of every unit must speak fluent Palestinian dialect in order to mislead the demonstrators and pretend to be one of them. These units are spread everywhere amongst the Palestinian crowded areas and ready to hold specific assassinations or arrests and to watch the Palestinian activists and collect the needed information of whom to be assassinated as the prominent leader.

Nowadays, as the Palestinian street is surging against the zionist atrocities against the muslim religious sites of Al-Aqsa and the Ibrahimi mosque, and also the demonstrations against the escalating zionist settlement that blocks any trace of hope for any kind of peace, the zionist undercover units are in their hectic activities to kill and assassinate any activist who would have the ability to organize and mobilize peaceful demonstrations !!! These units of assassinations can take- as they did- any shape starting from an old man to a UN social worker and a journalist… I have seen them, and it is hard to tell who’s who until they are revealed by chance or after killing their target !!!


Another way of assassination is-If you notice also, and I believe you will see that in the Palestinian demonstrations on TV- You would see the zionist anti-riot units. Look carefully to see that with every zionist anti-riot troop there is a sniper, look more carefully at their weapons and guns to see the ones that are for sniping and killing, look more carefully to see that every troop has one or more binoculars to search for the activists and kill them !!!

As the undercover units collect information, as the binoculars-man is watching, as the sniper is ready (the snipers are usually in high overlooking place -hill or high building- and off the scene but sometimes you can see them accidentally or through a daring journalist like Anat Kam who revealed some of the official side of the assassination procedures) and as the demonstration is going on…. the assassination is done as if it was just a casualty, another young Palestinian is killed, assassinated, and the IOF might mislead us more by forming an investigation committee, another zionist lie as they formed an investigation committee after committing the Massacre of Sabra and Shatella, after the Holocaust of Gaza, and after a scandal of assassinating a child that is revealed by a daring journalist or a true-resolution camera !!!
Four young Palestinians were killed today, two of them are just children less than 15 years old, and if you are interested in counting nd taking statistics just see how many children are killed and how !!!… I say this as I watched Yesterday the “impartial” zionist judicial system was bringing a child to the court after arresting him for a week of interrogation and torture, this child was only 13 years old !!! He was arrested last week with his younger brother of 9 years !!!

I just wonder till when we are going to be blinded by the zionist “democracy”, tell when we are going to live the zionist lies of the “chosen people”… The hell with the “chosen people”, the hell with the “only democratic oasis in the Middle East”… the hell with the democracy of the assassins !!!

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