A Friend or a Mean Interrogator !!

I don’t know how can a normal person work as an interrogator!! How can he have his breakfast without remembering those hanged the whole night to come and start a new round with them!! How can he sleep with his wife or girlfriend without hearing the moaning of the tortured prisoners!! How does the food taste in his mouth while hungering others in interrogation cells !!! How can he smile wile the screaming of the tortured is reasoning in his hollow head? I cant imagine him to be a human being !!!

This is not an imaginary situation but it happens and happened for me a few days ago as part of my crazy life!! In Jenin, “the capital of terrorism”, everything is possible, even that one beyond imagination. The intermingling between the ruling and unruling powers, between the different social classes, between the “criminals” and the “law keepers” is mixed to the degree you cant tell who’s who nor which is which !!! The intimate close social relation between people is unbelievable and leaves no room for you but to have a full rainbow of “friends” starting from a :”recruited CIA” agent to a “Terrorist”, from a mayor to the garbage collector (as I do respect the laters), from a mean interrogator to a peaceful religious preacher !!

It happens as it always happens with me as my religious friend keeps smiling in my face whenever we meet and rebukes me asking: “When are going to repent and start to know God?”, as if I am a relentless criminal or a mass-killer!! This friend, a peaceful religious one, thinks I am an astray person (and he’s partially right) and have to repent from my blasphemous sins. God for him is the core center of the circle, but for me I am completely out of the circle !!!

A few weeks ago, in a meeting of local and international NGOs (as I deeply believe that these NGOs are just agents for alien intelligence agencies, specially after 9/11), I had a fight with a mayor over a matter that touches the simple people’s daily life, and later I was threatened to be imprisoned for 90 days. The funny in this is that this “law” is back to the British Occupation “mandate” through which the British colonizers imprisoned Palestinians administratively without trial for 90 days, and this law for those who had proven to have no guilt at all… and for our luck, the PA is reviving this British “law” again, and it is used whenever they wish to, and for sure the CIA trainers know that perfectly as they copy all the PA’s computer files periodically (as one of the PS informed us lately)!!

In our neighborhood, there is a garbage collector, a very simple one that I know since ages. Over the time, as he passes by in his job, and I am sitting in my terrace, we used to chat and have coffee, and sometimes I help him cleaning my yard and give him whatever I can save … This year, I discovered that he started to go to the city in a daily basis, and this luxury of daily traveling needs extra salary, and through another “security” friend, I know that this “garbage collector” has another job with the security agents as he visit the security office on a daily basis to deliver his verbal report… Then, I sat with him the next time he came and asked him if I ever hurt him. He replied (as expected) with no. then I told him not to come anymore to my house other than a garbage collector… we are no more friends !!

The “mean interrogator” is also a friend that I know since ages. Some people are funny and amusing when you sit with them… and this fat friend was like this, until lately I discovered he is totally different at his work, specially after he was promoted to a “higher” rank !!

I didn’t know (as he never told) that this amiable person is a mean interrogator at work, and for what? To please his boss? The hell…. But he got his payback as he was shot in his leg last week (and as you know, in the “capital of terrorism” everything is possible) but thanks to Mr. Keith Dayton who, with the help of such persons, is working to restore “the rule of law” here !! Funny, the rule of law under occupation, the rule of occupation actually !!!

This “friend” used to use harsh means of interrogation with the prisoners (and they are mostly of Hamas), whom, as it is clear, the prisoners put him on their “honor” list !! No interrogator can be a friend, not for me anyway… and I will strike him out from my “honor” list, to be listed in another honor list…. Awaiting, probably, for the next intifada… that there can never be “rule of law” under occupation, and who believes that he can control an occupied people is deluded and deluding…. The Lesson of Vietnam and South Lebanon should be learnt very will, that the occupiers and their collaborators must be kicked out sooner or later… but some people don’t get the lesson even after they are put on the “honor” list !!!

Sami, the Bedouin.

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