The UNRWA and The Roots of The Palestinian Ongoing Nakba !!

67 years of the UNRWA history of directing and managing the disaster of the Palestinian refugees should be studied again in a different way than the hypocritical one of the UN !!! 67 years of the Palestinian misery that is not only going on but deteriorating and deepened in lots of places of the diaspora other than Gaza !! Why has the UNRWA failed in its “humanitarian” work? To what extent is the UNRWA itself responsible for founding and creating the Palestinian ongoing suffering? What has been the real role of the UNRWA since it was founded ?

In order to understand the role of the UNRWA in managing, if not participating in creating our eternal misery, a critical way of thinking and analyzing is needed. There is an urgent need for a historic preview and review for the core of the UNRWA’s “benevolent” aids. When and who established the UNRWA? How it was established and for what purpose? To what degree it has succeeded and how it has failed?

The hypocritical discourse of the UNRWA would tell you that they have done a great “human work” in aiding the Palestinian refugees in all aspects of their life (and they did) starting from urgent aids of food to working programs, helping the refugees to settle (tents, materials and whatever), educational aids of building schools and managing them plus training the stuff… hospitals and mobile clinics…. and all what you can dream of “human” aids in your nightmares !! Fine, great “human” job!!

Following the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict, UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, was established by United Nations General Assembly resolution 302 (IV) of 8 December 1949 to carry out direct relief and works programmes for the Palestinian refugees.

However, this superficial discourse of hypocrisy doesn’t work anymore.

Historical context:

President Franklin D. Roosevelt (enough time before the actual cleansing of Palestine) put it in December 1942 , “I actually would put a barbed wire around Palestine, and I would begin to move the Arabs out of Palestine….  Each time we move out an Arab we would bring in another Jewish family…” And this was exactly what happened with planned massacres !!

It took the British Occupiers only and exactly thirty years to accomplish their promise to ethnically cleanse Palestine from its natives and bring Zionist settlers in their place starting from their Balfour Declaration in 1917 up to declaring the “state de facto” of the Zionist entity in the Partition Plan in 1947!!!

Faithful British to the zionist colonizers

To do [the ethnic cleansing], the Zionist leaders needed a systematic plan to “cleanse” the land for Jewish habitation only. It began with a detailed registry or inventory of Arab villages the Jewish National Fund (JNF) was assigned to compile. The JNF was founded in 1901 as the main Zionist tool for the colonization of Palestine. Its purpose was to buy land used to settle Jewish immigrants that by the end of the British Mandate in 1948 amounted to 5.8% of Palestine or a small fraction of what Zionists wanted for a Jewish state. Early on, Ben-Gurion and others knew a more aggressive approach was needed for their colonization plan to succeed.

It began with the JNF Arab village inventory that was a blueprint completed by the late 1930s that included the topographic location of each village with detailed information including husbandry, cultivated land, number of trees, quality of fruit, average amount of land per family, number of cars, shop owners, Palestinian clans and their political affiliation, descriptions of village mosques and names of their imams, civil servants and more. The final inventory update was finished in 1947 with lists of “wanted” persons in each village targeted in 1948 for search-and-arrest operations with those seized summarily shot on the spot in cold blood.

The idea was simple – kill the leaders and anyone thought to be a threat the British hadn’t already eliminated quelling the 1936-39 uprising. It created a power vacuum neutralizing any effective opposition to Zionists’ plans. The only remaining obstacle thereafter was the British presence Ben-Gurion knew was on the way out by 1946 before it finally ended in May, 1948.

The revolt against British occupation (1936-1939) results in the deaths of over 6,000 Palestinians and the wounding of 10,000. In total, 10% of the adult male population is killed, wounded, imprisoned, or exiled.

From the very beginning in 1917, the British Occupiers were aware of what they are doing as they were hectic in devastating the Palestinian social, economic and national structure (SPECIALLY during the 1936-9 uprising and onward) while building and reinforcing (with the help of the Zionist World Movement) a strong and modern Zionist society with stable economy and powerful army on the rubble of the intentionally and systematically devastated Palestinian society. By the end of WW2, (specially at the eve of 1947) the Palestinians society was lurching and exhausted due to the British constant suppression and the Zionist terrorist attacks. It was depleted with no clear leadership nor any ability to resist the coming Zionist ethnic cleansing which was clear to be done even before UN declared the de facto Zionist state.

It was clear for the “benevolent” UN what is going on in Palestine and the most important it was full aware of what will happen in the coming year; almost a month before Partition Plan (through which Palestine was divided into two states) and even before establishing the UNRWA, the UN established the UNRPR fund in preparation for funding ethnically cleansing Palestine from its natives, that they were fully aware of the cost of the devastation they (with the help of the Zionist terrorist gangs) are going to accomplish in the following year of 1948, the year in which most of the ethnic cleansing was accomplished and funded by the UN and later managed by the UNRWA !!!

The UNRWA role in ethnic cleansing:

Lots of the Palestinian leaders were aware of the dirty work the UNRWA was established to do, like what Samihah Khalil (the former presidential candidate) said in the early 50s that the UNRWA is bribing the Palestinian refugees to stay away in the diaspora and not to fight back home!!


Three major parties played a decisive role in preparing for, and accomplishing, the ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians after depleting their power and national structure, these parties are; the Zionist terrorist groups, the British-led Arab Legion (which was responsible for protecting the eastern boundaries of the colonized Palestine) and the UN (with its different funds and agencies)

The Zionist terrorists were to do the dirty job of massacring the exhausted natives and terrorizing them to run away leaving their homes and land. During 1948 over 70 planned massacres were committed by the Zionist groups such as the massacres of Deir-Yassin, Gebia, and lots of others in which they intended to expel the natives and demolish their villages (as there were over 540 villages were demolished) to prevent the exhausted and terrorized villagers from fighting back !!

Once begun, the whole ugly business took six months to complete. It expelled about 800,000 people, killed many others, and destroyed 531 villages and 11 urban neighborhoods in cities like Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. The action was a clear case of ethnic cleansing that international law today calls a crime against humanity for which convicted Nazis at Nuremberg were hanged. So far Israelis have always remained immune from international law even though names of guilty leaders and those charged with implementing their orders are known as well as the crimes they committed.


The British-led Arab-Legion (the army of TranJordan led by L. Gen Glubb , i.e. the British occupation force) was to facilitate the ethnic cleansing during the theatrical war of 1948, and to prevent the already expelled villagers from coming back fighting for their existence. The Arab-Legion was the strongest Arab forces (though it was far more weak than the British supported and facilitated Zionist Army) and the only one that can wage and maneuver attacks against the Zionist army. Though there ware courageous and great individual fighting and sacrifice of the Arab-Legion specially around Jerusalem, the role of this British-led force is to facilitate evacuation Palestine from the natives and prevent the already expelled from fighting back as they asked the Palestinians to run away to Jordan for a few weeks till they (the British-led Legion) liberate Palestine for them !!! Jordan, actually was established by the British Occupation force to be the home for the expelled Palestinians and to protect the eastern borders of the zionist entity.  This way, and before the 1948 theatrical war, the Arab-Legion helped expelling the Palestinians from their homes!!! Funny and theatrical history of the 1948 Nakba !!!

The third party, which is our beloved UNRWA, (as the executive arm of the UN) also had a decisive planned role in evacuating Palestine for the sake of the Zionist settlers, and also to manage a permanent life for them away from their demolished villages and stolen land !!!

As we mentioned before, in 1947 (even before declaring the Division Plan, and at the time most of the Palestinians were still in their villages living a semi-normal life and still not ethnically cleansed yet) the UN was fully aware of what they are preparing to and what is going to happen in the next year, the year of the actual ethnic cleansing. In preparation for this, the UN first established the UNRPR fund to facilitated cleansing the Palestinians, and second, (pursuant to expelling the vast majority of the Palestinian people) established our beloved UNRWA !!!

A well planned refugee camp-  “benevolent” “humanitarian” aids?

The UNRWA role was to help the Palestinians manage their misery away from their home, to let them forget about their stolen homeland, to prevent them from fighting back to their homes and villages !!! It was clear for the UNRWA that its role was created to last, was created to manage the misery of those refugees, to keep them away in the Diaspora… and accordingly its “benevolent” aids were to be dedicated to create a permanent infrastructure for the refugees to stay into the misery they were expelled to, for the refugees to start a new life leaving their land and homes for the Zionist colonizers!! This was the sole and the only reason for which the UNRWA was established; to manage (the crisis of) the misery of the Palestinian refugees away from their homeland and to facilitate creating Israel. Its role is to clean the mess that the Zionist terrorist created, to clean the blood-smeared Zionist hands from our blood, to take off the economic and the moral burden off the Zionist terrorists… otherwise how can we explain what the UNRWA is doing since 60 years? What have they done to prevent the holocaust of Gaza lately other than cleaning the mess the Zionist have committed? Helping to silence the Palestinian refugees with trash of “humanitarian” aids after the Zionist couldn’t silence them with their terror !!!

Can you spot out the difference?

After 60 years of constant lying and hypocritical discourse, I got the right to ask; What has the UNRWA done to me personally other than managing my eternal misery? What is hidden under their magical hat to surprise me with and silence me more, for me to swallow the bitter taste of stealing my home while, still after 60 years, I still live a few kilometers away from my demolished home, and still they bring Russian “jews” (if they are jewish, anyway) settlers to enjoy my garden !!! What has the UNRWA been doing other than silencing me, managing my misery and facilitating the establishment of the Zionist entity on my own homeland, and cleaning off the mess the Zionist terrorists commit every couple of years ???

Sami, the Bedouin.

23 thoughts on “The UNRWA and The Roots of The Palestinian Ongoing Nakba !!

  1. The implimentation of resolution 194 that calls for Palestinians Right of Return must be part of the peace contract, other wise…it would be treason to sell out the refugees who are paying the price.


  2. Thanks Leo,
    planting the zionist entity in the heart of the Arab world is Western project in which all the colonizer countries and the UN took part to divide the Arab world and keep them threatened !!


    1. no it is a jewish project. at the moment the ashkenazi jews are controlling our puppet leaders here in the west with the exception of Hungary thanks to Jobbik and it’s courageous people.


  3. This is a brilliant piece of writing Sami. Very clearly presented , logical , clear , coherent …… Bloody excellent Sir !!


  4. The duties and foundations for the UN and UNRWA were laid by Winston Churchill during his entire political career. He fully understood Palestinian and Arab countries’ opposition to an israeli state being forced into their region. “In March 1921, twenty six years before the The United Nations General Assembly voted to partition Palestine, Mr. Winston Churchill visited Palestine and met a delegation of Muslim leaders. They protested that the ultimate objective of political Zionism was to give the natural resources of Palestine to the Jews. They
    pointed out that the Arabs had occupied Palestine for over a thousand years. They asked Churchill to use his influence to correct what they considered a great injustice.” HA! That worked well, didn’t it?

    Later, Churchill told the Palestinian leadership what he thought of them:
    “I do not admit… that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America, or the black people of Australia… by the fact that a stronger race, a higher grade race… has come in and taken its place.” -Churchill to Palestine Royal Commission, 1937 …
    In other words, he apparently sees the zionist Jews as a superior race to Palestinians, and they should be thankful that these superior beings want to live among the lowly Palestinians.
    Churchill… his speeches… his so witty and quotable words was MEDIA in Britain, therefore seeping into its allies media and becoming standard propaganda for zionism in the West, in Europe, and anywhere else that blind sheep could be fooled and manipulated by the media.

    I must give credit to the evil brilliance of the zionists. By the end of WWII, our major enemy and reason for future wars and profits was Communism. But zionists saw the fragility of such governments… and those wars were so limited and NOT in Palestine. Zionists discovered the perfect source for the future of the war industry – Arab nations that despise a Jewish state among them. If the zionsts were rewarded with their coveted “holy land”… they could have weak governments surrounding them by constant interference in internal affairs PLUS succeed in stealing as much Arab land as possible from Palestine and hopefully into Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, blah, blah, blah. And these devilish deeds would serve to create a lasting replacement for Communism… the media-labeled “Muslim Terrorist”.

    I can imagine my country (the U.S…. shhhhh… tell no one!) was drooling at this ingenious idea! We could leave Palestine simmering for decades while we depleted the supply of Communist enemies… and then… have a booming terrorist business for future wars for profit (for the wealthy). What a better way is there to do this than to establish an organization and agencies with a false purpose that we can claim protects Palestinians? Besides UNRWA being a cruel joke, the UN itself is full-blown comedy theatre! The UN orders its UNRWA arm to write reports about the effects of the israeli blockade of Gaza. Almost every year, the issue a LONG report on the hundreds of human rights abuses committed by the israeli government. Over 1/3 (probably more like 1/2) of Palestinian children are malnourished because of this “legal holocaust”.UN agencies for children write reports against israel. When israel took the land given to them by the UN… they immediately seized 21% more land than was given to them by the UN. There are more than 51 UN resolutions against israel that are completely ignored by the zionists. Does the great & powerful & defender of human rights UN ever place sanctions against israel? They refuse inspection of their nuclear facilities by the IAEC… just as Saddam Hussein fought against… just as Iran refuses. What has been israel’s fate for refusal? Obama was the first US president who would ever publicly admit the zionists had nuclear weapons and that we knew!… almost 60 years after they had those weapons!!! What a JOKE!

    The UN supports human rights, refugees, and nuclear inspections only when it is convenient and does not interfere with the desires of the zionists. The UN was created to support zionists and to provide the West with a permanent enemy for wars… glorious wars now because… “terrorism” has NO boundaries. We can bomb anyone if we can call them a terrorist. zionists make the wealthy so much wealthier. Those are the so obvious purposes of the UN & UNRWA! May God bless the ONLY democracy in the East… so we can destroy Palestine and as many other Arab countries as possible. War money… resources… bombed societies we can use as farms for cheap foreign labor too! What’s not to love about this set-up?


  5. I forgot to leave you an answer about where all the “Russian and German Jews” are coming from! There is an organization that runs late night/early morning commercials on TV. We call them “info-mercials”. People selling anything can buy 1,2, 3 hours of uninterrupted TV time cheap… very cheap in these time slots. I was shocked one night to discover a 1 or 2 hour program that pleads with christians to join with jews in helping poor, poor (always old and frightened) german and russian jews to move to their “homeland”. Compared to most prices for plane tickets… it is CHEAP to send these “poor, sad jews” to end their days happy and well-cared for in israel. For 2 solid hours, christians are told that it is their “christian duty” to help their jewish brothers & sisters. Check out the link to this disgusting, nauseating “christian” organization:
    It is NOT Jerusalem. It is Al-Quds!!!


    1. The shard of malevolence and crime is what the West planted in our homeland, a racist regime that is fed on blood and racist ideology…. What the UNRWA is poisoning us with is just the price of our homeland, our freedom, in a systematic program to reinforce the zionists existence… to prolong the occupation period a bet longer….. BUT… the Arab and Muslim tsunami is awakening, and the zionist entity will not last longer than the coming 20 years as the last CIA report predicted !!


  6. The worst enemy of the Palestinian Arabs are of course other Arabs. If tomorrow there were no Israel, there would still be no peace. Israel is the best thing to happen to the nomadic tent dwellers.


    1. All arabs and muslims are our brothers…. the vast majority of the Egyptians, for example, detest the zionist entity… probably you mean Mubarak and his family ( the slaves of the zionists) they are definitely the enemy of all Arabs and Muslims !!


  7. Tell us Sami how are Palestinian Arabs treated in Lebanon? Is Hezbollah also a Zionist pawn? How are Palestinian Arabs treated in Jordan (who has murdered more Palestinians than any other government). What about in Bahrain? Kuwait? All of those countries are under Zionist control?

    If the Zionists are that powerful that they also control Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait and more, perhaps you should join them.


    1. Initiating the zionist entity is the source of all devils in the Middle East… The Palestinians in Lebanon are ethnically cleansed in the first place and their place is not Lebanon, their homes are in Haifa and Acre !!!


  8. PLEASE boycott all Israeli goods, not as some sick retribution, but as a simple but VERY powerful and NON-VIOLENT message to say “NO” to brutal Apartheid & Ethnic Cleansing, thanks.


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