AlQaeda Infiltrating into Gaza !!

Sometimes it’s stupid to act smart, as the same, it’s smart to act stupid, but it depends on how and when to act accordingly as the Americans say “to know when, to say when” !!!

Unlike the Americans, the British seem to be a dull people (which is “stupid” to generalize) but I believe that the British are (unlike the Americans) smart enough to act stupidly. The Americans (politically speaking) are bombastically stupid at the time they think that they are smart enough to deceive the “seemingly stupid” others !!!

A striking example here is the CIA lie of the Iraqi “mass destruction” weapons which everybody knew that these “weapons” are not other than a sack of hay to experience their blind power on, and when you are blinded by power, you (always) act stupidly and don’t need to explain why you are crazy !!!

Mr. Saggan(who contacted me recklessly recently, to gather information) is fabricating a new “stupid” lie of AlQaeda in Gaza, however, this is not a new American lie nor started recently in their Donkihotic war against the invisible and exhausting “terrorism” while actually aiming at the Middle East resources. After accomplishing his lies in Iraq, the Gulf and Afghanistan, Mr. Saggan (the Zionist American delegated and probably funded by the Washington Institute) has come recently to dwell amongst his fellows in Jerusalem and started to weave the threads of the new trick. He’s expert in weaving “coherent” researches about “terrorism” as his rich history of “researches” is standing there for those who are still fooled or addict to be fooled.

Last year, a local PA officer boasted “stupidly” that he’s got a full “coherent” file of Alqaeda cells infiltrating into Gaza with the help of Hamas activist (with fabricated names and numbers, for sure) and he said that this report is going to shake the world. Probably he wanted to impress the Americans and the Zionists how loyal he was, or maybe he wanted to ensure having a super VIP card and started to collect “seemingly” informative file on which he exhausted himself for months to produce as much as he could an “authentic” lie.
I don’t know how long Mr. Saggan has been in Jerusalem, nor how much he’s cooperating with this (or alike) officer, but what I know is that he is weaving a plot to be ready when the time comes to re-invade the civilians of Gaza preparing for the Greater Israel !!!

I don’t believe that Hamas is cooperating with Alqaeda as they are both from very different schools and even competing in different camps as the last raid of Hamas against the Fundamentalists in Rafah showed how bloody this competition is.

However, it’s been years in which different parts are weaving “coherent” reports of AlQAIDA INFILTRATING INTO GAZA !!! Should we believe it? I personally can’t buy more “smartly acted” stupid American lies !!!

Sami, the Bedouin.

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