Death Penalty: A State of Assassins !!

There’s a worldwide debate over the “legality” of Death Penalty, Execution or Capital Punishment as it is referred to in the different legal systems. There are people and organizations who support capital punishment and even with increasing its rates and the legislation that widens its range alleging that it deters and reduce capital crimes within the society. However, others, people and organizations are against it and fighting and campaigning to stop it as an inhuman way of punishing individuals for committing crimes and offenses that the whole society is responsible for.

You cant justify killing for killing, nor eye-for-eye policy, otherwise you would have a whole dead or blind society. China, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the US are the largest killers in the world in which a whole society is standing up to kill an individual for committing a crime that he is partially responsible for, while actually the whole society is the murderer !!!

No one is born criminal or killer, but the social conditions are the main factor of criminality, and the social conditions are provided and shaped by the society and government !! However, we are not to discuss the official and judicial death penalty, but extrajudicial assassination, the Death Squads !! “israel” is out of this debate, simply because it is so “democratic” and never committed such a punishment but once in 1962 against Eichmann, the Nazi. The human blood and life for “israel” is so precious, specially the jewish one as it never executed anyone from the “chosen people”, the beloved sons of God !!!

zionist secret undercover unit arresting a Palestinian activist

Can you believe this? I don’t, simply because I have witnessed the mass-killing Israel executing the whole people of Palestine. Inside “israel” the conditions are perfect for the jew “citizen” but in the occupied Territories, it is hell for the occupied natives !!! “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.” David Ben-Gurion (the father of “israel”), May 1948, to the General Staff. From Ben-Gurion, A Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar, Delacorte, New York 1978.


The zionist systematic assassination policy is very well known. “israel” has been using Death Squads even before it was established and once it was terrorist groups of Lehi, Irgun, and Stern, even a long time before they (the zionist terrorists) assassinated the Swedish noble and diplomat Bernadette . It’s a Zionist systematic policy that was established on the Rabbinic genocidal mentality, and the assassins mostly become the top leaders (war criminals) of “israel” like BeginShamir, Sharon, Barak, Livni, Bennett, Shaked and the list is endless.

they are fed hatred by their Talmud teachings:

‘Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.’ (Samuel, 15:3)

Zionist leaders

Barak’s role in the assassination of Abu Jihad makes it clear that all wings of the Israeli Zionist establishment, the so-called doves as well as the open supporters of Israeli expansionism, are tied to the policies of state murder and mass terror. It substantiates the fact that the present recourse to political assassinations is part of a strategy to destroy the Palestinian national movement that has the support of the Labor Party leadership as well as Likhud.

A terrorist state (any terrorist state like “israel”) can allege that it doesn’t apply Death Penalty within its borders, and even that its “legal” system doesn’t have such a penalty, but on the ground they practice it openly and widely to annihilate the indigenous occupied people. Since it was established, “isreal” has never committed Death penalty but once, however they (the Zionists) are applying a systematic and deliberate murder of a whole people politically by eliminating its political and social elite. When its murderers reach to the top of the Government like Shamir and the current offense minister Barak (who slain three Palestinian leaders in Beirut with his bare hands), then the whole government is murderous!!

It [the assassination policy] began with the (Jewish National Fund) JNF Arab village inventory that was a blueprint completed by the late 1930s that included the topographic location of each village with detailed information including husbandry, cultivated land, number of trees, quality of fruit, average amount of land per family, number of cars, shop owners, Palestinian clans and their political affiliation, descriptions of village mosques and names of their imams, civil servants and more. The final inventory update was finished in 1947 with lists of “wanted” persons in each village targeted in 1948 for search-and-arrest operations with those seized summarily shot on the spot in cold blood.
The idea was simple – kill the leaders and anyone thought to be a threat the British hadn’t already eliminated quelling the 1936-39 uprising. It created a power vacuum neutralizing any effective opposition to Zionists’ plans.

 Hundreds of our leader, intellectuals, professors, students, prisoners, women, writers, thinkers, politicians, novelists, researchers, mayors, teachers, peace activists… have been deliberately assassinated by the terrorist state of “israel”. Over the past 100 years, the zionists have been targeting our elite to eliminate any possibility to have a healthy society and leadership, they are annihilating our people.

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners were assassinated inside the prison after being caught and investigated like [Akkawi], others were released and shoot dead in the street a few days after being released. Hundreds of our leaders were assassinated in their offices, cars, homes or the street by the “israeli” assassination units that are ruling the Zionist state. Hundreds of writers, young peace activists, women were deliberately assassinated in their homes or in the street !!!

For the israeli terrorists, there are many different reasons to assassinate. Sometimes they murder a peace activist for his/her ability to convinces the Israelis and international peace activists to act, for his ability to cluster more peace activists [Abu-Rahmeh]. Sometimes a mayor is killed for being a leading national figure that unites Muslims and Christians together [Khalaf] the christian mayor of Ramallah. Sometimes when his impartial plan that is about to reach to a peaceful settlement [Bernadotte]. Sometimes students are killed because they are so popular in defending their cause specially those studying in the European Universities [al-Khederi]. Sometimes a leader is assassinated because he so influential in the International politics [Abu-Iyad]. Sometimes, a women is slain simply because her ability to organize and lead [Muna Dahi]. Sometimes a juvenile student is targeted for his a ability to move his fellow students to demonstrate [hundreds]. Sometimes a prisoner is assassinated for his ability to educated other prisoners [Ibrahim alraai]. Sometimes a writer is killed because he is internationally quoted for his authentic writings [Kanafani].  Sometime they assassinate Arab scientist to abort their efforts [Almashad] for developing the Arab society. Sometimes they even slaughter European scientist who are about to reveal the zionist sabotage plots [Bonomo & Ferez]. Sometimes, simply because he doesn’t look good in the zionst eyes…. Shall we go on and name thousands of simple unknown martyrs who were targeted deliberately and shoot from “zero distance מדווח אפס”? if to use the zionist terminology after committing a successful assassination? This policy has been followed all the time even by the zionist terrorists before establishing “israel”, and it was so clear when it was approved by the Knesset in 2000 during the second Intifada where hundreds were deliberately assassinated by the special “israeli” undercover units in a few months…. And still this systematic killing is going on !!!

In an article titled, “The israeli Terrorist State and its Mossad Assassins,” the late professor Israel Shahak, a Holocaust survivor, and chairman of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights from 1970 until 1990, famously wrote: “There is nothing new in the fact that Israel is a terrorist state, which, almost from its inception, has used its intelligence service (the Mossad) to assassinate people on foreign soil with any violence or terror it considers necessary for its ends.”

So, “israel” never assassinated but Eichmann? I can believe this only if I am crazy or fool, or drunk maybe !!!

It is not necessary to have a “legal” system to legalize Death Penalty, but you can simply do it widely and systematically while alleging of being a so “Human” occupation and the “only democratic oasis” in the Middle East !!!

Sami, the bedouin

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  1. This is very powerful writing Sami – The Bedouin . Very accurate too in its listing of the gruesome crimes of the Zionists against the people they are occupying illegally .




  2. Dearest Brother
    This article of yours exposed the ugly faces of the Zionists,i am optimistic of the freedom of Palestine and Gaza as is the rest of our Ummah but inspired by your writing i’ll pray even more that may the intellectuals, vigorous ones, brave hearts and the true believers be saved from the clutches of these brutes…All of them are our asset ,our Ummah needs them…may God bless you for taking their veils off …Long live Palestine ..Long Live Gaza..Ameen


  3. So much rubbish that it classifies as a lie.

    1) the country with the largest amount of death penalties is China, with nearly 1700 (as they declare) per year.
    number 2 is Iran (which has the largest death penalties number per capita) with nearly 400 executions every year.
    number 3 is Iraq (120) number 4 is Saudi-Arabia, and the on number 5 comes the US.

    2) Actions of war are NOT assassinations, nor executions nor capital penalties.
    under that, the 150,000 people died during the Lebanese civil war have also been executed.
    Ironically, for your accusations of Israel committing deliberate and systematic mass killing of the Palestinians have conveniently forgotten to mention that more Palestinians have been killed in Arab countries, by Arabs (or even Palestinians) then Israel ever could, add to that other Arabs who have been killed by Arabs (like the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, or north Yemen civil , and if you really want to extend that issue, the Iran-Iraq war – 1.5 million casualties in 8 years (note, the Israeli-Arab conflict has a death tole of 100,000 people since 1920 – includes Israeli casualties and Arab soldiers from Syria Egypt Jordan Lebanon and other militias).

    Some how, a population that has a natural and unnatural growth of 600% within 40 years claims that it’s being systematically eradicated, you started that war, this is the price to pay.

    3) the Irgun and the Etzel are the same organization, you were trying to inflate the number of militias with no success.
    both of them are outlawed in Israel since 1948 and their participants have been involved in Israeli politics during the 1970s.

    The Zionist militias have been established during the late 1930s, after the Palestinians massacred Jews all over the British mandate area, in 1920, 1921, 1929 and 1936-1939.
    They only started their militant activity in the 1940s.

    In any case, the first political assassination in this conflict took part in 1937, when Arabs-Palestinians, commanded by Haj Amin Al Huseiny (Hitlers beloved friend) shot Lewis Andrews to death.

    4) killing your leaders?
    Like who? Ahmad Yassin or Yehie Ayash?
    And then again, you cannot compare oranges with tomatoes.
    Assassination is assassination, war is war.
    Imagine that! wars produce casualties!! who would have thought??
    Besides, much of your reference points are biased and unreliable.

    More over, if you take a close look at the assassinations list given by WP, you realize that there aren’t many:

    1960s – 1
    1970s – 15 (most of them as a retaliation for the Munich Olympics raid, none of them can be considered as “leader” what so ever, and about Zoheer Muhesien who said that there’s no such thing as Palestinians we have all heard of).
    1980s – 3
    1990 – 5 (one of them was a Hezbollah leader, other two were Yehia Ayash and Khaled Mashal).
    2000s – 24 (Most of them are Hamas members, and with the exception of Rantisi and Yasin, none of them are national leaders + they listed Imad Mughnia, which is yet from being proven that Israel had anything to do with it).
    2010 – 2
    in total : 50 (not all of them are Palestinians, almost all are military activists! some of them killed during war) with in 50 years.

    Point is, this is a blatant propaganda with no factual ground!


    1. Eldad,
      I feel I am obliged to give space for the zionist propaganda !!

      I didnt talk of nor mentioned anyone from Hamas or Islamic, but you assassinate even your “peace” partners !!

      If we to calculate the zionist undercover assassination it would excede China… at least China doesnt say that they dont have Death Penalty, and unlike the zionist who say that they committed it only once, the Chinese are open about it !!!

      “Action of war” doesnt take a bunch of assassins of the Mussad to forge European Passport and kill in a peaceful country like Dubai, this other than the current Offense Minister who killed three Palestinian leaders with his bare hands in thier bed in Beirut !!

      The zionist lies are revealed consecutively for the world to see and thanks to Facebook and the blog sites that are run by individual out of the zionist domination !!


      1. You are not obliged to do any thing but to give an honest, not one sided, non biased coverage of the situation.

        Shooting out to the air false accusations is not going to farther anyone’s knowledge.


      2. What the hell are you talking about?
        It would take Israel another 10,000 years to be where China is today.
        What makes you think that this kind of lame populism is going to convince me?

        You are accusing me of being a propagandist, but there you are using the most famous propaganda trick – say what you think is true (or even when you know very damn well that it’s a complete lie as long as it suits your purpose) as if it was a granted fact.

        In other words, you can use a few more references and figures to support your claims, from where I see it it’s just a collection of arbitrary arguments with no basic factual ground.

        If a murderer admits to kill X people it doesn’t meter isn’t it? he’s still a murderer, Israel do not implement death penalty of any kind, actions of war are not only B52 bombing an entire village in Vietnam or a whole tank battalion charges fortified construction area in the desert.
        There are many types of warfare:

        electronic warfare, psychological warfare, espionage, cold war, arming race and so on.
        To kill a well known terrorist whose organization you are at war with, is an action of war.

        Khalil al-Wazir (aka Abu Jihad) was assassinated in Tunisia, not in Beirut he was the only target, and he was shot to death, they didn’t kill him with bare hands… this is not Hollywood, Barak is not Steven Sigal.

        All facebook groups and blogs like this one does is spreading baseless rumors which doesn’t have neither educational nor historical value.


        1. It seems that you dont know that “Mr” Ehud Barak (Israle Top Murderer) is a serial killer, in addition to killing Khalil Alwazir in Tunisia, he killed three Palestinian leaders WITH HIS BARE HANDS in their bed in Beirut, Plus killing (documented photos if you would like to please your zionist eyes with) Dalal al-Mughrabi… and this is only what we know of his murders within his bloody career with the MUSSAD !!

          By the way, my display picture is of Ghassan Kanafani (a Palestinian novelist, painter and journalist who never held a gun) but he was assassinated by the zionist murderers because he was creative in reviving the Palestinian issue through his writings… he was assassinated when he was only 36 years old !!

          PS: it wont help you arguing Eldad, because with every reply I reveal more facts documented and written by western writers !!


      3. Yes, I can see what kind of documents you reveal and by what kind of “westerns” they have been written by.

        A racist! white separatist, who hates any one who not white including you (assumption here is that you are really what you say you are).
        Is this what you really support? in regardless of the psychotic problems you got with Israel, are you really in favor of white people persecuting non whites? do you really think that Black people in the US should not be allowed to be in places where white people hangs out?

        Who you are, what you are or what you believe in is non of my concern, you are neither a leader non a representative of anything (best case is that you are older than 20),
        Your signaling for other references to such source or delusions that I am in somehow going to be thereby deterred is more important.

        How many Palestinians have been killed under Abu Jihads command? he was one of the main leaders of the first intifada, in which more Palestinians have been killed by Palestinians than by Israelis (that includes public executions and decapitations), how many Lebanese during the Lebanon civil war? how many Jordanians?

        same for all other figures you have mentioned, this is war, and war is hell (general Sherman).

        Propaganda and Psychological warfare, which writers and journalists are a big part of is an integral part of war, therefore, attacking such is also an act of war and you can find the trace of that all over WW2 or the War in Vietnam.
        I can give you many examples of Israelis who have never held a gun in their lives and got killed by Palestinians as well, and as I’ve mentioned before, the first bullet was shot by the Palestinians. takes two to tang mate.


        1. OK Eldad ( the name is familiar to me of a zionist interrogator as I was in Jail for claiming for my freedom off the zionist occupation)

          How about the BBC saying that “Israeli officials have at times boldly admitted that the policy [of extrajudicial assassination] exists and is being pursued vigorously.” , would you accuse the BBC of (your ready to silence weapon) antisemitism?

          Or probably you would accuse even the israeli jewish leftists of (your weapon against the jewish intellectuals) being “self-hating jews”? as they says: The Israeli left has argued that the assassination policy is gangster behaviour unbecoming of a government and against Israeli law.

          If you want more just read about the x-Mossadist (Victor Ostrovesky) who describes the bloody methods of his fellow Mossadists !!

          You cant bury your face in the sand and accuse me of being anti-semitic, and I am sure you will accuse your fellow jews of being “self-hating jews” as long as they oppose the bloody zionist assassination policy !!


    2. Very good!
      You proved your self to be a well trained debater by committing a recognized trick.

      Leave a bate to your opponent, let him fall in the trap and then smash him with a hard evidence.

      In this case: you posted an “article” from a pro-Nazi web page, made by a racist, and as I will call him anti-semite you had the chance to go on with the whole “the Zionists are abusing the holocaust” or “they call anti-semite to any one who do not agree with them” etc.

      It might worked out well against some one else.
      I did not swallow the bate! your trap did not succeed!
      I didn’t say anti semite, I didn’t accuse you of being anti semite, not you and not anyone else!

      I called William Pierce a “white separatist”, do you want to know why? because THIS IS WHAT HE IS!!
      He said that openly and explicitly!
      Anyone with a slight sanity will say that supporting separation of white people from others is racism, wouldn’t you?
      So I also said that he is a RACIST (and elaborated about his hate not being against Jews alone but also against you).

      Conclusion – I did not accuse anyone, I called the cat in his name, is there anything wrong with that?

      I did criticize you for other things: inflated statements, exaggerations, arbitrary claims and usage of corrupt sources.

      For instance, the reference to the BBC article,
      Yes, this is true Israel assassinated(s) leaders and activists of organizations which it is at war with.
      I didn’t deny that, I do not deny that and I will not deny that.

      But to conclude that Israel commit a political genocide?
      What on earth? There’s nothing new that the BBC article has to teach us (shouldn’t be so surprising, it is a 9 years old article, written during the outbreak of the second intifada).

      So basically your trick failed because:
      1) I didn’t say the word anti-semite until you did, I did not accuse any one of any thing and yet you charged with accusing me of accusing you and others… McCarthyism right from the books, not so serious.

      2) you did not provide any hard evidence of anything to contradict my points nor any source to bring new light to our debate, going in circles.

      as for Victor Ostrovesky:

      He did not provide any evidence for him being a Mosad officer.
      The big loophole in his story is that for a junior case officer he knows WAY to much about so many operational secrets, historical operations and current operations.
      Since the Mossad, as any other intelligence agency, practice strict compartmentalization of confidential or secretive information.
      all that suggests that Ostrovesky books are essentially novels.
      But who cares, the money has been made easily.

      Since when Israeli left wingers words are god-given truth?
      Because they are Israelis they are better certified?
      I’m trying to understand this kind of logic.
      Are you suggesting that they are Israels representatives?

      Get real.
      Meretz has 3 seats in the Knesset (out of 120) and Hadash has 4 seats. Meretz is facing the distinct possibility of no seats next time (Israel’s system makes it virtually impossible to hold less than two seats) and Hadash receives …more than 90% of its votes from the Arab sector and in its various forms (beginning as MAKI Communists) has never held more than 7 seats. You have picked up few quotes as unrepresentative of the Israeli people as it is possible to get.

      PS: How would you know if the Eldad who had interrogated you during your time in jail is a Zionist?


    3. Eldad, or El mayet, you are really a morron!!! How can you compare the population of China with Palestine’s one!!! When the zoo-nist kill us, for you it’s war… and when we kills you, it’s terrorism…. I pray Allah that all the zoo-nist lives much longer so they make more “shit” in this planet so the Hell can enjoy you 🙂
      Visit my page on Facebook: The reason why israel has NO right to exist”


  4. Eldad….
    I really have no time for a deaf person, my loudspeaker is not loud enough to shed some light on your zionist-blinded eyes …
    if you dont believe me just google “assassination + israel” and you will see for your bare eyes the fact which you are trying to deny


  5. “I can tell you unequivocally what the policy is. If anyone has committed or is planning to carry out terrorist attacks, he has to be hit. It is effective, precise, and just.”

    Israeli Minister Ephraim Sneh
    quoted in the article of Wednesday, 1 August, 2001, 21:01 GMT 22:01 UK
    “Israel’s ‘assassination policy'” BBC News

    As they say in French, “C’est connu comme le loup blanc.”
    Besides Bernadotte, Jewish terrorists, the Lehi, murdered Walter Guinness Lord Moyne in Cairo 6 November 1944. Many innocents are also hit, I suppose that we can call that “collateral damage,” which makes it kosher. For example, 5 Egyptian factory workers were blown to bits in Heluan in November 1962. On 22 July 2002, in the assassination strike on Salah Shahade via dropping a 2,205 lb explosive by an F-16, not only the militant leader but his wife and 9 children were slain in their beds. When Ahmed Yassin was targeted 22 March 2004, 9 bystanders were blown up as well. And I deem it just to label the Operation Cast Lead atrocity as a mass assassination. Not only the targets, members of Hamas, were slain but hundreds of civilian men, women and children. I do not accept the “human shield” hasbara. To those who call it a “war,” I ask how can war be waged against a territory which is not a state nor does it have an army. That gruesome horror was simply mass slaughter. The brave Israeli warriors sat safely in their armored vehicles on land and in the air, shooting humans as if in a video game. About 10 Israeli soldiers were killed, 2 by their own comrades. Some Israelis even watched from nearby hilltops, drinking coffee and munching sandwiches, modern day clones of ancient, bloodthirsty Roman rabble at the games. In an interview which I saw on YouTube, a lovely young lady admitted that not enough Gazans were killed, commenting with a laugh that she is “a bit Fascist.” And so are they all. A bit Fascist and totally merciless assassins.


  6. And lest we forget, there is the character assassination, for instance, Rick Sanchez lost his job on CNN for making some remarks which were immediately construed to be “anti-Semitic.” Helen Thomas was tarbrushed for her famous and very truthful “Get the hell out of Palestine” comments, which were twisted and magnified out of context. Woe unto anyone who even makes a face when discussing Israel!


    1. Thanks Solovey,

      You are right, the assassination mentality cant other than its own discourse of annihilating the other. the zionists cant see but their own discourse of the “chosen people” and all the others to serve them, otherwise they are ready to assassinate literally, politically and charactor assassination (as you mentioned only two) that the zionists cant stand who dare to speak the truth. They are ready to murder, even a disabled old man on wheelchair like sheikh Yassin, and to assassinate intellectuals like Dr. Azmi Bishara (our Christian leader) and they are ready to bring out from their accusation bag of “antisemitism” the rest of their lies!!!


  7. Very well done dear Sami!

    The Zionist entity is a very ugly thing… “The most moral army in the world” (sic!) kills Palestinian babies so they don’t have to fight a grown up man later.. How “moral”…

    Zionism is a poison the world must be rid from.


  8. “Israel is out of this debate, simply because it is so “democratic””

    Yea that is such a classic. Australia was ‘so democratic’ too even when, in the not so distance past, Aboriginals and women were denied the vote. The US is ‘so democratic’ that people have simply given up voting. There is a word missing in this… ‘so “barely” democratic’.


  9. I’d like to hear Eldad address the accusation by Sami of the assassination of the Palestinian intelligentsia. I do not like what I have seen of late that appears to be unwarranted oppression of Palestinians by Israelis in the Palestinian territories. I think Israel has a right to exist and that the Palestinians have a right to a viable national state. Israel’s borders should be reconfigured to give it defensible borders but Israel and Palestine need to work toward some sort of peaceable solution built on mutual respect and cooperation. I’d like to see the day when no one from Palestine launches a missile into Israel and when Israel does not kill any law abiding Palestinian and respects the right of the Palestinians to have adequate water, food, electricity, medicine etc.


    1. @ Walter… this is the wishful way of thinking denying all the relevant aspects:

      The Palestinian state was assigned in 1948 but “israel” didnt respect that and took over 75% of Palestine and kicked over 80% of the Palestinians out of their homes. “israel” was established on the rubble of Palestine and the Palestinians have been suffering all this long time of almost 100 years looking for their homeland. Now, the Palestinians are segregated in concentration comps. “Remember, these people are occupied and they are fighting to get free” Helen Thomas. Some 75% of the Gaza people are refugees whom “israel” kicked them out of their homes in Ashdod, Ashkilon, Sderot and the other town that were Palestinians before we knew what is called “israel”…

      “peace”? what a hollow word that is useless for nothing…. peace was given over 20 years chance of fruitless negotiation in which “israel” was using every minutes to build a new settlement. to add a new settler, to demolish a Palestinian home, to create a fact on the ground in order to block any hope of peace, any hope of “viable” Palestinian state…. “Israel” is digging its grave by systematically denying the Palestinian existence, and by systematically killing any hope of peace in its endeavor to annihilate the Palestinians and occupy all of historic Palestine denying the fighting demographic reality of the native Palestinians …. What “israel” wants is the annihilation of the other, not only through literal assassination, but also through political and cultural assassination…. the zionists want the whole cake and eat it at the same time…. I dont believe there’s a single Palestinian now who trusts that the zionists want peace !! for more information please have a look at my predictive article titled: JeninStan of Mr Dayton and the Two States Solution in which I predicted the failure of the “peace process” over 10 years ago !!


      1. So as an American woman who knew nothing about the Palestinian people till a few years ago I want to say thank you for the above reply. I am not so good with my words but you spoke all my thoughts and allowed all the rage in my heart for all the murder and theft of love, land ,lives that will never be, children never to be born .
        To call what has taken place a war is a blatant lie. In my country they called the genocide of the Native Americans the Indian Wars. It is no different . To speak of arab fighting arab has nothing to do with it either, this is just a cover to pull ones disgust and rage and attention away from the atrocities carried out by the Israeli government. The length of time that this has been allowed to go on by the international community is as serious a crime as those committed by the Zionists. Eldad, I do not know who you are , but to stand in the dark and pretend that you are a candle when the winds of change are blowing so beautifully speaks to your ignorance. The governments many not speak out as they should but the citizens of the world surely recognize an evil when they view it…There is light my friend, and no matter how loud you continue with the same old lies , repetition no longer is a viable tool . There are other narratives and the truth is a funny thing. It shines brighter and is warmer and draws people to it…Sami , i thank you so much , I am not Palestinian , but my love for your people is real and deep…The anger that I harbor in my heart for all the atrocities and being one woman with no power to create political will can be a very heavy thing…I appreciate your tone and pride and power…it is as if you are my voice…thank you so much …


        1. Thank you so much Sandra for your sincere and warm comment… it really means a lot for me, that my personal and national pain has an echo … that there are people who can understand and feel what we have been through since almost a hundred years…
          thank you again dear… that gives me the power and the courage to keep spreading the word… at least to have my right to vent my pain in writing !!


  10. Zionists are lying, murderous, psychopaths that create fiction and spread it as truth in Israel & the USA. My zionist government will not even investigate nor publicize the 1967 massacre of 34 and wounding of 173 crewman on board the USS Liberty, a $40 million ship destroyed by the “so democratic” cancerous state of Israel. Zionists have turned Judaism into a filthy, heartless cult of deranged and arrogant killers… always innocent… always respectful of human life. That is BullShit!


  11. eldad is typical of the parasitic tribe, clearly thinks he is a clever little jew, thinks he has the right to denigrate the people whose stolen lands he lives on. he is a contemptible, obnoxious little parasite..


  12. As salaam mu alay kum one and all i beg to differ regarding the 2 state solution its a zionist idea adopted by the so called liberals of this world just to take the focus of the murders and killings of innocent land owners , beforte zionism muslims,jews,christians and samaratins lived together in PALESTINE peacefully, 2nd world war so called jews where welcomed by palestinians then the refugees became occupiers and scumm, howevr i know that ALLAH will give all those that seek HIM and the true way of life, help and victory over the oppressors dont fear they will be defeated ALLAH HU AKBAR


  13. Sami, you truly have a gift with words and for expressing beautifully what many of us only wish we could so cleverly articulate. For some of us, who have seen the evils of the occupation with our own eyes, fighting against it has become a life-long obsession. But we don’t have to live oppressed lives every day, you do. We don’t have to worry about Zionist repercussions when we write something, you do. Still, you forge ahead, bravely and magnificently sharing with us the realities of your world, no doubt with the hope that your words will somehow make a difference in the lives of your Palestinian brothers and sisters. I just wanted to say thank you for all you do and that I anxiously await your next blog.


  14. So true the facts are there, as you clearly show, of course the heinous crimes by the the new world order ie: cooperate Israel, UK, USA. Will bring the world to its knees. Israel is the monster spawned from evil intent.
    Failure to stop this process will result in destruction of all that is of value!


    1. Daniel … you came to fool me in our FB group of (antizionist) ? …. please play it smarted next time, play it the “genius jewish mind” hehehehe as if :p … that if your “dirty zionist mind” can understands the following words
      And even if the Jews were to win the war, its end would find the unique possibilities and the unique achievements of Zionism in Palestine destroyed. The land that would come into being would be something quite other than the dream of world Jewry, Zionist and non-Zionist. The ‘victorious’ Jews would live surrounded by an entirely hostile Arab population, secluded into ever-threatened borders, absorbed with physical self-defense to a degree that would submerge all other interests and activities.


  15. Excellent article. Thank you.

    I am confused by one thing though. How is it this September 2009 article has memes with far more contemporary quotes?


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