Bedouinism And The “Peace” Process

Bedouinesm is trans-national because the bedouins themselves are in everlasting travel as they are itinerant looking for water and food everywhere in the barren desert. Just to give you example of our very tribe (regardless of the number that we usually exaggerate “10,000″ men, that women and children are not counted in our culture) are spread on three countries, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan. We used to have a yearly travel extending for Sinai up to “beyond Haifa” north and sometimes “beyond, beyond Haifa”, and that was before the Zionists invaded Palestine and made their own borders and segregation walls to revive their ghetto again.

bedouin We, bedouins, have very weak psychological ties to land and we consider (just like the zionists) wherever our camels (tanks, in the zionist case) can reach is our land, and accordingly the spacious world is our home (probably like the gypsies in the European culture). However, we are the remnants of the Islamic warrier society and have a high sense of dignity and self-esteem (though, I personally dont).

The Jordanian kingdom is based on the “Hashemite” bedouin family (and I dont wants to say dynasty) that is originally from Iraq and took the rule of Jordan just recently. The Jordanian population structure is very complicated as jordan is formed of approximately 65% of Palestinian refugees and less than 20% of bedouins (specially in the south) who are ruling the country and the “regime” depends heavily on the bedouin tribes to suppress the peasants and the Palestinian refugees.

The Jordanian ruling “dynasty” is a peaceful one that depends, in its financial, military and political support, on the annual US aids and they dont really care much about the Palestinians or anybody else as their national slogan says “Jordan First” and final, of course. But, the Jordanian ruling family in real horror now fearing (a potential) and expected new wave of Palestinian refugees, which would change the demographic structure dramatically there, and therefore they (truly) work on finding (a kind of peaceful) settlement for the on going struggle, to avoid its catastrophic effects not on the Palestinians but on Jordan itself.

Can Jordan be an “impartial” mediator? They tried and trying but the problem is a zionist one not Jordanian, that the Zionist project is targeting the whole of historic Palestine and I really dont think that the Israelis, regardless of the (uncountable) mediators including the Americans (if they are mediators, anyway), the Europeans, the Russians, the moderate “moderate” or the surrendering arabs… etc, who have been working on finding a peaceful settlement, really want peace as they (the zionists) want the whole cake without giving nothing!!! Do we need another mediator? I dont believe that would help but all that we need is a true will for peace which the zionist entity (as a colonial regime) dosnt really have!!

Sami, the bedouin.

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