Mocia, The Sexy Jewish Girl, And Me!!!

Mocia, is an originally Iraqi  Jewish American girl that I met ages ago, but she never stops surprising me with her tricks of introducing new friends from bizarre fields. Her last story was with Mr. Saggan whom she suggested to contact me and gather information, and here is his message to me followed by my reply (I changed nothing but the names):


Hi Sami,

I am a friend of Mocia and she suggested I speak with you.  I work in democracy promotion and I am putting together a list of democratic-minded Palestinians, specifically in the fields of education, politics and economics.  I’m trying to better understand the “bottom up” approach to democracy promotion and civil society.  If you can think of true reformers in these fields, I’d very much appreciate knowing who they are.

Thank you,
R. Saggan


Dear Mr. Saggan,

I dont know what is the next step the Americans think of, in the shining new era of Obama. We, Palestinians, are the most lucky people in the world who enjoys “human rights” as we have 52 “human rights” organizations only in the west bank, I bet even in the States you don’t have such a HUGE number.

Is it the “reformers” they are looking for or just a tricky way to hold a new “democratic” experiment on the Palestinians in promotion for “peaceful” resistance in the very “democratic” (both the party and the notion) era of Obama? Or are they going to do a very “academic” research of how reformists might lead to a “sustainable” Ghetto for the Palestinians?

I dont believe that you, the Americans, lack the tools of “academic” researches, nor there’s a shortage in your “academic” Palestinian agents specially that Palestine is lead by Mr. Dayton now.

Why, in hell, should I, the crazy bedouin, be addressed to serve the very “academic and democratic” Americans at the time they are creating (bloody police unites) to facilitate creating security for “the people of israel” on the whole “promised land”?

Really? Do you lack information?  do you lack the huge archive for every Palestinian leader and activist?  If you lack it just ask the CIA or the Shabak, who can provide detailed information better than any crazy person like me!!

I just meet very simple people and make very, very poor friends at my humble level!!

All the best Mr. Saggan!!

The crazy bedouin



Mocia, never stopped to surprise me even in our first meeting ages ago. She asked me smilingly of the meaning of my name saying that Arabic names usually have a meaning. I told her that my name is Sami, which means Semitic, or belongs to the Semite people, which I do… but the trick was in her name…

I asked her of her name and she smiled shyly and told me it’s a jewish name. “So what?” I asked her, and added, “as a semite your name would have a meaning, a historic one at least!!”. “yes, but it is too complicated” she replied weirdly, annoyed and reluctant to reply. “As a semite, I can understand the complication, don’t worry.” I said encouragingly.

And she went on explaining:

It is too complicated, but never mind, I will tell you but promise me not to mention it to any body. (I promised her not to and let her complete the story of her name). You know Sami, as an Arab traditions arabs try to give meaning to their names, even the invented ones and mine was invented. As you know my parents are Iraqis and they chose to leave to the States in the early 50s and settled there at the time they kept their strong ties to Zionism and AIPAC, and accordingly they lived the complications of being arab jews, Americans, immigrants and Zionists at the same time….

“So?” I asked encouragingly.

It is too complicated Sami, their life, even right now very complicated and my name as well. My name (as my parents invented it) is compound of two segments: MO and CIA.. My parents hoped that I would be an intelligent leader (official) or agent at least, as they hoped that I would be a Zionist leader and an American intellectual (or whatever) at the same time, and they named me Mocia, hoping that I would be a hi-ranked MOsad leader and a CIA agent or leader. Which is the case now of close coordination, intermingling and cooperation between the AIPAC, Zionism, ADL, Mosad, the State Department, FBI  and CIA… and here is my name MO-CIA!!! Got it Sami?

And as a dumb, of an open mouth, I had nothing but nodded stupidly.  And her surprises never stopped !!



Another surprise was a long time ago (as she knew that I was in need for a job) when the Americans were looking hectically for arab translators to translate the hundred of thousands of phone-call hours (of Arabs of course)…. And in a short time I received an email from (her) friend suggesting a new generous job for me in translation. The (friend) gave me a sample of translating a short phone-call… and I felt weird spying peoples’ privacy and refused that “great” chance of prosperous career!!

Another surprise (or a trick) was recently… I wrote an erotic story just to amuse my sexually perverted mind, and sent it to Mocia (my arab Iraqi American jewish Zionist friend) to edit it. She did the editing perfectly and even added some notes that enlightened my primitive imagination, as it seems that she enjoyed it a lot. But the surprise was to come a few days later.

After a few days I received an email from an Israeli (probably Zionist) man named Shaul. This man mentioned that he is Mocia’s friend and he had read my “brilliant” story that mad him really hot. He explained that he is the director of an Israeli adult website (unlike in the West, this kind of sites are the best trap to recruit agents “collaborators” in our Holy Land) and that he would appreciate it if I can help him in addressing arab “onlookers” to promote his site among the arab browsers!!! And that he will appreciate it if I accept to help them for a regularly paid salary!!!!…. My answer was a big NO, that I write to amuse my “dirty” mind but not to spy on people and (or) use them to serve the Intelligence Agencies!!!!


Here!! As the email above, they come to you with the most shining terminology (of peace, democracy, human rights, cooperation, forgiveness…. And the hell of their deceptive NGOs) to let you swing in in there dirty circle of false and misleading “peace” to serve their evil intention to rule and use the world… just like the close cooperation in lying and lying of the Iraqi mass-destruction weapons, and the promised “democracy” that heaps tens of dead Iraqi people everyday in Iraq at the very moment… and their “creative anarchy” by which they (the zio-American coalition) to systematically devastate the Arab world and keep the zionist dominance… And also the lie of Mr. Bush of a “Palestinian State” before the end of 2008… and what we got? It was doubling the number of jewish settlers in this year!!!

It’s been almost 20 years they are lying of peace and a “Palestinian State” until now the “chosen people” are occupying the whole historic Palestine and segregating the Palestinians in pontostans preparing for the next Srebrenita Massacre here in the West Bank!!!   And we, dumbs, believe their lies and hail happily for the new era of Obama!!!… No, not me anyway, My mission is to reveal the zionist deception but not to go along with them, I am not subject for their lies and tricks of “human rights” and “Democracy” canned in their agents of “NGOs” and whatever the hell they invent!!!


Why the hell should I be the address to “help” your friends MO-CIA? Please Mocia, leave me alone… I am just a dumb Bedouin who is good for nothing!!

PS: Later on I discovered that Mr. Saggan is a zionist expert in terrorism, and all his researchs are about Alqaeda and the fighting parties in Palestine and Iraq. I just wonder where are the reformists within his tricky plan?

Sami, the bedouin.

30 thoughts on “Mocia, The Sexy Jewish Girl, And Me!!!

  1. Hahaha… I like your sense of sarcastic humor. Thank you again. I am quite jealous that you have such a sweet & surprising friend as Mocia! I am an “over 50”, unimportant woman from an area in the USA known well for its racist history (which is why I think Zionism disguises itself so well here… we are racist by nature & cannot recognize it even as it breathes down our necks.).
    About 3 years ago, I was a sheep in search of ways to remove my blindfold. I went from “Israel has a right to defend itself”… to “peace talks that support a just 2-state solution”… to “a 1 state/Palestinian state is the only solution; a state governed by Palestinians with rights, representation & protection for all citizens… Jews included.”

    (truthfully, I would prefer to give the Jews our states of Texas & Arizona. It would be so much cheaper for my government to have our Jewish state within our own borders… & one less military to supply. If I could find someone israel would believe, it would be perfect to find the ancient kingdom of David buried beneath George Bush’s big ranch in Crawford, Texas! Does your friend Mocia know anyone like this?)

    Anyway… I cannot understand why I have been allowed to rage against israel for over 2 years. I am an American spewing anti-zionist views & links all over my Facebook page… yet I have not met anyone like Mocia. Does the mossad not care that an American mind has been turned against them? Don’t they want to know how this happened? Can they not monitor ME?! I desperately want to meet the people from Egypt, Tunisia & Morocco who I have met on Facebook. I need money. My government has frozen increases to my disability pension for 3 years. We need that money for war, not poor people here! I would gladly betray my country… give israel the links to official UN reports & every ineffective human rights organization with information against the zionist state… even links to news sites that print the truth!

    I need a zionist who wants to bribe a former American sheep. It would be nice to recover some of my tax dollars & have money to meet some of the people who educated me, changed me. Being an American, deceit comes naturally for me. I would love to use my talents by “working” with the mossad.
    You don’t fight the zionist enemy with NGO’s & human rights organizations & one-sided, unequal “peace talks”. I can’t fight it by telling the truth & citing statistics & facts to my people. My “freedom of the press” does not allow that here. The enemy can only be fought in dirty & deceptive ways. I’m an American. I can do that! Where is MY Mocia? I want to take her for a ride!


    1. Thanks a lot Susan for your sincere comment…
      We have a bedouin saying: “The worst disaster is that which make you laugh” … and sometimes you cant but laugh out of frustration !! Imagine (God forbid) that you are born into a racist occupation, you are caged into dehumanization … you cant but laugh out of rage while holding the gun fighting for your freedom, the freedom of your mom and dad, of your love… of your people !!


    2. No one cares what you have to say because you’re crazy. Israelis have bigger things to deal with, like the imposition of suicide bomers on a daily basis, not your sycophantic prattling on Facebook.


  2. We have a similar saying here, Sami: “You have to laugh to keep from crying.” And I also feel as if I am in a cage although it cannot compare to yours. The cage I’m in bears most of the responsibility for your cage… and it hurts my heart deeply, frustrates me because I have no key to unlock your cage or mine. Imagine being born into (supposedly) a wealthy & well-educated democracy… and finding out your democracy is as fake as your claims of having rights and freedoms. If I had real freedoms, your cage could not exist. If I had been taught the truth by my institutions (government, media, education, culture), my generation would have made keys to unlock your cage and mine. This truth would have brought me pride in American democracy instead of the shame I feel for being born here… and the shame I feel when all my presidents speak of spreading democratic values to the people of the world. What sane person wants American democracy, racist & zionist democracy? It is merely a Corporate Dictatorship & ridding ourselves of political leaders cannot bring change to what truly governs us – money and power. When I speak the truth, most people think I am a “terrorist supporter”, an extremist… an unloyal and ungrateful citizen. I am none of these things. I am only ashamed, and do not understand why wanting truth and humanity in my government is such a horrible thing. Truth would end wars and injustice for so many in this world, especially Palestinians. Truth would end Corporate profits. That is why my behavior is considered “un-American”. I want an end to what really governs us. Vive la Palestina!


    1. Thanks Sawsan…
      I am considered a “terrorist” though I have never touched a gun… I am “dangerous” though I have lots of jewish friends who come regularly to have a peaceful weekend at my countryside house, and all (on the house)… I fight not only to get free, but fight trying to free the occupier from its racist mentality… I host jews to tell them that we are just humans like them longing for freedom and dignity… I host jews to tell my community that not all the jews are zionists, but there is another side of the coin too…
      I am “antisemitic” just because I want to humanize the zionist racist mentality, though I am more Semite that the Russian settlers who run away from Russia to come and kick me out of my home !!
      Zionism is the strategic threat for jews, that precisely within this racist ideology lies the inevitable doom of “irael” … No occupation can last forever… and even after over sixty years, the zionist settlers are awaiting for the hollow future of their West-made state !!


  3. It seem to me from the communication of Mocia and saggan with Sami is more as trying to know how do these oppressed Palestinians think and feel after the 64 years of killing, oppression, and displacement, they probably never experienced what the Palestinians went through, in the same time they want to spy on the plans, names, etc… maybe for a third person(s). I just lost trust in a nation built on killing, oppression, torture and displacement of the original people


    1. What made me write this is the lie of “peace” process… actually the deception process through which the Americans and the zionists want to pass their project of legitimatizing occupying all of Palestine and segregating the Palestinians in segregation camps…. they use all means to keep suppressing us… they use all the forums including “human rights” NGOs to pass their project … for better understanding you can read myu other article @
      Thank you mary!!


  4. I made an Israeli friend once, a woman who said she was all about peace and two states. Said she met with young Palestinians, even had photos. But, she would get really mad when I posted anything about the IDF and its brutality. She defriended me in a few weeks. After that, in just a few days, I was in an article by GUYUS, listed as one who spreads hatred for Israel. Timing is everything! She should have waited a bit longer, to confuse me.


  5. Nancy, peace starts in each & every heart, one person at a time. So, it can never be “questionable.”

    Sami, I’ve been thinking about conditions in general a lot lately, not everything that is planned will work accordingly.

    I remember the title of an essay I read as a kid in Lebanon which I didn’t understand at the time. I’ll try to transliterate as well as I can. It is Mikhail Na’aimi’s essay tite: “Al Massa’ib Mihak Al Rijal.”

    The Israelis have killed many Palestinians, and I dare say other Mid Easterners as well, have made life unbearable. Yet, yet, some have also become much stronger in so many ways. In order to survive, they have delved into regions unexpected.

    No, I am not advocating repression & extermination of peoples, but I am saying the outcome might not be what they were aiming for. I salute all those who have survived & excelled without losing their humanity as some people seem to have done. After all, each of us lives only their life and is responsible for the way it is lived. In the final analysis, it all comes down to each person. God Bless.


  6. All enemy of Islam must go to hell. U r devil in the face of human. What humanity u think or offered Where u lost yor humanity ? U must got revenge from almighty ALLAH and u must see that. HE desroy u. Halak u. InsaALLAH. Aameen.


    1. Silly M. Amin… I approved your comment just sho show others how silly you are
      Did you read the article fully to say that I am “enemy of Islam” ?
      please read the article and my other articles to see that all my concern is to reveal the zionist lies !!


      1. Thx. Sami. How you can maintain your wonderful clear-sighted attitude is admirable in the face of such decades of theft of land, killings, and persecution is beyond me. As one of the posts says, you have become stronger, but that’s not the point. The point is that Israel and US should be in The Hague for war crimes. Sooner justice comes the better.


  7. Thoroughly enjoyed this, a great eye-opener and the humour is more than refreshing. Please keep up the great work, i look forward to reading your other articles


  8. Whenever the Zionist/Palestinian question comes up, I always wonder what Turkish family is living on my grandmother’s and grandfather’s farm in Turkey. They, of course, were Armenians. They lost everything including their lives. And they lost their homes, their farms, their places of worships. No compensation, no outcry from the world. But the survivors made the best of their lot in the diaspora. It’s not what happens to a group of people – good or bad – but how they react to it that makes all the difference.


    1. Thanks Karen … two wrongs dont make one right … injustice should be undone for those who were massacred and ethnically cleansed for nothing wrong they did, but for the greed of others !!!

      The zionist heresies and lies should be revealed:

      I tell you history according to the jewish Torah, the Old Testament, the Talmud and the oral jewish history Hamishna : According to these books, in the old ages the jews were invaders to Palestine just like the modern days. The jews in the old ages were roaming tribes outside of Palestine and they even didnt know how Palestine looked like as their tribal Sheikh Moses sent 12 spies to explore the already inhabited Palestine with its natives the Canaanites. they were surprised to see how fertile was Palestine (as they were inhabiting the barren desert) and they came back to Moses to tell him it was a “land of honey and milk” BUT 10 out of the 12 spies advised him not to invade because Palestine was already inhabited with “strong civilized” people who had iron while the jews were just nomadic uncivilized tribes …. just 2 of the 12 spies wanted to fight the natives of Palestine … to encourage them, Moses told them that his “god” “promised” him that land … some jews tried to invade Palestine from the South but they couldnt ….

      It took the jews another generation to invade Palestine from the East under the leadership of Joshua starting by burning Jericho and then devastating the rest and killing the natives as they toppled the “paganist” Jebusite temple in Jerusalem and built theirs on its rubble … it is a bloody religion … reread the old bible to see how it is a bloody inhuman religion that their God ordered them to kill even infants and animals… reread their bible to see how the natives were massacred out of most of old Palestine and how Joshua then allocated the land among his tribes !!

      Again nowadays ! they come from Europe to repeat the same story of claiming Palestine? …. this land is not yours nor your false “god” to “promise”…. its for the native Palestinians Muslims, Christians and jews, but not the invader European zionists !!


  9. Sami I still say it is time to take this blog and make it into a book. Your story can not only help you but also bring a window into the real life of your people the Palestinians. Your skill in writing and humor can do what most of us only dream of which is getting the everyday global citizen to wake to the reality of what Israel has done and continues to do to your people. Please think about this because it will be a gift to the world this book and probably one of the best tools of truth and reality available 🙂


      1. Seriously my dear there is nothing primitive about you. Do some research. Find some good american publishing companies and send excerpts of your blog to them 🙂 include some local pictures if you can my suggestion for working title of the book would be Thoughts of a Bedouin .


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